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As an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) and founder of PCCI, Attorney DaSilva-Kilgore helps focus effort on colleges that academically, socially and financially are most appropriate, which puts the student in the best position to succeed in college and beyond. Attorney DaSilva-Kilgore does this by ensuring that the student is taking the right classes which builds a strong foundation; showing them how to use SAT scores as a tool to their advantage; assisting in researching and finding the right school for each student; scheduling college/university visits and interviews; and assisting with the application process.  

PCCI has recently established a Speaker’s Bureau and Attorney DaSilva-Kilgore is available to speak at Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis and other civic and fraternal organizations as well as at private high schools throughout Massachusetts and beyond. 

Topics that may be covered include: 

  • The 2nd largest investment – College. Where do you start? 
  • College planning – What happens if you DON’T plan? 
  • College matching – What is the right fit for your student? 
  • Timing. It’s everything. What is the optimal timeline for choosing a college? 
  • Covering the cost – The inside story on financial aid and merit aid.  
  • How college admissions differ at each school and how to best prepare. 
  • Early decision, Early action or Regular decision – What’s involved and what’s best for each student?  

Speaking engagements may be in-person or virtual. To schedule Attorney DaSilva-Kilgore to speak to your group or organization, email
Student Tip
Most Early Decision dates are November 1st, 5th, and 15th and you’ll hear back in 30 days. If you applied Early Action, you'll be hearing back around Christmas. Don't commit yet! Unlike Early Decision which is binding, you don't need to commit to Early Action until May. In the meantime, go to admitted student day events so you can experience an in-depth presentation. Most importantly, be sure to read and gather all of your school responses and information to help you determine which school is best for you. 
Merit Aid
One of the major concerns for many students and parents is affording college - and it should be.

Merit aid is not guaranteed for each student, nor is it "one size fits all". Part of what we do is help ensure that a student is well-positioned for merit aid in year(s) prior to the college application process and that their strengths are highlighted during the application process. See our chart above for a snapshot of merit aid offered to students.
Positive Talk Radio
Earlier this month, Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore was a guest on Positive Talk Radio with
host Kevin McDonald on 1150AM KKNW
in Seattle!

Learn more about the college admissions process, merit aid and more by tuning in!
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