November 2021
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Piedmont Housing Alliance
The Financial Opportunity Center + Housing Hub is Open!
Financial Opportunity Center - Piedmont Housing Alliance

The Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) + Housing Hub, located at 806 E. High St. in downtown Charlottesville, is a welcoming, friendly place where lower-income Charlottesville residents can come get hands-on assistance in: Climbing the financial...

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Take a Tour of the Financial Opportunity Center!
Join Dave Norris, Program Manager, for a tour of the Financial Opportunity Center + Housing Hub!
Sunshine Mathon & Charlene Green Join AARP International to Discuss Friendship Court Redevelopment
"The residents themselves are co-designers of their future neighborhood. It is them who pushed for zero displacement, who pushed for an income-tiered community, who pushed for an increased density - it's an extraordinary accomplishment by the residents,” said Sunshine Mathon
Congrats to Ty'Quan Mayo, Recipient of the 2021 Governor's Housing Conference Outstanding Youth Award!
Congratulations to Ty'Quan Mayo, youth member of the Friendship Court Advisory Committee, on being recognized at the upcoming Governor's Housing Conference with the 2021 Outstanding Youth Award! Ty'Quan has set the bar for youth engagement at Friendship Court, and has been critical to the FCAC's success in planning the future redevelopment.

Ty'Quan will be awarded $5,000 in a Virginia 529 College Savings Plan, and will be recognized at the Governor's Housing Conference on November 11th.
Piedmont Community Land Trust
House for Sale
Charlottesville, VA 22902

The Piedmont CLT homeownership program is open to individuals, families, seniors — any homebuyer who is income-qualified (see above) and wants to live in the greater Charlottesville area. When thinking about your eligibility, you should consider your income and employment, as well as your credit history and savings. These are the factors a lender will consider when you apply for a mortgage. We recognize that homebuyers may be at different stages of the homebuyer process. 
We can help connect you to other community resources to assist you.
The Charlottesville Metropolitan Area is the second-most-expensive area in the state of Virginia, as measured in this year's National Low-Income Housing Coalition's Out of Reach Report. Renters require an hourly income of at least $24.35 to afford a two-bedroom apartment at Fair Market Rent, yet the mean estimated renter wage falls short at $16.66. That's 68% of the wage needed for a 2-bedroom apartment - far from enough.

Meet our Super Volunteers!

This is Christine Fleckles and Ed Rushia.

They live in Crozet. They are also PHA super volunteers at the food donation set up from Trader Joe’s. Once a month they are at the Crozet Meadows Community Center helping to remove over 500 lbs. of food donated by Trader Joe’s from our resident services van. Then they help organize the food on tables and in the commercial refrigerator so the residents of Crozet Meadows and the Meadowlands Apartments can take whatever they need to supplement their diets. 

We appreciate their commitment to community service.

Thank you Chris and Ed!

Neighborhood Assistance Act Credits Available - Donate Today!

Your donation to Piedmont Housing Alliance could be eligible for a tax credit of up to 65% of the donation's value. As a 501(c)3 organization serving low-income persons, we have been awarded credits for eligible donations. which can be claimed against state income taxes. You may be eligible if you donate cash or marketable securities (at least $500) directly to Piedmont Housing Alliance. Interested? Please contact Simone Joye, Director of Development at (434) 806-4021 or via email.

Down Payment Assistance
November 10 - 7 pm to 8 pm
November 23 - 1 pm to 2 pm

Prep for Homeownership Series 
Working with a Lender – November 8th - 6 pm - 7:30 pm

Register Here! for any of the workshops.
We could not do the life-changing work that lifts up so many without the generosity of our donors.
Please consider a donation today.
Thank you.
From the Nelson County Community Fund

Instead of their trademark Opportunity Ball, and in the spirit of staying healthy, they are presenting NCCF's first-ever Online Public Auction! The NCCF invites you to Make a Bid for a Good Cause by registering to bid now with View NCCF's complete (and amazing) online auction catalog starting Nov. 2nd

Did You Know?
As an employee of the State of Virginia, you can give directly to Piedmont Housing Alliance through the Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund? You can even make your own fundraising page. Click to learn more or contact Simone Joye, Director of Development at (434) 806-4021 or via email.