News, Updates, and Class Schedules March 2024 Issue

Employee of the Year: Congratulations Evan!!!

We are excited to announce that Evan Wheeler has been selected as the OAC 2023 Employee of the Year! Evan is the Front Desk Manager and a big part of what makes coming to the gym feel so inviting. He has an AMAZING attitude and lots of energyespecially for someone that gets up early to have the Club open and ready at 5:00 a.m. five days a week!


One of the things that sets Evan apart is the welcoming environment he creates. He remembers so many people's names when he greets them as they enter the Club. He says, "One of the best things about working for the Club is the community and getting to know the people."


Evan is originally from Ballard, loves working out, and enjoys live music. The next time you see Evan, please congratulate him on being selected. 

Congrats to our "Refer A Friend" contest winner!

Our February 2024 “Refer A Friend” contest was a big hit! 57 people helped build our community by referring a friend to join OAC.

Besides getting a $100 dues credit for referring a friend, members who referred a friend had a chance to win a $2,300 mountain bike from REI.

We created a raffle ticket for all the participants and had Caroline from Membership Services randomly pull out the winner!

This year's winner is Annika Knepper, pictured left with her awesome new bicycle! Annika referred two friends to join her at OAC.

Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Personal Trainer Highlight: Meet Jean!

Start training with Jean by clicking on his photo, calling 206.789.5010 or emailing:

With degrees in both Psychology and Sport Psychology, Jean understands what motivates people to reach their goals. He also understands the mental blocks that can stop progress.

Jean’s passion for health and fitness started in Snoqualmie, WA, where he began immersing himself in different sports and activities. He played football and ultimate frisbee, and competed in track and field. Most recently, he has started competing in powerlifting.

From sports, Jean realized how important it is to not only move your body, but also enjoy yourself while doing it. That passion is what Jean wants to share with clients.

In addition to personal training, Jean works as the strength coach for Seattle University’s Men’s Crew Team. If that doesn’t already sound like a packed schedule, he also works works as an exercise specialist in a physical therapy clinic. He brings his knowledge to help personal training clients work around imbalances and lingering injuries to safely build strength.

Jean’s goal is to help guide people of all backgrounds and skill levels toward a healthy way of life.

Personal Trainers Page!

Time to Sign Up For March Swim Lessons!

Say goodbye to winter and hello to March! Spring begins March 19th and summer swimming is just around the corner. So, if you've been thinking about swim lessons, now's a good time to make your reservations!

Private and family swim lessons are available for OAC members age 2 and older. Not only are lessons great for kids, but they can also help adults get started, improve their technique, or learn a new stroke.

For family lessons, please sign up for one swimmer and then let Michaela know that you want to add more family members—Mindbody doesn't have an option to add extra people, but she can do it manually.

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This Month's Spa Specials!

We have three specials this month:

  • Facial Special: Deluxe Hydrafacial (45 minutes for $250)—This invigorating treatment includes all the essentials of the Signature Hydrafacial, while addressing your specific skin concerns using Hydrafacial's advanced care boosters and protocols.

  • Massage Special: CBD Signature Massage (55 minutes for $129)—Embrace and enjoy the soothing benefits of CBD coupled with our Signature Massage. Great for overall relaxation, relieving muscle tension, chronic pain, and injury rehabilitation.

  • Nail Special: Essential Pedicure (45 minutes for $49)—Prepare your feet for spring and take $10 off our Essential Pedicure this month!

Call Olympic Spa at 206.456.3799 to purchase a gift certificate or book online.

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Weekly Workshops with OAC Personal Trainers!

Personal Trainers Leilani and Iris, ready to lead workshops!

We are super excited to bring you five new weekly fitness workshops! Workshops differ from group exercise classes because they are educational, conducted at a slower pace, and include time for discussion.

These workshops are designed to help you learn how to use equipment and get the most out of your time at the gym by teaching a variety of skills and techniques. Each workshop has a different focus and lasts 45 minutes.

Studio C

  • Mobility and Flexibility Stretching Workshop - Mondays 10:15am w/ Iris and Kris
  • TRX Workshop- Tuesdays 8:00am w/ Iris
  • Core Workshop- Fridays 9:30am w/ Kris
  • Stability Ball & BOSU Ball Workshop - Fridays 2:00pm w/ Alix and Leilani

2nd floor weight training area

  • Strength Workshop - Wednesdays 4:00pm w/ Iris
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March New Classes: Spring into action!!!

Tristan, pictured above, is one of our new instructors, teaching Cardio Kick and Tone Wednesday mornings!

We are now offering over 100 classes every week. Take a look at what's coming in Marchwe hope you'll join the fun!

New March Classes:

Studio B

  • Gentle Yoga - Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:15am w/ Ricardo
  • Belly Dancing - Wednesdays 7:45pm w/ Rebecca
  • Yoga - Wednesdays 6:15am w/ Laura
  • Barre - Fridays 10:30am w/ Jade (Starts 3/15)
  • Barre Fusion - Saturdays 9:30am-10:30am w/ Sue
  • Barre Fusion - Mondays 6:30am w/ Christine (Starts 3/11)

Studio C

  • Cardio Kick and Tone - Wednesdays 9am-9.45am w/ Tristan
  • Pilates HIIT - Saturdays 10:30am-11:15am w/ Gina
  • Hip Hop Cardio Dance - w/ Gina (Starting TBD)

Cycle Studio

  • Cycle - Fridays 9:30am-10:15am w/ Jade (Starts 3/15)
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Weekly Activity Schedules for March:

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