November 2020
Resilient Families Bulletin
We want you to know, when you are feeling disconnected and alone, San Luis Obispo County is working hard to bring united services to you. This Resilient Families Bulletin
can help you learn about the offerings from our Community Partners.
We wish you a safe, healthy, and fun Thanksgiving holiday! We hope it brings an opportunity for you and your family to find some of the silver linings in this unusual year. Stay safe, healthy, and happy!
Gwendolyn Garcia,
Program Coordinator
Parent Coaching
Our team of Parent Coaches has over 80 years of combined experience working with families. The parent coaches continue to partner with families who are navigating online schooling, working from home, and managing childcare needs. The team is here to provide free and confidential support in English or Spanish for parents and caregivers in San Luis Obispo County.
Support Groups
Parenting Sober Support Group
For parents at any stage of recovery who want to get a grip on parenting and stay sober in the process! Group aligns parenting foundation principles with 12-step principles.

When: Tuesday, November 24th
Time: 10 - 11:30am
Facilitator: Cindy DuSair
Contact: Please contact Cindy at 805-550-5865 or
Moms FIRST! is a bimonthly virtual group designed for pregnant and postpartum women who probably have the same struggles and questions as you do. This casual, welcoming group is here for you whether you are looking for resources, seeking emotional support, struggling with anxiety and/or depression, or simply needing encouragement.

When: Tuesday, November 24th
Time: 10 - 11am
Facilitators: Licensed mental health professionals, postpartum nurses, lactation nurses and childbirth educators
Contact: Call 805-574-4244 or email
Parents of Teens Support Group
Being a parent of a teen can be tough, add additional problems like family conflicts, trouble at school, and drugs or alcohol, and it can seem impossible. This group helps parents create a non-judgmental environment and connect with other parents of teenagers to share tips and advice for various parenting situations. 

Date: Tuesday, December 1st & 15th
Time: 7 - 8pm
Educator: Sharon Lovelady
Registration required:
Parenting Support Resources
Parents Helping Parents (PHP) serves families of children with special needs throughout San Luis Obispo County. Two lending libraries, which cover a wide variety of special needs topics, are equipped with toys, games and a place for children to play while their parents browse. A reliable source of current information, referrals, and training, PHP regularly e-mails a Calendar of Upcoming Events to interested families.
Join the Fun and Make Friends at Parent Participation! Come to class with your infant, toddler, or preschooler, and learn about the developmental stage of your little one while forming connections with other parents. Credentialed teachers provide opportunities for imaginative play, singing, art, sensory exploration, cooperative experiences and outdoor fun. All adults in a parenting role are welcome (including nannies and grandparents.)
San Luis Obispo Friday Night Live (SLOFNL) wants you to remember to talk with your teens during this time. It's important to talk to them about substance abuse so they will know what to do if they are in a situation where kids are using substances around them.

SLOFNL creates partnerships for positive and healthy youth development, which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.
Transitions Mental Health Association (T-MHA) is a non-profit organization serving San Luis Obispo and North Santa Barbara Counties. They are dedicated to eliminating stigma and promoting recovery and wellness for people with mental illness. T-MHA offers multiple family support services:
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Gwendolyn Garcia, Parent Connection Program Coordinator | 805-543-3700
Parent Connection of San Luis Obispo County is a prevention program managed by Center for Family Strengthening and made possible by the Mental Health Services Act Prevention and Early Intervention funding.