Hopefully you had a safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday and are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas season. As 2023 winds down, the WVGOP is eager to provide an update on where the Party stands and where it is going! Please expect these updates throughout the cycle!

WVGOP on the Road!

West Virginia Republican Party Chairwoman Elgine McArdle and staff have been hitting the road, hosting fundraising receptions across the state. The WVGOP's most recent stop was in Beckley at the Tamarack Conference Center and featured Republican National Committeeman Larry Pack. These stops on the "Victory in Unity" tour have been very rewarding, as the Party has communicated to attendees what all is at stake in the upcoming election, and ultimately, the Party has connected with donors who are supportive of our ongoing efforts to oversee a successful 2024 election cycle!

In the News

Check out these news articles relating to recent WVGOP activity!

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by Elgine McArdle

Manchin's announcement sparks reactions

by  J. Damon Cain, The Register-Herald

Reaction Pours In to Manchin’s Impending Senate Retirement

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Op-Ed: Gratitude and God: Reflecting on Thanksgiving’s Rich Legacy and the Blessings of America

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WVGOP Files Brief in Support of Summary Judgment to Protect President Trump's Ballot Access in Federal Lawsuit in West Virginia

The court battle over President Donald Trump's ability to appear on the ballot in West Virginia next year is coming to a head, as the judge overseeing the case has requested all parties to submit their briefs for summary judgment in writing. The WVGOP rejects the unfounded and frivolous notion that Donald Trump should be ruled ineligible to run for President under the 14th Amendment's "insurrection clause." The filing by the Party outlines this belief and its underpinnings, and the WVGOP anticipates a ruling on the case in the coming weeks. In any event, the WVGOP will continue to support the right of Republican primary voters — no one else — to choose their nominee for President.

WVGOP Also Files Amicus Brief Arguing Courts Cannot Disqualify Trump - Michigan Judge Agrees

Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ Counsel explained, “Our amicus brief was ultimately filed on behalf of seven Republican Parties: the Michigan Republican Party, the Oklahoma Republican Party, the Colorado Republican Committee, the West Virginia Republican Party, the Kansas Republican Party, the North Dakota Republican Party, and the Delaware Republican Party. The ACLJ represented all of these Republican Parties with an amicus brief that thoroughly demonstrated why the Michigan Court of Claims or the Michigan Secretary of State lacks any jurisdiction to decide presidential constitutional qualifications and why any attempt to do so would be an infringement on the First Amendment rights of the state parties. The judge agreed.”

WVGOP Announces Addition of Finance Chair

Chairwoman Elgine McArdle has announced the addition of Matthew Herridge, of Wood County, as the WVGOP Finance Chair. This position serves to assist the WVGOP fundraise and continue to cultivate a robust and growing donor base. Mr. Herridge is a very experienced and reputable business and political figure in the Mountain State. Herridge has led successful fundraising and policy initiatives for various Republican candidates and corporations in his career. Following a 10-year career stint as a clinical psychologist at the Charleston Area Medical Center and as a member of the WVU School of Medicine clinical faculty, Matt began to grow his family restaurant portfolio and also created a software development company creating solutions for the restaurant industry. In his private sector leadership roles, Herridge enjoyed the responsibilities of promoting business-friendly public policy, supporting conservative political candidates and initiatives, and advocating for West Virginia and his community on the national level. The WVGOP is thrilled to have Matt's help in building an even more reliable and historic finance program as we look forward to reaching even greater heights in this 2024 election cycle.

WVGOP Veterans and Military Families Coalition

In honor of National Veterans and Military Families Month, the West Virginia Republican Party has launched the WVGOP Veterans and Military Families Coalition. The Coalition will bring together and engage a group of qualifying members who support our cause to collectively promote our Republican candidates for office, participate in service projects, and advocate for veteran-friendly policies that continue the pursuit of making West Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family. Please see the link below for details and sign-up information!

WVGOP Veterans and Military Families Coalition Information

How Can You Help?

As the end of 2023 rapidly approaches, please consider contributing your time or resources to the WVGOP to support our efforts in delivering resounding Republican victories in 2024!


Manchin: Retired!

Beginning in the fall, the West Virginia Republican Party launched its “Retire Manchin” digital campaign, through which, voters were made aware of Senator Manchin’s voting record and liberal tendencies.

THIS MONTH Senator Manchin announced his decision to not run for re-election. This is great news, but we continue to be laser-focused on winning that Senate seat, whether the Democrat nominee is Joe Manchin or not. We thank him for his service to our State and Country, but it is time West Virginia elect a Republican to his seat. Our full statement on this matter can be found here.

The next 12 months of this election cycle will be very lively, and the West Virginia Republican Party looks forward to being a true resource to its elected officials, candidates, State Executive Committee, and all Republican voters throughout the process. Please stay tuned for future events and announcements from the Party, and never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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