CPI News Brief Volume 13 Issue 6 April 2024

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Animated Video Series on Providing Psychotherapy in Spanish for Bilingual Spanish-Speaking Trainees and Clinicians

Conversationally fluent bilingual Spanish-speaking trainees and clinicians in the mental health professions often provide care to monolingual Spanish-speaking individuals. However, large gaps can exist between conversational and professional language fluency, particularly when providers have received their education/training predominantly in English. This three-part video series aims to address these gaps. 


US-born bilingual Spanish-speaking trainees and clinicians may have difficulty conducting psychiatric care or psychotherapy in Spanish because most of their professional education and training is carried out predominantly in English and certain words, phrases, ideas, and cultural concepts are not easily translated from English to Spanish and vice versa. This challenge is often compounded by limited opportunities trainees may have to receive Spanish language-concordant education and supervision.


All videos are in Spanish with subtitles available in both English and Spanish.  


The creation of this video series was made possible by an APA SAMHSA Minority Fellowship awarded to Catherine Castro, a Dominican American psychiatry resident at the Columbia Department of Psychiatry/New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) in collaboration with the Center for Practice Innovations (CPI) and various Columbia faculty with expertise in education, psychotherapy, cultural psychiatry, and providing care to Latinx and Spanish-speaking communities.*  


These videos can be found on Center for Practice Innovation’s website and the Columbia Psychiatry YouTube channel. 

Video 1

An Introduction to Psychotherapy- in Spanish / Una Introducción a Psicoterapia- en Español 

Video1 image

This video introduces you to the unique challenges bilingual Spanish-speaking trainees and clinicians can encounter when providing psychiatric care and psychotherapy in Spanish and useful tips for enhancing professional Spanish fluency.


Video 2

How to Begin Psychotherapy- in Spanish / Como Iniciar la Psicoterapia- en Español

Video2 image

This video demonstrates a way to introduce psychotherapy to a patient in Spanish and how to address potential language differences between provider and patient.


Video 3

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- in Spanish / Terapia Cognitivo Conductual (TCC)- en Español

Video3 image

This video demonstrates a way to introduce CBT in Spanish and offers basic Spanish CBT terminology, techniques, and principles.


Deborah Cabaniss, MD

Roberto Lewis-Fernández, MD

Viviana Chiappetta, MD

Alexandra Canetti, MD

Maciel Campos, PhD

Michael Devlin, MD

Deborah Glasofer, PhD

Center for Practice Innovations

Paul Margolies, PhD

Derrian Swany

Deidre Watkins