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The Location Portal eNewsletter November 2018
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Welcome to The Location Portal, setting the standard in connecting premier office properties to the film industry. Check out our user-friendly website at and see our featured Century City properties below. 

Location Professionals:  Let us know your location requirements.  The Location Portal has relationships with virtually every commercial office building management team in the Los Angeles 30-mile studio zone. We  will find what you are looking for and ensure your filming experience runs smoothly.

Commercial Property Owners/Managers:  We would love to include your film-friendly property(ies) in our library for promotion to the film industry.  The Location Portal provides a full service approach - from marketing to the initial scout to contract negotiation to production oversight and close out. 

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Featured Client: Location Manager J.J. Levine
Before becoming a Location Manager, Jennifer "J.J." Levine worked as an executive, producer and production manager for Tri-Star Pictures, Columbia Television, TNT, NATGEO, PBS, and CBS Television. She was also a Brand Marketing/Public Relations Manager for Ironstone Vineyards and Brown-Forman Beverages Worldwide, where she promoted tourism and marketed luxury wine brands. Ms. Levine is a Board Member of the Location Managers Guild International (LMGI), believing the location manager skill set - the ability to balance logistics with creative and strategic thinking, along with interpersonal and public relationship skills - are key to establishing and maintaining the bonds with local community, city officials and press that are core to successful location filming. Her credits include
The Mayor, What About Barb, Future Man, The Muppets, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, NCIS-LA, Murder 101 and hundreds of commercials. We caught up with her recently.

TLP: How did you get into location scouting?
JJ: It's all Location Scout Beth Tate's fault. She called me one day 20 years ago when I was in between executive jobs and asked me 1) if I had a camera and 2) if I knew how to use it. When I answered yes to both, she sent me to a mansion in Hancock Park and told me, "Stand at the front door and take a picture of the left side of the room. Then don't move your feet, and pivot so you line the right side of what you see through the lens to become the left side. Then do that in the whole house and when you are done go knock on some other doors, get them to let you in and agree to filming and shoot those the same way. I guess I did OK - but the funniest thing is, it wasn't until last year that it dawned on me I could move my feet a little bit when taking pans. There are no feet police.
TLP: What do you love most about being a location professional?
JJ: When I was a kid and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had a different answer every time. Sometimes I wanted to be a vet and other times I wanted to be an architect or trapeze artist. What I love about my job is just like an actor, I get to immerse myself in a character's world for a minute - whether they work on a solar field, at a bronze foundry or in a law office. I meet all kinds of people with interesting jobs and lives and I get to envision where they would live, where they would go for a drink with their friends and all aspects of their lives the script touches on. It can be fascinating.
TLP: What do you do when you're not working?
JJ: I like to cook at home and hang out with my people and my dogs. I'm a sucker for a good Crossword, or Sudoku and I also like to paint. Lately I've been getting into acrylic pouring, which is all about relinquishing control of the process - the exact opposite of what I do at work. Believe it or not, as much as I drive for scouting and working, I love road trips. They relax me, especially if I can get outside of cell range!

Featured Production: LinkedIn Commercial
Thanks to Anonymous Content, Rottet Studio, CommonWealth Partners and the staff at City National Plaza for making this LinkedIn Commercial happen.
Whatever You're In It For, We're #inittogether
Whatever You're In It For, We're #inittogether

    Featured Pr operty: Wilshire Grand Center
The Location Portal proudly features Wilshire Grand Center , a world class 73-story skyscraper located in Downtown Los Angeles; the tallest building West of the Mississippi. Easy access to 10, 110, 101 and 5 Freeways. Features illuminated sail-shaped crown with catwalks inside; exterior plaza with fountain and upper Hollywood Garden; multiple stunning lobbies with floor-to-ceiling glass; valet parking with striking lobby and waiting area; 889-room InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown hotel; ballrooms, meeting rooms and pool; opulent presidential suite with marble accents; 18-story office complex with raw floors; rooftop with observation deck and Spire 73 Bar.  C lick on photos for more details about this property.
 Featured Pr operty: City National Plaza
The Location Portal is pleased to present  City National Plaza, a Class A o ffice complex comprising a city block in Downtown Los Angeles.  Steel framed towers with polished panels of Forest Green granite.  Easy access to 10, 110, 5 and 101 Freeways. Features t wo 52-story office towers and a single-story plaza level building; f our subterranean levels of retail space with long corridors; outdoor plaza with fountain and seating areas; e xpansive lobbies with dual entrances, escalators, revolving doors; g round floor event space with exterior patio and fountain; dressed restaurant; c reative dressed offices with glass conference rooms, cubicles; v acant and raw floors with views; s ubterranean parking garage with valet; r ooftops with helipad and Downtown views C lick on photos for more details about this property.

 Featured Pr operty: Water Garden
The Location Portal is pleased to present the film-friendly Water Garden, a c ommercial office complex located on 17 acres in Santa Monica. S ix 6-story and two 5-story modern granite and glass buildings.  Easy access to 405 and 10 Freeways. Features e xpansive grounds with water features, walkways and seating areas; g rand 2-story marble lobbies with lounge areas; m odern offices with cubicles, conference room, glass offices; u nderground 3-level parking garage.  C lick o n photos for more details about this property.

   Featured Pr operty: TenTen Wilshire
TenTen Wilshire is a stylish 16-story steel and glass loft tower located in Downtown Los Angeles. Easy access to 10, 110, 5 and 101 Freeways. Features marble lobby with white leather seating area; rooftop pool, bar, lounge, fitness center, Downtown views; multiple dressed upscale loft units; dressed conference center and offices on Wilshire; elevator accessible rooftop, helipad. C l ick on photos for more details about this property.    
Yes, We Have Water Features!
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