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Skål USA 2020 Executives
David Ryan
Skål International ISC
Holly Powers
Vice-President Administration
Richard Scinta
Vice-President Communications/PR
Tom Moulton
Vice-President Finance
Arthur Allis
Vice-President Membership
Jim Dwyer
Director of Membership
2-Year Term
Morgan Maravich
JoAnne Ford
Director of Membership
1-Year Term
Celeste Lupercio

Skål USA Orlando Selected for Site of 2021 NASC

The NASC Committee recently selected one of Skål USA's biggest clubs, Skål USA Orlando, to host the 2021 NASC Conference. More information with be forthcoming for this wonderful event to be held in the "Theme Park Capital of the World".

Skål USA Orlando Reports Continued Success With Volunteerism For The Perry Pavilion at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital

Skål Orlando and its 140 members have been dedicated to assisting the Perry Pavilion at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital in Orlando since 2010 and this year is no different. At each monthly meeting, the organization collects hundreds of donated items from members that help the Perry Pavilion in its everyday operations... 

NASC 2020
Opening Session of NASC 2020 will be held at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Join in the fun now by registering.

Official Skål USA Job Board & Benefits
Skål USA has almost 2,000 members and some of them may be looking for a change. Why not give a Skål USA member the first look. You have a job, let us know!

All of us are looking for the next deal. Before you go anywhere log onto the Skål USA website and search for the next hospitality deal. We need those Skål USA deals!

Skål USA Communications will be sending out Bi-Monthly the latest and most updated news in Skål USA Journey's e-News. Our next issue will cover January/February 2020, If you would like to share a story, a picture or video of some of your club activities, please send them along to Tom Moulton, Skål USA Journeys Editor. Skål!
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