November 2021
Location Highlight
BMW's 'Road Trip' Commercial
Car commercials love the Redwood Region and BMW's latest 'Road Trip' showcases some favorite film-friendly locations along the way. We want to extend a big thanks to the production for choosing to highlight us and our sister county, Mendocino, with BMW's vehicle. Some of our included locations are the Avenue of the Giants, Highway 101 along the Eel River, and Trees of Mystery featuring Paul Bunyan and Babe.

Our region has been featured in dozens of car commercials from all the major manufacturers through the years. Our film-friendly scenic roads, forests, beaches, towns, and roadside attractions add so much interest and depth to these spots that help showcase the cars and trucks in a spectacular way. If your shoot needs some incomparable locations to help your products shine, look no further than the film-friendly Redwood Region!
Some of the featured locations types from the BMW USA commercial...
While some of the shots in the commercial aren't us, you can click the links below to see what the Redwood Region has to offer for these types of shots. If you don't see what you're looking for, reach out to us and we may have the perfect location for you...
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Redwoods in
Forest roads in
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Production Resources
Production Resources
Check out our locations video...
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