It's November, a month for thankfulness, and the first thing we want to share is how grateful we are to all of you, our readers, clients, partners and friends!

In our on the Road section this month, we focus on the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) trade show. Because no two events or trade shows are alike, we decided to take you "behind the scenes" for a sneak peek at some of challenges we encountered in handling three of the five booths for which we managed AV at that show.

You'll also meet Cathy Reed, our Office Manager that took over in March, and who manages to keep all of us guys in line!

Finally, we end with some vital tech tips to help you get the best audio visual results at your event or trade show, as well as a couple of industry insights that you may find useful.

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From all of us at Cheshire AV, we wish you and yours

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On the Road with Cheshire

We were honored to partner with MSM on a number of exhibit booths at the NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) Show that took place from October 3 through 6 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

When you walk into a trade show, many of the booths awe you with their visual presentation. They are designed to catch your eye and capture your attention. That doesn't happen just by chance, of course. The most exciting booths are a marriage of beautiful design, great concepts, appealing visual content and well-executed AV. Below, we'll share how we helped bring several of the booths at the NACS show to life, as well as some of the solutions we provided to ensure we met the client's vision.


For the Pepsi Booth, we supplied 5 LED Video walls for digital signage, a number of touchscreen kiosks and iPads for interactive content, lighting for circular hanging signage, and various displays for additional digital signage. Pepsi used looping content throughout the show, which was specifically configured for each application in which it was used.

Because of the overhead circular sign, shown in the photo at right with the Frito Lay and Pepsi logos, we were not able to utilize the traditional lighting fixtures normally used for square signage. We decided upon LED Leko fixtures with Cyc lens attachments to get an even wash.  

Check out our time-lapse video below showing the installation

of Pepsi's booth at the NACS Show.

PIM Brands (Promotion in Motion)

For the PIM Booth, we used a significant amount of lighting for their large hanging sign and for several product displays within the booth. We built an LED video wall into the structure. The booth exhibited looping content, formatted specifically for the banner LED wall.

PIM likes to have their booth very bright, which required we pack a lot of lighting fixtures into the small space between the truss and the hanging sign, so that the signage would really "pop." As you can see, this strategy worked well.


The Ferrero booth required numerous BeMatrix LEDskin tiles and LED lighting. We used internally lit hanging sign lighting, as well as booth lighting to provide a focus on specific areas within the booth. Ferrero's content included video animations of their many products that were featured on the video wall towers. 

Ferrero wanted to highlight a specific product as part of their content loop. The innovation we came up with was to trigger video and lighting cues for a booth “takeover” once every 15 minutes. We boosted the takeover by adding a sound effect to grab people’s attention and focus it on the product being featured.

Cheshire Employee Spotlight

Cathy Reed - Office Manager

You can see Cathy Reed’s quick sense of humor behind her sparkling eyes, which makes her a great fit to be Cheshire AV’s new Office Manager.

Cathy hails from Chesapeake, VA and when not working, she enjoys crafts and horticulture.

“Last summer, I ripped out my entire flower bed. My husband wasn’t amused,” she laughs.

Prior to starting at Cheshire in March 2023, she had worked in healthcare administration since 1999. Throughout her career, she has held a variety of positions including handling receivables in one position, and being Business Manager for a health care facility from 2004 to 20016. Most recently, she was the HR Director at a nursing home.

“I was on the fence about retirement. I wasn’t really ready to retire when the opportunity to interview with Cheshire came up,” shared Cathy. “At the interview, it felt right, and I was so excited to be offered the position!”

“Now, I’m doing the type of work I like best. I can see that the company is recovering from COVID, and that they’re coming back strong. I love being in on the ground floor of their recovery, and being able to help them.”

Cathy goes on to share, “I couldn’t have found a better company to work for, and they’re a great fit for my personality. They actually care about their employees, and they have phenomenal goals and a great work environment. They have a huge commitment to everyone being successful, including both clients and employees.”

8 Tech Tips for Event and Trade Show AV Success

The Event and Cheshire AV Team at the 2022 New York State School Board Association Annual Convention & Trade Show

When you are running any type of meeting or event, or participating in a trade show, it is essential that the technology you use represent your business well. You can have one of the most famous celebrities or fascinating experts as your keynote speaker, or have hired the best agency to create your videos and slides, but if the quality of your technology does not match (or exceed) the quality of the content, you'll lose audience engagement and high ratings with your attendees.

CLICK HERE to download our Guide to the 8 Tech Tips for Success when you host an event or participate in a trade show.

Photo upper right: The Event Team and Cheshire AV Team at the 2022 New York State School Board Association Annual Convention & Trade Show

Industry Insights

7 Ways to Rethink Event Content

In Successful Meetings Magazine, Futurist and keynote speaker Scott Steinberg points out the challenges of engaging and holding event attendees' attention these days. To overcome this challenge, he uses a series of techniques he calls "Pop Future," educational sessions to keep their focus front and center.

Those who make presentations regularly might enjoy incorporating some of these techniques into their own presentations. They include: Scenario Planning, Ask the Expert segments, Call-and-Response programs, Disruptive Thinking exercise, Rapid-fire Brainstorming, Entrepreneurial Contests, and Speed Mentoring.

To read Scott's article, Click Here.

Sign language interpretation: Ultimate guide

At event venues, great attention is spent on making meetings accessible to those with physical challenges. Inclusivity has become extremely important in the business world, and you may discover that at some events, there is a need to include American Sign Language interpretation to make the event accessible to Deaf and Hearing Impaired attendees.

This article, by Interactio, provides a multi-point planning guide to ensure that it's done well, whether it's in-person or online.

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