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November 2017
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When was the last time you thought about efficiency?
Efficiency is "getting more done in less time with less effort".  
There is always room for improvement!   Examples of common ways contractors can capture more efficiency include:
  • Smoothing job workflow avoids wasted time by having all steps planned.
  • Eliminating extra steps for example: setting estimate appointments as customers call.
  • Making sure the job is done right, avoiding re-work and call-backs.
  • Investing in labor-saving tools and equipment.
  • Using pre-assembled components or other labor-savers
Enemies of good efficiency include:
  • Workmanship that's rushed and falsely-labeled "good enough."  It just leads to rework or a damaged reputation.
  • Delays in the arrival of job supplies
  • Sub-standard product components
  • Poor performing sub-contractors.
Where can your company benefit from improving efficiency?  
Connect with us.   We have new insights to share.
The Team at CPS Distributors  

Remember to "Fall Back" on Sunday, November 5th 

Our branches are fully stocked and ready to receive your orders.  CPS offers full lines of LED lights, bulbs and retro-fit LED lamps, greenery and pre-lit greenery, large displays and various accessories, such as clips, wire and plugs.  We invite contractors, municipalities, event venues and other organizations to learn more about our products and the energy savings associated with LED technology.  Contact us about pro-grade holiday lighting products from American Lighting.   
CPS Closed for Thanksgiving & Inventory

CPS will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday November 24th for the Thanksgiving holiday.
CPS will be closed on Thursday, November 30th and Friday, December 1st for our annual inventory.
Please plan ahead for material needs. 

How do you take advantage of downtime during the winter months?  Training is an important goal.  CPS makes it easy with both in-person and on-line training.  
Save the time and effort of creating your own curriculum by taking advantage of our online training portal. With over 75 courses from the industry's leading experts, we have knowledge for both beginning and seasoned employees.
Our portal is FREE through the end of the year.
(a $35.00 per person value!)   

We will soon announce our schedule of seminars for the winter training season.   
We will offer a mix of topics and will include sessions held throughout the front range and Western slope of Colorado.  There will also be classes in Casper and Cheyenne Wyoming.   Providing professional knowledge training to our customers is a core value at CPS.  We look forward to having you participate in our these important events 

The Light Logic™ PLUS system from Unique offers a convenient way to automate your customers' low voltage lighting and other landscape features - all in an easy-to-install wireless system that integrates with wifi and a mobile app.  
It can be used with existing landscape lighting systems just by replacing the timer with the light control module.
  • Create different mood for different occasions
  • Automate outdoor living spaces - fountains, seasonal lighting and other elements
  • Easily retrofits into existing lighting installations
  • Uses a smart phone app for ultimate in control
Light Logic PLUS is the fastest growing landscape lighting automation system available.   Learn more.   
You Can't Get Any Greener Than EasyTurf       
Why choose synthetic? Quality synthetic grass has become a proven landscaping alternative to natural lawns. It eliminates watering, mowing, fertilizing, and chemicals. Synthetic grass, done correctly, can provide you with a beautiful artificial lawn without the hassle and expense of trying to maintain a problem-plagued natural lawn.
With an UltimateGrass synthetic lawn, you'll enjoy a lush green lawn year round while cutting maintenance costs and water bills. UltimateGrass is one of the most effective water conservation products available today. It is 100% recyclable, reduced carbon emissions, utilizes waste, and preserves precious water resources.
  • Reduces water usage by up to 70%
  • No carbon emissions from lawn mowers
  • No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers that pollute natural water supplies
  • Decreases car tires in landfills by recycling them as infill
  • No urban run-off into sewer systems or waterways
NIBCO Push-On Gate Valves

Commonly found on large commercial and golf course systems, Nibco push-on gate valves are a proven, long-life solution for isolation valves and other applications.
  • For use in large commercial and golf course irrigation systems.
  • Optional joint restraints eliminate labor & alignment issues.
  • IPS Push-on end connections.
  • Bronze models are dezincification resistant.   Fusion-bonded epoxy coated body on cast iron models. 
  • Available in a variety of models and sizes.
Click to learn more
Planning a 2-Wire Decoder System?  We Can Help!

Introduced in the 1960's, 2-wire decoder systems have been part of the golf industry for decades. In recent years, several manufacturers have introduced 2-wire systems for commercial and park sites. They offer simplified installation and a dramatic reduction in the amount of wire needed.

With decoder systems, failure to follow  correct wiring and splicing procedures is often a cause of premature failure. Use the wiring specifications provided by the manufacturer and select a cable that is compatible with their equipment.

It is never advised to use leftover wire from one project with another brand of system. Nor will it work to substitute plain wire for the specialized cable required for reliable communication within the system. There are many cases where the contractor had to go back and install the correct cable to make the system work properly.

We work closely with Regency Wire and Cable to provide you with manufacturer-approved wire, grounding equipment (plates, rods and grounding material) and 3M brand splices commonly required for your decoder project. Rely on us to get you the materials to make it work right! 

Protect Your Irrigation Systems with the Time-Tested Zurn Wilkins 720A PVB
The Zurn Wilkins 720A Pressure Vacuum Breaker delivers years of unparalleled service in high hazard back-siphonage conditions, preventing contaminated water from entering the potable supply.

The 720A is available in 1/2" - 2" sizes, and can be installed in left or right-hand orientation for installation versatility.

Zurn Wilkins products designed for long term reliability and repair, not for replacement, with affordable repair kits readily available at our stores. With simple internal components, the 720A is to maintain and repair. The bronze bonnet provides superior durability and a higher level of freeze resistance, while the UV resistant polymer canopy resists cracking.

Choose the reliability and superior protection of the 720A for your next installation.