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Three Gifts for November
Connecting to the Earth Element

This month as a part of our "Living in Changing Times Gift Program" we are gifting a bottle of Athlete’s Spirit with every order. Athlete’s Spirit is great alone and also cocktails extremely well with all our other blends.
Every day on the planet now is a fresh start. The compression of time, the changing perception of time, and the moving energies we swim in mean that we live in a new world where possibilities for shaping the future are less and less limited by the past and more swiftly responsive to our current thoughts and emotions.
Therefore new attitudes, investing in yourself, believing in your future and releasing your past are even more fertile building blocks for creating our future than ever before.
We are surfing the cycles of opening, experiencing, processing, releasing, growing and becoming. Athlete’s Spirit helps us connect to find the strength, motivation and connection to keep creating meaning and traction.
Lotus, White Tulip, and Iris open your higher chakras, connecting you to Spirit and your highest self. Elm and Indian Pink help you center yourself and bring order to your world. Ginseng and Cayenne energize your path working tasks and your ascension process. Green Jade help you enjoy being grounded, grounding the light into your body, and that light into the earth.

The Earth responds by gifting us earth element energy and the deep and subtle gifts that come with it. They include strength, fearlessness, energy, calmness, confidence, surety, balance, harmony, patience and unconditional love. Very generous indeed and rather timely I think.
In this extra fertile world, investing in yourself and believing in the future brings greater returns and rewards than ever before. We hope you enjoy Athlete’s Spirit and receive lots of help from Spirit and from Gaia as you become stronger and clearer in these interesting times.
Find the time to talk to the earth and maybe even send down some roots.

Click here to go to the Flower Essence Formulas page for more about Athlete’s Spirit and supporting blends.
You can view this and previous offers through the handy links at the bottom of the newsletter or www.botanicalalchemy.com/giftoffers.htm on our website.

Free Flower Essence Consultations

This month we are also offering 2 free Flower Consultation each of the next 4 weeks for anyone who would like some guidance on which flowers to choose, how to combine them or take them to maximize their help.
These consultations are focused on your flower blend choices but may also include homeopathic suggestions or other tools.

If you would like one of these this send us an email indicating your interest, our email address is botanicalalchemy@botanicalalchemy.com

Include a contact number and times and days that work well for you. Adding your thoughts about your circumstances and the flower blends you are currently drawn to can increase the depth we can get to in the time we have. Allow 30 minutes but some consultations go longer.

Be patient with yourself and others during this time, especially with us if it takes us a while to get back to you or schedule a session. We will be following our guidance if there is a large number of requests, and some people might have to wait longer than others.

Faerie Food Price Change and Bonus Bottle

Great news for Faerie lovers! We have reduced the price on the 2oz Faerie Food Spray to $17, and any order of 2 faerie Foods for the next few weeks gets a bonus third bottle free. The Faeries deserve it and will love you for it.