Thank you to everyone who participated in CVSA's October Virtual Expert Presentation! Our presenter was Dr. Thangam Venkatesan and she talked to us about Cannabinoids and how they relate to CVS. There was so much valuable information in this presentation; and so many good questions!

You can watch the presentation in its entirety on CVSA's new YouTube channel.
We hope to provide opportunities like these once a month. In November, we will hear from Dr. Robert Issenman. Dr. Issenman's research on the nutritional and digestive patterns of children and youth have led to work on obesity and body image perception in parents, children and physicians. Long term studies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease include studies of growth and bone mineral metabolism, adaptation to chronic disease, use of nutritional and complimentary products, the life interests and activities of young parents including their reliance on educational materials and the internet. In addition, he has published studies on autonomic function in Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Dr. Issenman has also been a long time CVSA medical advisor.

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Bend for the Bucket

December 5th, 2020

Davie, FL

Do you live in South Florida? Or know someone who does? Consider this yoga class fundraiser to support CVSA as well as raise CVS awareness!! Can't attend? You can donate on the Facebook page!

CVSA wants to thank Gavin Gerstenbluth and his family for holding a fundraiser for CVSA. This was Gavin's Bar Mitzvah project. He designed a discussion provoking shirt as well as held a Facebook fundraiser. He raised $1750 for CVSA in his efforts. Read more about Gavin's Bar Mitzvah fundraiser and his CVS story in the upcoming Code V newsletter. You can still buy Gavin's shirt here.
CVSA exhibited at ACEP (Americal College of Emergency Physicians) to help spread awareness of treatment protocols from the adult guidelines to Emergency Physicians. The ER guidelines were a very popular download for those that visited the booth!
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