November 2023


Women InSpirit, Inc

Supporting and empowering women globally

to become all God has called them to be.

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."- John Holmes

Message from Our President

Happy Fall(ish) everyone! 

We are still feeling the excitement from Raise ‘N Graze on September 30. We could not be happier with the turnout and the monies raised by such generous donors. Thank you all who attended and made the day such a success! We feel confident we can continue to support our current projects in 2024, and hopefully, take on a few more young women who have reached out to us for assistance. Our philosophy has been to serve the Christ who stands in front of us. With this wonderful response from you, we can now address the new faces who stand (in line!) before us.

Our trip to Ghana was fabulous! It was such a joy to see our girls in person and meet many of them for the first time. Long distance works, but there is NOTHING compared to physically holding these girls in your arms and realizing you’re making a lasting relationship in their lives (and in your own). I hope you were able to follow our complete journey on Facebook.

We are now gearing up for the holidays and planning for 2024. Please come see us on November 11 in Richmond, TX, to purchase your holiday gifts. And please keep us in mind for your year-end giving. YOU are truly who is making the difference in these young women’s lives. God bless you. You are in our prayers as I hope we are in yours. Blessings, Jennifer Appling, President 

-Jennifer Appling

It was a perfect visit to Ghana. Joyful and productive. We received wonderful welcomes from all our girls and were able to visit with each of them. It was delightful getting to know them!


Raise Your Paddle!

Virtual Paddle Raise

At the Raise 'n Graze Brunch on Sept 30, we held our first successful Paddle Raise. It was new, exciting and successful! For those who missed our event and are willing to donate, please hit the golden button and raise your paddle!


Our trip in August allowed us to meet and get to know these precious girls. Although marginalized and from struggling backgrounds, they are all thriving under the umbrella of Women InSpirit as they learn to sew. In fact, a handful of them will be ready to graduate in 2024. For many, the lunch they receive daily is the only meal they get for the day. Especially touching was seeing the relationships they have forged with each other- a true sisterhood. They are prayerful, praying together at the opening and closing of each day. And they each expressed their gratitude at being given this opportunity. They asked us to relay their thanks and love to our supporters. Please know that your donation, no matter how small, makes a huge difference in the lives of these gals and it is not taken lightly.

BEKKY, 24, loves to eat Banku, and although she knows magic isn't real, she really wishes it was!

MEGHAN, 12, the daughter of Jay, our madam, learns to sew after school each day. Her favorite subject in school is Art.

ZENABU, 17, has a little boy named Ebenezzer. Her favorite holiday is Easter.

SELINA, 21, loves vanilla ice

cream and cannot think of

anything she won't eat!

ANTOANNETTE, 20, would love to learn to play the guitar.

DORCAS, 17, says with a million dollars she would build a mansion for JayNii and all the girls.

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Each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more.-unknown

Who We Were Meant to be for Each Other

Did you know?

  • When a female elephant is giving birth, the other females gather in a circle around her, protecting her and her baby in this vulnerable state? When the baby is born, the females trumpet in cheers celebrating their sister during this important moment.
  • When a female elephant is injured, the circle once again forms. As fierce protectors, when a sister is down they gather around her. Shoulder to shoulder, the elephants stomp and kick up dust daring any predator to try and attack one of their own.

"This is what we do, girls", says author and podcaster Jen Hatmaker. "When our sisters are vulnerable, when they are giving birth to new life, new ideas, new ministries, new spaces, when they are under attack, when they need their people to surround them so they can create, deliver, heal, recover…we get in formation. We close ranks and literally have each others’ backs. We celebrate! We cheer! We raise our glasses and give thanks."

As women, we understand this because we are the same. We also will circle around other women who are hurting. This is who we are meant to be for each other. We all have elephants in our lives.

Sometimes we are the ones in the middle. Sometimes we’re on the outside kicking up dirt with fierce, determined love. But the circle remains.

Find a variety of elephants among the items we sell at our markets.

Purchase an elephant gift for the women in your life

It speaks to sisterhood.



WIS will be selling our wares at the following markets:


MEMORIAL CARDS- Remembering a Loved One 


Women InSpirit will promptly send out this heartfelt card to the family of the deceased keeping your donation hidden.


We consider all donations generous! On our folded card, the recipients will learn that you have made a generous donation to Women InSpirit in memory of their loved one. Your address will accompany your name for recipient's convenience.

CHRISTMAS GIFT CARD- Gifting a Loved One in your Holiday Shopping.

Give a gift from the heart for Christmas.

Simply make a donation, and follow the directions above.

Note: This is a (single card, front and back)

We can accommodate any holiday/ event you desire!


  • Step 1: Make a donation:
  • Mail check (payable to Women InSpirit, Inc) to: Women InSpirit, 2022 Plantation Dr., Richmond, TX 77406 OR go to womeninspiritinc.com to make a donation OR hit the donation button on this newsletter to make a donation.

  • Step 2: Sendus the information:
  • Email Women InSpirit at womeninspirit@oaco.net. Include: a) your (Sender's) name(s) and address, b) the name of person being honored (deceased, gifted, honored), and 3) name and address of recipient of card (ex: family of deceased, friend of honored...)



President: Jennifer Appling

Vice President: Jerilyn Lewis

Secretary: Donna Wheeler

Treasurer: Kelly Boyd

1st Member-at-Large: Martha Wagner

2nd Member-at-Large: Michelle Wohlwend

Member: Katie Lewis Thomsen

Founder, Ex-Officio: Maribeth Anderson


Women InSpirit is run by

women, for women.


  • College- $2800-3000
  • All college fees include stipends for tuition, lodging, feeding, books, medical,
  • Tailoring School- $1300
  • All tailoring fees include stipends for machine, transportation, fabrics and notions, hot daily lunch, and maintenance of sewing shops.

Email: womeninspirit@oaco.net