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Howdy Folks

 I normally don’t pay any attention to holidays but thought I would use the Thanksgiving Holiday as a subject for this newsletter.

For you folks outside of North America~~Thanksgiving is a traditional November holiday where families and friends gather to visit and share a meal called ~~ Thanksgiving Dinner. 

For the most part, I practice what I teach and tell people to NOT ask for anything but rather give THANKS for it. 

Most folks have been taught to ask for what they want. That may work but I find that giving THANKS for something is better than asking for it.

When we ask for something, we are saying we don’t have it. If we did, we wouldn’t be asking. 

My experience has been that giving THANKS for what we want seems to manifest it faster.

It seems a good idea to give THANKS for what we already have. Things like a good family, food, water, clothes, transportation, good health, friends. prosperity and a lot of other things.

So you say, “But I don’t have most of these things. Well, try giving THANKS for them and see if they appear. 

 It is called ‘Manifesting’. OR Making Miracles Happen.

Remember if you do nothing ~~Nothing will happen. If you do something ~~Then something might happen.

Have observed people all my life and don’t recall a sick person getting well by complaining about aches and pains.

I don’t recall a poor person becoming wealthy by complaining about poverty.

There is a good reason for this. Einstein summed it up in 3 words and Willie Nelson wrote a song about it. 

ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT Here is the link so you can listen 

   (Button Below)

Have played this song at the beginning of each class this year. Seems to set the tone for the class. Really appreciate Willie writing and singing it. Hope it reaches several million people.

Have probably written this before but will do it again.

Imagine what you want your life to be and who you want to be.

Imagine you are that person

Speak as if you are that person.

Act as if you are that person

Then you become that person

On Nov. 5, I spoke for the Tucson Dowsers in Arizona. To watch this video, contact the Tucson Dowsers  tucsondowsers@gmail.com and sign up for their FREE newsletter and you can watch the video for FREE. 

Here is the response from a lady in UK who asked for help with clearing the bad smelling water from her kitchen faucet.


Wow! My goodness! ….I let the tap run for a while and for the first time in years and years! I could actually stand there without being bothered by the smell … Significant change in taste and smell! 

Wowww 😲 I’m amazed!! 

Thank you so very much… 


Every day I give THANKS for helping people have good water. 

Wishing all of you HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY wherever you are



Comments From Our Friends Around The World

  • Hello, I signed up for the monthly clearing a little while ago and it has been so helpful. I live in a building with my mother and several other family members and the amount of fighting and distress has gone down so much that I can actually stand to be there for the first time in years. I'm so grateful for the difference it's made! ~~~M~~~~~~

  • Hello Raymon. Two things changed for me during the energy clearing month. I finally found my voice. So empowering. Also, I used to sleep with the radio on all night. I don't do that anymore. I am so grateful to you.  ~~F

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