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Upcoming Market Dates
The Grainstand  continues its weekly presence at  GrowNYC's Union Square Greenmarket every  Wednesday  and 
Saturday .  

#drinklocal  : Beer & Spirits of New York  pop-ups continue at all of our Grainstand locations. Stay current with pop-up news at ,  and explore what New York State craft beverage producers have to offer at the locations listed here:

Pre-ordered bulk bags are available at the Union Square Greenmarket every Wednesday and Saturday.  Check availability and pricing here .  
Wholesale orders of $250 or more can be delivered through Greenmarket Co. , GrowNYC's wholesale distribution program. 

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Metta x Greenmarket Grains Benefit Dinner
December 10
Join us for an intimate dining experience at Brooklyn-based Mettā to celebrate the bounty of grains grown locally, in support of regional farmers. A special one-night tasting menu will pair Mettā 's singular wood-fired dishes with heirloom corn and beans, rye, and ancient and heritage wheats. All proceeds will go to  GrowNYC's Greenmarket Regional Grains Project . Guests will have the option for a wine pairing. The Grains Project Rye Manhattan house cocktail will be on offer thanks to the generous support of the craft distillery  Breuckelen Distilling .

Please reserve your tickets here .
NYU Farm Lab's First Grain Harvest
NYU Urban Farm Lab Manager Melissa Metrick (at right), with masters student Magdalen Andreoni.
Fall growth of hardy Danko Rye, donated to GrowNYC and NYU by Cornell University.
In the winter of 2018, the Greenmarket Regional Grains Project began working with the NYU Department of Nutrition and Food Studies to plant various grain varieties at the NYU Urban Farm Lab on Houston Street. In the spring, Einkorn, Emmer and Red Fife were planted, and this fall Redeemer, Frederick, and Rye, as well as Buck and Streaker naked barleys and a mixture of over 700 distinct barley varieties, went into the ground. They will go dormant over the winter and produce grain next summer. It is an exciting collaboration between our programs to showcase the growth and life-cycle of grain crops. It also provides an opportunity to discuss social, cultural and culinary applications of grains in local and regional food systems. Read here about everything going on at the Farm Lab!
Variety Showcase -- A Splendid Appreciation of Breeder-to-Eater
Thank you to our partner Lane Selman of the Culinary Breeding Network for collaborating with GrowNYC on the first Variety Showcase to come to the East Coast. The all-day event at Project Farmhouse this fall celebrated the delicacies that result when plant breeders, growers, and chefs join forces around the most exciting fruits, vegetables, and grains cultivars available today. Chefs including Norberto Piattoni from Mettā and Gramercy Tavern's Michael Anthony  created dishes spotlighting over 20 breeding projects from around the country.
Featured Innovator: Nicole Tucker of GrowNYC Food Box
Nicole Tucker is the Program Coordinator of Fresh Food Box, a sister program of Greenmarket’s Regional Grains Project. Since Fresh Food Box started in 2012 the program has grown to provide healthy local farm fresh food to over 1,000 families at 12 sites in underserved areas. This month, Nicole gave us the rundown on how the Grains Project helped make those numbers possible.
Featured Grain: Cracked Oats
The fresh and flavorful cracked oats from Maine Grains, now available at the Greenmarket Grainstand, will have you rethinking everything you know about oats. 
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