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Brunch with Susan in Shanghai December 18th.

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In her latest guidebook, Van Vleet presents twenty-seven innovative concepts from the iconic Women's Leadership Retreat® that will help women live with intention and create the life they want.

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 Congratulations to Christine Fisher MD on the opening of her medical practice Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Austin Texas.  Also congratulations to Christal Fisher who will be managing the practice.
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Four years ago at the request of a client we designed a special version of Productive Relationships® called:
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It has produced amazing results.  The power of the grounding principal of  Purpose can not be underestimated.  August 23-25, 2016 we will be offering this course to the public at our offices in Westlake Village, California.

Where: Westlake Village, California

When: December 13-15, 2106

            August 15-17, 2017   

Course fee: $3,750  Teammates registering together discount $750/person   Trainer John Van Vleet 
And Then What?
So we were out to brunch with Adam on Sunday and a heated discussion broke out. Nothing unusual so far. Adam was pointing to the reality of more and more people being displaced by technology. The first group he brought up were truck drivers. I saw the first Uber driverless 18 wheeler rolling down I-25 through Denver on TV this morning! It's happening, it's real right now not 50 years from now.
I am not worried about will the technology work. I am worried about what do we do with all the displaced truck drivers! Adam said the estimate is 50,000 truck drivers displaced with in 5-10 years. With 3.5 million truck drivers in the country total that is just the beginning of the wave.   Yikes!
But he said that's the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Currently happening, as many of you know, are robotic surgical procedures. Accounting tasks won't be outsourced to India they will be outsourced to your laptop. But, please, we haven't handled manufacturing jobs that left our country 20 years ago, let alone homeless Surgeons.
Anger is being tapped into in our current election. Well, first of all its really fear and despair expressed as anger. People who have been displaced by manufacturing moving off shore are scared about how to feed their families and have some semblance of the life they had when the steel mills were running 3 shifts a day, 365 days a year.
Health wise the most dangerous thing to be now, is a white American 45-55 years of age with a high school education or less. Their mortality rate is soaring. Why? Drugs. Suicide. Alcohol poisoning. Liver disease, from alcohol abuse. They are desperate. They see no hope. They are in deep despair. All the jobs they used have to live a decent life are disappearing or gone.
Deaths from drug overdoses among people aged 45 through 64 increased 11-fold between 1990 and 2010, and nearly 90 percent of people who try heroin for the first time these days are white. (Most found heroin through prescription painkillers, which treat the chronic pain this age group struggles with, but can also make it worse.)
(Excerpted from a recent article in The Atlantic)
I know we are all shaking our heads about how horrible this is but is it just a harbinger of things to come for millions more if no planning is done now? This sense of betrayal so many Americans feel as they "followed the rules and did the right thing" to get the American dream may pale by comparison if you also spent 15 years in school to become a doctor putting yourself in debt for $500,000 and ended up in the same boat as a high school drop out!
As you all know we have been in the change business for nearly forty years. Managing Corporate Change© has helped thousands to successfully navigate change. All three skills taught in the course are crucial. But the first skill identifying and expressing emotion is far and away the most important.  We know people can't see the options that are available if they don't get past the emotion.
We need to take the plight of the people who have lost jobs from manufacturing jobs leaving seriously. Not just for them but for all that will soon follow due to technology dissplacement. We don't have time to blame people for the bad economic choices they made for a world they could not foresee. We need to get ahead of this issue before there is rioting in the streets.
Adam thinks there needs to be displacement financial assistance to give people the realistic time needed to transfer to next career. Not unemployment but re-employment assistance.  They will need this assistance for years not 18 weeks. Unemployment was designed for dips in the economy. We are not facing a dip we are facing a Sea Change.
As always we invite your thoughts.
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