November 2023 🦃

Something to be Thankful For

Just last week, over 80% of Mainers voted "yes" to ensure that repair shops can access vehicle diagnostic tools and data necessary for routine repairs. The result in Maine proves another victory for consumers and the right to repair movement that is gaining support across the country. In other news, A House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee unanimously voted to advance the bipartisan REPAIR Act to the full committee for consideration. Read the article here.

Gobble up these last couple weeks! The end of November marks your last opportunity to win a trip of a lifetime to the Last Frontier during the 2023 Alaskan Adventure Cruise Sweepstakes. MyPlace4Parts users earn automatic entries with each qualifying purchase.

November is Car Care Aware Month; Make sure you and your customers are prepared for the busy Holiday Travel Season!

  • Lighting - Inspect and replace dimming, rapidly blinking and non-functioning lights.
  • Brakes - Always inspect braking systems and components. Ask customers about braking habits.
  • Fluids - Check all fluid levels and top-off where needed 3/4 washer fluid included!
  • Batteries - Test every vehicle battery entering your shop.
  • Tires - Check for wear and suggest your promotional tire offers when appropriate.
  • Wipers - Inspect wiper blades and present options to customers.

Should I Respond to My Auto Repair Shop Google Reviews?

This blog emphasizes the importance of responding to Google reviews for auto repair shops. It advises on handling both positive and negative reviews professionally. Responding positively to good reviews by expressing gratitude, personalizing the response, and mentioning the service provided can boost customer relationships and improve SEO.

As a Certified Service Center you have access to a suite of tools to help you with your Online Reputation Management. This includes a Google Review Dashboard! Contact your parts supplier or our reputation management partner, SOCi ( with any questions or to get setup.

From one convenient spot, you can view and manage your overall star rating, breakdowns of positive, neutral, and negative reviews, timeline of star ratings, sort by specific publishers, overview all your locations or breakout per location. Reviews impact a customer's decision making, stay on top of your reputation management with help from our Certified Service Center program partnership.

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Need Help With Business Text Messaging? We Do That Too!

Modern auto repair shops are increasingly using business text messaging to enhance customer communication. However, new regulations related to 10DLC aim to prevent spam and improve message delivery. AutoFlow simplifies the registration process and ensures compliance, making business text messaging an effective marketing tool with high open rates and customer engagement. AutoFlow provides comprehensive support in navigating these changes, enabling auto repair shops to communicate seamlessly with their customers.


As a Certified Service Center Member, you have access and are invited to join The Group Training Academy online platform. Working with our manufacturing partners and industry-leading training providers, you and your technicians can take advantage of the many training opportunities available. If you would like more info or access to the platform, please contact your parts supplier or

For a walk-through of The Group Training Academy, call 800-718-7246 ext. 259. 

Register for Expert, Hands-on Training at the 2024 AVI Conference Brought to you by The Group Training Academy

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Ford 4WD Wheel End Actuator Fix!

Dorman has developed a few OE FIX solutions for these issues, including a replacement wheel end kit (600-105), a wheel end kit with IWE solenoid (600-305), and a complete kit to eliminate the IWEs to avoid the issue entirely (600- 405).

Paving the road for EV maintenance and general service

This article discusses the need for safety, training, certification, and proper tooling to prepare technicians and auto repair shops for the transition to electric vehicles and advanced automotive technologies. It highlights the lack of certification in the industry and the importance of safety, training, and certifications for EV maintenance. The article also mentions the availability of safety certifications and training programs for EVs, the role of OEM-specific and ASE certifications, and the necessity of tools and equipment, including personal protective gear.

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A pulsation is felt in the steering wheel only when the brakes are applied. Which of the following is most likely causing this condition?

A) An out-of-round tire.

B) Front rotor lateral runout.

C) A cupped tire.

D) Warped rear rotors.

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10 Reasons Why The REPAIR Act is Critical

This blog highlights the importance of the right to repair vehicles, emphasizing its crucial role in sustaining the economy, especially in rural areas. It mentions the risks to essential workers' livelihoods and the environment, advocating for the passage of the REPAIR Act and fair legislation to ensure access to repair services for all drivers.