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Dear Friends of Anderson's La Costa,

Happy November!

November is a special month. It is a month of transition in so many regards. We transition from early to late fall- especially as it relates to our climate, from daylight to standard time, and from pumpkins to poinsettias. Thank you for visiting us as we experience the change of seasons together. We appreciate getting to see you.

November Newsletter Specials

20% Off

All In-Stock Fountains, Birdbaths

& Ornamental Grasses

Come browse our overflow of beautiful fountains and birdbaths. We carry a large selection of merchandise from Campania International, Fiori Stone, and Florence Garden Arts in our "Pottery House" - the open greenhouse structure behind our indoor greenhouse.

Ornamental grasses can add movement and texture to a garden. Popular grasses include Lomandra- an Australian native, Muhlenbergia capillaris (pink muhly), Pennisetum, Dianella, Condropetalum, Juncus, and more. These and all of our other ornamental grasses are 20% off during the month of November. 

Poinsettias, Bulbs & Wreaths...

We are excited to bring in our annual holiday merchandise very soon! First, paperwhite and Amaryllis bulbs, then poinsettias and Christmas cactus, followed by wreaths, holiday greenery, and tillandsia ornaments. Our first batch of fresh wreaths will arrive in time for Thanksgiving. We are happy to special order wreaths and evergreen garlands for you- just let us know with a week to spare.

We loved having Brijette, Baby Dezi and Jeff from San Diego Seed Company come visit and take some footage on location at the nursery. Keep an eye out for their awesome gardening tips and tutorials on San Diego Seed Company's YouTube Channel.

We’ll be sharing what they filmed at Anderson’s as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, check out Brijette's resourceful and entertaining October video here with tons of information pertinent to our planting zones 9 and 10. Next time you're in, check out SD Seed's full line of cool season seeds in our Dry Goods Building.

In the next section, you will find Steven's overview of some of the awesome plants that have just arrived and what to plant this month, then November Gardening Tips will follow.

We hope you are enjoying the warm and clear fall we have been blessed with. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

Warmest regards,

Your Anderson's La Costa Team

Marc, Mariah, Steven, Manny, Tandy, Jen, Hanna, Madeline, Grace, June, Loni and Cypress

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Garden Design Services

Welcome to Anderson's La Costa Garden Design Services. Our talented staff has designed hundreds of gardens for SoCal homeowners. Having a dedicated garden designer visit your home or office will help you create the beautiful outdoor space you've always dreamed of.

Our experienced Garden Designers can assist you with:

  • A garden designed to your preferences
  • Optimal plant selection and options for your unique setting and microclimate
  • Advice on drought tolerant and California native designs
  • Recommendations on soil amending
  • Plant problem identification and resolution
  • Address maintenance needs
  • A scheduled nursery visit to view the recommended plant materials
  • Professional garden advice as needed

We hope you stop in and visit us to find out more about how we can help you with your garden. Our Garden Design team is talented, creative, passionate, and professional. Please call or visit us at the nursery or send us an email:

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What's New at the Nursery Steven Froess

Hello Everyone! 


November is here and we all know what that means…the holidays are just around the corner. The weather is looking to be one of the warmer starts to the month with no signs of rain as of yet. I definitely enjoy the cool nights and mornings, although where I live it’s already in the low 40's (brr), and waking up when it's still dark out isn't my favorite. Not for long, though with time change this weekend. The sky has been so clear that I've been able to see tons of stars and some great sunsets this month.

Your gardening list for this month should include planting your cool season vegetables (it’s not too late!) either from seed or fresh starts which we receive every week. This week I just planted lettuces, peas, scallions, beets, Brussels sprouts, and watermelon radishes from seeds.

Other selections include broccoli (many different types to try), cauliflower (plain white or colors!), cabbages (head or Asian), leafy greens of all kinds (spinach, lettuces, chard, kale), root vegetables such as carrots, beets, onions, and garlic. I usually like to begin the season by planting an early crop (now through mid-November) and then a second crop around the beginning of the new year so that I have a staggered harvest throughout the cooler months. 

