November 2022

As we count our blessings on this Thanksgiving Day, one of our most important blessings is having clients like you. Thank you for making this year a great success. We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and a joyful holiday season

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Pro Tips to prepare your trees for the winter cold

  • Although the summer heat has passed, your tree can still suffer drought stress. Make sure your trees are hydrated. Focus on the critical root zone when watering. Getting your Deep Root Watering this time of year is very important to your trees health.
  • Make sure you clean leaves and debris. This will help prevent mildew wetting foliage can promote the spread of diseases and any infestation of insects that may hide and take cover here. Keeping the ground clear will not only benefit your trees but it will also help keep your lawn healthy.
  • Last but not least Anti-Desiccants are a great way to help your trees make it through the winter. Most of the negative effects of winter stem from the fact that trees and shrubs lose moisture through their pores which are located on their leaves/needles. During the winter months, the dry air and the wind accelerate this effect leading to leaves increasing their water demand from the roots in order to survive. However, the root system usually has a hard time keeping up with the leaves’ demands. The result: leaves and needles turning brown and dying. This cycle is called winter burn, or desiccation. Adding anti-desiccant treatments to your winter tree care plan can solve this destructive cycle. Anti-desiccants coat the upper and lower foliage in a protective wax coating reducing the moisture lost through the leaves. Similar to the moisturizers, lotions, and humidifiers we use to keep our skin hydrated in the winter, anti-desiccants provide trees & shrubs with the protection they need to flourish during winter instead of fighting to survive. On an aesthetic note, this means no more brown and dying evergreens.

Pines are known for their ability to thrive in difficult terrains. However, even pines succumb to diseases. The broad range of fungal diseases that cause foliar discoloration and needle loss in conifers is known as "needle casts" or " needle blight." While visually unappealing, these diseases rarely lead to tree mortality on their own. However, they do reduce plant vigor making affected trees more susceptible to pest problems. We recommend removing all fallen foliage. Do not add infected foliage to compost piles. Winter watering the tree will help it recover from the stress. If needle cast continues for multiple years or spreads to other pines then Autumn Tree is happy to set up a treatment program.

Desiccation is defined as a state of extreme dryness in the tree industry. This condition can be damaging to evergreens, which don’t typically drop their needles in the fall in preparation for colder temperatures. Plant roots are unable to obtain the necessary water when the soil begins to freeze and they begin using all stored water from leaves, stems, small branches, and needle nooks on top of any snowpack that remains on them. If you have evergreen trees or shrubs we recommend taking preventative measures. Our anti-desiccant application (applied directly to leaves and needles) provides a protective coating, which helps reduce the amount of water that escapes during drier months.

Give your lawn the protection it needs

Bank Mites are a common destructive insect that will cause severe damage to drought-stressed turf in the Denver area. Usually starting in November, these pesky, microscopic bugs, feed on grass roots until they've destroyed nearly all of your beautiful yard's green coloration. It only gets worse through the winter, when these critters feast on your dormant lawn . When spring rolls around and your lawn is still brown, chances are your lawn has been invaded by Bank Mites. We can take care of your lawn needs with a customized plan to help ward off Bank Mites. Our technician will first assess your property and potential environments where these pests live before designing an effective service for you.

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Protect your home from pests

Are spiders one of your worst fears? Thanks to the innovative Bug Barrier Program, you can enjoy a pest-free home or business without having to worry about any creepy crawly bugs. This five-application program is designed to keep pests out for weeks at a time and it’s guaranteed to work throughout the entire year. You may not be able to see them, but that doesn't mean they're not there. Contact us today if you want peace of mind this winter.

Daylight Savings Time Is Coming

Before you go to bed this Saturday,

November 5th don't forget to set your clock BACK one hour. Day light savings ends 2:00 am November 6th.

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