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November 2014
poodleThis POODLE bites
You may have read a recent news bulletin we sent about POODLE, a security vulnerability in older Internet browsers.

POODLE affects any merchant using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to access secure Authorize.Net pages or any merchant whose site or solution uses SSLv3 to post transactions to Authorize.Net.

Now POODLE is affecting some Wintix users using for 
in-house sales
We've had a handful of clients call us who use for in house credit card transactions. They reported the Hard Error Line 343.  We contacted about it and they sent us links that your IT personnel will need to follow to eliminate SSLv3 from your operating system. This is not a Wintix or Webtix issue.

addimageAdding images for Webtix
We live in a visually oriented world. Adding images and graphics to your Webtix page attracts your patrons' attention and excites them about purchasing tickets.

It's a very easy way to add extra value to your Webtix page, but there are a few guidelines you should follow, in terms of image size and making sure the images appear where you want them.

Learn more here.
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thankyouGratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow
            -  Melody Beattie
In this time of Thanksgiving, we want you to know we are so grateful for the privilege of serving you and helping with your box office needs.

On behalf of all of us here at Center Stage Software, we wish you a lovely Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season!

updatesImportant Wintix updates
There are a couple of important Wintix updates we'd like you to know about.

Donors and donations

You can now run a report and get a cumulative total of how much each donor has given, along with the total of each donation. Learn more.

Season ticket reports

You can now run a season ticket report and get a total for as many shows as you choose, also broken down by price category. Find out more here.
offsaleChanging the off sale time for performances
It's just past curtain time for your very popular holiday show, but you still have people streaming in the door wanting to buy tickets. You go to sell tickets and the show has disappeared.

What happened?

Wintix automatically enters an off sale time as Show Time.  So if your show starts at 7pm, Wintix sets the show to go off sale at 7pm.  You can change that.  Below is more information and instructions on:   
How to include the off sale shows during a sale
How to set a default time for a performance to go off sale
How to set a default time for a performance to go off sale while editing a show
How to give permission for clerks to include the off sale shows
timeoutTime out!
If you are using Webtix for online sales, the default time for the shopping cart to time out is 20 minutes.

While you can choose any amount of minutes for it to time out, we would like to give you a word of warning when reducing the Webtix shopping cart time out from the default of 20 minutes to a shorter time such as 10 minutes.

Customers can take a surprisingly long time to complete a sale. This is especially true when it come times to pay.

If they have to look for their credit card, then read the instructions on the screen,  then enter the card number, expiration, and cvv2, this can easily take up the remaining time. Once the time is up, the seats will be released.

The result is a sale that is paid for - but there are no tickets because they will already be on the payment page. If the cart has timed out, the payment page will no longer be connected to Webtix.

If our Webtix clients request us to reduce the shopping cart time-out to less than 20 minutes, we will certainly do so.  However, we recommend that you keep careful track of the reports and make sure it agrees with the Wintix Daily Sales Reports.
helpHead to the Help Desk
Looking for answers or advice about your Wintix and Webtix software?

Visit the Center Stage Software Help Desk!

In case you've never used this valuable online resource, the Help Desk is a knowledge base blog that is full of valuable information, tutorials and information about software updates.

It's your 24-7 helper for problems and questions about your software. In fact, many of the articles in our monthly newsletters link to posts on the Help Desk.

It is being constantly updated with new tutorials, so it's a good idea to visit from time to time to see what's new.

And when you need a solution during non-support hours, you are likely to find one there.

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