Volume 24 | November 2020
Member Benefit Alert
Happy Thanksgiving
It's Time to Renew Your Membership for 2021
Your support makes it possible for SBCA to accomplish its mission of education, advocacy and serving as a resource for information about our industry and related fields. We anticipate 2021 will be a very active year legislatively as many states are considering satellite taxes and other regulatory actions which impact your business and we anticipate significant funds being made available for broadband expansion. We need your support more than ever to ensure the industry is properly represented.
Here are some of the things we were able to accomplish with your support in 2020:

  • Launched COVID-19 Resource Center to help our members navigate an ever- challenging environment.
  • Worked to prevent discriminatory satellite taxes that impact your customers and business.
  • Educated legislatures and stakeholders in more than 20 states on the advantages of satellite broadband and worked to secure inclusion in accessing broadband expansion funds.
  • Launched a series of online business course to help members improve their organizations.
  • Formed a coalition with over 30 other associations and corporations to identify and address burdensome state licensing requirements.
  • Assisted consumers with OTARD issues ensuring they can install satellite systems on the homes and apartments without burdensome restrictions.
  • Distributed more than $30,000 in disaster relief funds through our foundation.
We will continue to work for you through our 2021 goals and objectives:
  • Aggressively fight the growing number of discriminatory tax issues which we anticipate being a significant issue due to state budget deficits.
  • Fight additional taxes on streaming services.
  • Continue to educate state and local legislators on the advantages of satellite broadband.
  • Work with states to get model legislation to provide funding for satellite broadband expansion in rural markets which will help your sales and those of your business partners.
  • Ensure customers rights to install a satellite system via the FCC’s OTARD rule.
  • Working to having 5G antennas included in the OTARD rule.
  • Promote SBCA members and technology to build industry awareness.
Member Benefit! Consumer Resources Offered from SBCA
Part of SBCA's mission is to provide concerned satellite customers, state legislators and taxpayers with information that allows them to form opinions about the latest issues related to satellite in their state and respond accordingly. Here are some of the satellite issues that the SBCA is currently dealing with: OTARD: Rules for mounting a satellite dish,Satellite Broadband, Disaster Recovery and Unfair Satellite Tax.
Staff Profile: Ali Bullis
Ali Bullis is the Outreach Director at SBCA. She has worked in the association management industry for 5 years and graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from Siena College. Welcome Ali! Let’s get to know her.
AT&T Discounts Wireless Service for Schools
AT&T will give at least 135,000 educational institutions discounts on wireless plans with unlimited data, an offer that includes services for content filtering and lasts through Dec. 29. The company also pledged $10 million in free broadband and other services for at-risk students who have lost connectivity.