E-Connections Newsletter
November 2022
Entertaining guests for the holiday? Protect your network by creating a guest wireless account using the Polar WiFi app. Guests can log in to your network with a separate SSID and password. Once they turkeys gone, you can delete the guest network.
TV Service Discontinued July 17, 2023
As many of you are aware, Polar experienced issues with its new TV platform that were not up to the quality of service standards that we pride ourselves on. We cannot continue to offer a product that does not meet our customer experience standards. While we will no longer offer traditional cable TV or Polar streaming TV service, we have a resource to help you choose your next viewing experience.
We are updating our records and want to make sure we have the correct information for your account. This information will be used to alert you of outages or maintenance that may affect your service, assist in the payout of capital credits to our coop members, and to secure your account to prevent any unauthorized person from making changes or gaining access.

To thank you for your time, when you update your contact information before November 30, 2022, we will apply a $10 credit to your Polar account.