Keep an eye out for pests such as the cabbage looper (spray B.T. or Spinosad to keep these nasty caterpillars from destroying all the brassica plants) as well as snails and slugs. Another task that is beneficial this time of the year is pruning bushes and trees after their summer growth. This would exclude plants that bloom in the winter and of course if you don't feel the need to control the size of the plant. 

As the holidays approach we will start to see our fall bulbs (paperwhites and Amaryllis), as well as other holiday items like poinsettias and wreaths, arrive towards the end of the month. We don't like to rush the holidays (especially since Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorites) but they tend to sneak up on us and are here before we realize it.  

Our sale this month will include ornamental grasses, fountains, and bird baths. Grasses soften and add movement to a landscape or hardscape. The types we recommend include Lomandra ('Shorty' and 'Platinum beauty'), Dianella (variegated and 'Blutopia), Liriope (good for shade, 'Silvery sunproof'), Muhlenbergia (showy flowers), Carex tumulicola, and Sesleria caerulea (for a lower mounding type that is excellent for borders). Grasses can also help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion (commonly used on slopes for this purpose).


Fountains are a wonderful feature in a garden. They can be added for their design elements or as a focal point of a garden, and not only do they create a more enjoyable stream-like or bubbling sound, but they can help drown out unwanted noises. They tend to attract wildlife and pollinators such as birds to bathe and drink. We currently have a great inventory of fountains and birdbaths in many different sizes at 20% off all in-stock selections. 

November continues to be a great window for new plantings or just updating the garden. If you're in the beginning stages of a landscape design project or simply want to redo a certain area of your garden, be sure to take advantage of this amazing time of the year. Many plants, particularly California natives and other drought-tolerant plants, have much higher success rates when planted during our southern California fall. Besides, there is a wide variety of these plants that are available. 


Some of my favorites include Salvia (there are so many but check out 'Winifred gilman', 'Japatul', and x 'Kaleidescope' for some different clevelandii types), Eriogonum grande var. rubescens (red flowering buckwheat), Sphaeralcea (desert mallow, both apricot and newleaze coral), Penstemon 'Margarita BOP', Rhus integrifolia (lemonade berry, edible and makes a great hedge/privacy screen), with more coming in soon! 

Grevilleas are always worth mentioning and they are coming into their peak flowering season now. These Australian natives are very drought-tolerant and have showy flowers that attract hummingbirds. Try low-growing varieties such as 'Coastal gem' or 'Mt. Tamboritha'. Upright varieties might include 'Magic lanterns', 'Superb', 'Peaches and cream', 'King's Rainbow', and King's Celebration'. For a tall flowering shrub try 'Long John', or 'Moonlight'.

Another benefit of having Grevilleas mixed into the landscape is the diversity of blooming seasons. Having plants that come into their peak bloom during our winter extends the blooming cycles to almost year-round. 

The tropical greenhouse is happy, full, and gorgeous with so many varieties of indoor plants of all sizes, while we’re also making room for poinsettias.

Meanwhile, the gift shop has received a huge shipment of Woodstock Windchimes, more wildflower and wildlife brochures (these make great gifts!), plus lots of hats, African baskets, and beautiful local-artist gift cards.

Don't forget to fall back with the time change this weekend! We hope to see you all at the nursery soon.

Your Local Horticulturalist,


November Gardening Tips

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November can bring glorious weather for gardening in the San Diego area. Warm but mild days and cool nights are ideal growing conditions for cool-season plants. Working in the garden is usually a very pleasant and rewarding experience this month.

If you haven't already done so, November is a particularly good time to add trees, shrubs and ground covers to your landscape. November can sometimes deliver much needed rain in Southern California as it is possible to receive up to 10% of our rainfall in November or early December. It's a great time to prune dense trees and make sure newly planted trees are well-staked before the winter arrives.

Here in California, we have an amazing selection of native and drought tolerant plants that are often still under-utilized in landscapes. If you want to add some low water beauty to your garden, now is a great time to plant natives. Remember, even droughttolerant plants need watering when getting established so don’t neglect them thinking they are good to go once you plant them!

To continue reading November Gardening Tips, click here.

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