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November 2014

The students of the
Agadez Learning Center
say "thanks" in their
own special way!

Tuareg and Wodaabe cultures place great importance on traditional dancing and drumming, and the nomadic students
in residence at our Learning Center
are no exception.


They wanted to express their gratitude to friends they have yet to meet for another year of learning after a difficult summer seeking sustenance for their beloved herds' survival.


But how? How to bridge the miles in a way that reflects their feelings of joyous gratitude?


The answer is in this video - clap along with the girls as they invite you in their tende circle
with desert warmth and harmony!




Together we've raised over $7,000 from our Back to School campaign to keep the dream of new futures alive for nomadic students.
Thank you from all of us!
Wodaabe students at the Learning Center. A cattle herding Fulani people, the Wodaabe are among the most marginalized of West Africa's nomads, with the smallest percentage of girls attending school. RAIN is actively working to change that, seeking out girls from remote northern desert communities to find support in Agadez.
With a little help from our friends, RAIN earned a spot
on the 2014 Great Nonprofits Top Rated List! 
Just Announced:
The Agadez Learning Center
is back on GlobalGiving.org
through January 7th!

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