November 2018
Timely Tech Tips and News From ITS
November is a month for giving thanks, and we would like to start with you. We have had another fantastic year working with our K-12 clients, and appreciate the relationships we have developed over the years. Ryan, Joel and Leslie recently traveled to Washington D.C. for our annual partner conference with Ingram Micro, our technology partner and distributor. While in attendance, ITS was recognized for our Cisco Meraki growth and proficiency. We are proud of this award and the trust that schools place in us and our solution when choosing ITS for their networking projects.

Speaking of Cisco, E-Rate filing season is quickly approaching! Now is the time to schedule building walk-throughs to assess network needs and conditions, to request budgetary pricing for potential projects, and to check the amount of E-Rate money available to your District. Please contact with questions or requests for information.

Between back-to-school season and E-Rate season, Tony was also able to enjoy some booth time at ITEC in October. Tony had several Chromebook models in the booth for preview, and raffled off a Lenovo 500e Chromebook.

Thanks for another great start to a new school year - we look forward to working with you!
Ryan, Joel and Leslie receive our Cisco award from the Ingram Micro SMB Alliance at the Annual Ingram Micro ONE Conference in Washington D.C.
School Security
Over the summer, two school employees stopped in to pick up some items they had purchased. Brenda, typically the first person you see and hear when visiting or calling our office, was roaming the office and not at her usual station.

Our entryway is your typical two door setup, with about 50 square feet of waiting space between the doors. The exterior door is unlocked during office hours, and the interior door is locked at all times. Access is granted via keypad, cell phone app, proximity card, or an interior button by Brenda's desk.

Technicians seated near the door also have access to the web controls and can click the magical digital button from their computers to unlock our interior door.

As the technician near the door was unsure who the two visitors were, he looked to Brenda for confirmation. She recognized the visitors and granted them access. When they entered, they said, "Geesh! This place is more secure than our school!"

We have tried and tested several door and access control products over the years, and feel that our current lineup provides the best toolset and control features, at manageable price points. Previous solutions offered limited options for locking doors during emergencies and threats, which is a must-have feature for our K-12 clients.

Now, when we engineer an access control project for a K-12 client, we can custom-design lockout and lockdown settings for multiple users, multiple doors and multiple situations.

Learn more about our K-12 Door Access Projects, or contact to request more details.
Keeping Your Email Secure
A new school year tends to bring a new wave of spam emails sent unintentionally from your users. A simple change in your school Google account setups could help users avoid a hacked account.

Last Call For E-Rate!
Have you looked at your remaining Category Two E-Rate funds yet? Don't leave money on the table! Firewalls, cabling, access points, switches, routers, racks, and UPS devices may all be eligible Category Two Internal Connection services.

ISASP Online Testing Readiness
ITS staff attended the ISASP training in October to help schools prep for the Spring assessment season. If you are a managed K-12 school, we will be in touch to make sure any labs, carts or 1:1 devices are ready-to-go. If you have specific questions or requests regarding ISASP technical requirements, drop us a note at and we can take a look at your specific situation.
Chromebook End-of-Life
Many K-12 schools are nearing end-of-life of some of their first Chromebook purchases. What does end-of-life mean for a Chromebook? It simply means that updates from Google's Chrome OS are not guaranteed. When Chromebook models meet that end-of-life, they may not be able to update Chrome, which means they might run into issues accessing specific websites and extensions. Check end-of-life for your Chromebook models: Google Chromebook End-of-Life Models

Is your school using Chromebooks? Check out Google's Teacher Center for free training opportunities with all things Google.
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