November 2022
Happy Stick Season!

What a glorious few weeks of foliage we had here in southern Vermont. The hills were on fire; gold leaves descended, framing the roads. I couldn’t help but think of Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay.”

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Then it was just the beeches. And now it looks like we’re into stick season. But it was just sublime there for a moment, and I was lucky to be here for it. In fact, Robert Frost might be a little too spot on–just this morning I noticed a small stone wall of mine in need of mending.

The fall also brings some of the most exciting books of the year. BookTok sensation Coleen Hoover’s latest It Starts With Us is flying off the shelves. Cormac McCarthy, quite possibly the last of the “great white male American novelists” has surprised us all with the first of two new books this season–The Passenger which bookseller Alden Graves calls a “startlingly original novel…[which] leads the reader into the bleak forest of one man’s soul.”  Look for the second Stella Maris in December. Reading them has inspired me to put re-reading Blood Meridian, his 1985 classic, on my To Be Read list–right after I finish Victor Lavalle’s amazing novel Lone Women (coming in March) & underneath the book I’m maybe most excited for this year Emma Smith’s Portable Magic: A History of Books and their Readers. I had the pleasure of hosting the Oxford Professor for her book This Is Shakespeare in my favorite virtual event to date (you can watch the recording here). Speaking of events, I’m particularly looking forward this month to our virtual event with Colm Tóibín, the virtual event with Anthony Horowitz, and our in person with beloved author-illustrator Matt Tavares whom I had the pleasure of hosting in 2019 for the gorgeous Dasher.

I hope you join me in starting to think about the coming months–for the last several years we’ve been pinched during the holiday season by “supply chain” issues. Shop Early is the slogan we’ve been adding to Shop Local. And finally like Aesop’s ant start preparing for winter with me by putting away a robust To Be Read pile.

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Dafydd Wood, Northshire Bookstore
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Gamache and Beauvoir’s memories of that tragic case, the one that first brought them together, come rushing back. Did their mother’s murder hurt them beyond repair? Have those terrible wounds, buried for decades, festered and are now about to erupt?

As Chief Inspector Gamache works to uncover answers, his alarm grows when a letter written by a long dead stone mason is discovered. In it the man describes his terror when bricking up an attic room somewhere in the village. Every word of the 160-year-old letter is filled with dread. When the room is found, the villagers decide to open it up.

As the bricks are removed, Gamache, Beauvoir and the villagers discover a world of curiosities. But the head of homicide soon realizes there’s more in that room than meets the eye. There are puzzles within puzzles, and hidden messages warning of mayhem and revenge.

In unsealing that room, an old enemy is released into their world. Into their lives. And into the very heart of Armand Gamache’s home.

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