News, Updates, and Class Schedules April 2024 Issue

Open House April 1-7: Better together!!!

Members can bring guests free the first week in April. There is no RSVP for this event, just bring your guests and enjoy the gym together!


  • Are classes and pools available for guests? Yes and no. Because the pools and classes require a reservation and you must be a member to make a reservation, guests will not be able to take classes or reserve a lap swim lane. However, in the family pool, guests (including kids) can share a lane with a member who makes a reservation.
  • How many times can members bring the same guest for free? Members can bring guests one time per day. However, guests can visit all seven days for free during the open house.
  • Can teens bring guests? Teenagers can bring a guest as long as the guest is over 18 years old.
  • Is parking available for guests? No. Parking is reserved for member vehicles only.

Shannon, OAC cycle instructor, is pictured left with her mom Gail in studio B.

Personal Trainer Highlight: Meet Iris!

Start training with Iris by clicking on the photo, calling 206.789.5010 or emailing:

Iris makes being at the gym funshe's bursting with energy and encouragement. Her enthusiasm for fitness radiates.

Iris discovered her love of fitness and sports back in high school, where she played basketball and ran track. This earned her a track scholarship to Division 1 New Mexico State University. That's where she says she honed her athleticism and developed a strong foundation of physical fitness.

Her understanding of different athletic disciplines makes her a versatile trainer. Clients appreciate her personalized sessions that combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), cardio, and strength training for a well-rounded routine and steady results.

Iris is also a group fitness instructor, teaching a TRX class Mondays at 6pm in Studio C and leading workshops on TRX, Equipment Orientation, Mobility and Flexibility, and more!

Iris earned a BBA in Economics from NMSU and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Economics.

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Instructor Highlight: Meet Echo!!!

Echo's Circuit class is on Sunday mornings at 9:00am and HIIT Strength on Tuesdays at 4:00pm. Both are in Studio C.

Echo is one of our newest instructors and she's already getting rave reviews! This isn't surprising as she describes herself as being, "Dedicated to making fitness a joyful and engaging experience that boosts serotonin levels."


For 8 years, Echo worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), honing her skills and developing a profound understanding of the human body and its mechanics.

As a fitness instructor, Echo brings her unique perspective from the world of massage therapy, understanding that exercise is not only about physical transformation, but also about mental and emotional wellness.

One of her students enthusiastically described Echo's Circuit class by saying, "‘This was my favorite circuit class. Echo was very organized and had a list at each stationthe class was perfectly paced and enjoyable."

Join one of Echo's Classes!

Time to Sign Up For April Swim Lessons!

April swimming lesson sign-ups are now available! As summer approaches lessons get more popular. Therefore, please be sure to sign up sooner rather than later.

Private and family swim lessons are available for OAC members age two and older. No matter if you are a beginner or more advanced, our awesome instructors can teach you everything you need to get started, learn new strokes, or even prepare for a triathlon.

Sign up via the Mindbody app or Aquatics page on the OAC website.

For family lessons, please sign up for one swimmer and then let Michaela know that you want to add more family members—Mindbody doesn't have an option to add extra people, but she can do it manually.

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Spring Spa Specials and Sale!

Book online, or by phone at Olympic Spa at 206.456.3799

We have two specials and a great sale this month:

  • Clarifying Hydrafacial (45 minutes for $265)—Enjoy our incredible corrective Hydrafacial for acne and clogged pores. This Hydrafacial features an all over acne clarifying booster.

  • Hot Stone Massage (85 minutes for $165)—Heated river stones are applied to all areas of persistent muscle tension in this luxurious, but focused, massage treatment. You'll leave with a calmer mind and a refreshed body.

  • Spring Cleaning Retail Special! Ready to take your skincare to the next level? Bring in your old drugstore products and upgrade to one of our professional skincare lines! Trade in one and get 10% off, two and get 15% off, three and get 20% off or 4 and get 25% off!!!
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Cell Phone Use & Gym Etiquette

Cell phone use of any kind is strictly prohibited in locker rooms.

Can you imagine in the olden days, dragging dial-up phones around the gym? That would certainly have been annoying and cause a lot of tripping hazards. Cell phones are smaller, but somehow still cause a plethora of accidents and conflicts. In fact, they are the number one source of complaints at the Club.

People are walking and texting and bumping into others. They are sitting on equipment, chatting and texting without noticing that others are being made to wait. They are especially problematic in the locker rooms where there is a required expectation of privacy.

You will notice new signage in different workout areas of the Club. The signage is posted so that people can be made aware that talking on the phone is not allowed while working out.

If you do need to talk on the phone, we have three areas reserved for this purpose, plus one workout area where speaking on the phone is authorized:

  1. The first floor lobby, where seating is located.
  2. The second floor area outside of Studio A where benches are located.
  3. The third floor area near the elevator.
  4. The first floor weight room that faces Leary Ave. But, please talk quietly when using the phone in this space.

Weekly Workshops with OAC Personal Trainers!

Personal Trainers Leilani and Maria after their Stability/BOSU Ball Workshop last week.

We are super excited to continue and expand our weekly fitness and equipment workshops!

These workshops, run by our personal training staff, are designed to help you learn how to use equipment and get the most out of your time at the gym. They last 45 minutes each and are designed to be educational. They are conducted at a slower pace than workout classes, and include time for discussion. Instructors may vary from week to week.

Studio C Workshops:

  • Mobility, Flexibility & Stretching - Mondays 12:00pm w/ Iris and Kris
  • TRX - Tuesdays 10:15am w/ Iris
  • Strength - Wednesdays 4:00pm w/Iris
  • Core - Fridays 12:00pm w/ Kris, Leilani & Maria
  • Stability Ball & BOSU Ball - Fridays 2:00pm w/ Leilani, and Maria

2nd floor Weight Training Area Workshops:

  • Strength - Wednesdays 4:00pm w/ Iris
  • Equipment Orientation - Saturday 4/13 & Sunday 4/21 at 12:00pm with Iris and Kris
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New Classes: Get ready to move!!!

Jade, pictured above, is now teaching two Pilates classes and a new Cycle class!

We are moving toward our goal of offering 150 different classes every week! Take a look at some of our latest offerings. We hope you'll join the fun! Our instructors are the best!!!

Recently Added Classes:

Studio B

  • Gentle Yoga - Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:15am w/ Ricardo
  • Barre - Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30pm w/ Tracy (starting soon)
  • Yoga - Wednesdays 6:15am w/ Laura
  • Belly Dancing - Wednesdays 7:45pm w/ Rebecca
  • Barre - Fridays 10:30am w/ Jade
  • Barre Fusion - Saturdays 9:30am w/ Sue

Studio C

  • Pilates - Mondays & Fridays 10:30am w/ Megan
  • Les Mills BodyCombat - Tuesdays 6:15pm w/ Kat
  • Cardio Kick and Tone - Wednesdays 9:00am w/ Tristan
  • Pilates HIIT - Saturdays 10:15am w/ Gina

Cycle Studio

  • Cycle - Fridays 9:30am w/ Jade
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Weekly Activity Schedules:

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