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Data Governance Course

Everyone plays an integral role, no matter what your job or title might be, in creating a culture where high-quality data is valued and informs our decision-making. That is why it is critical that all state employees be well versed in several basic data concepts. The Commonwealth Data Governance Course is available in the COVLC as an excellent professional development opportunity for all state employees. Why wait? Take the course today!

CoVERS stands for the Commonwealth of Virginia Entity Reporting Solution. This solution serves as a space for agencies to use to create visualizations and dashboards based on their own or other agency data at no extra cost. CoVERS is live and ready to accept deployment packages of Power BI based intelligence products from all state agencies.
Virginia Data Advisory Commission
The Virginia Data Advisory Commission (VDAC) convened for the very first time on Tuesday, October 26th. During this meeting, a chairman and vice-chairman were selected and members voted on the charter. The next VDAC meeting will be held in November 2021, and then members will meet again in April 2022. They will work to set, plan, and prioritize data sharing performance goals for the Commonwealth, review agency accomplishments, and achieve desired performance goals and objectives.
Last Month's Spotlight: Data Intelligence-as-a-Solution Employed for Fraud Detection Analytics

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) leveraged the Office of Data Governance and Analytics (ODGA) Data Intelligence-as-a-Solution to efficiently identify fraudulent unemployment claims. During the first three weeks of use, the VEC was able to identify 1,675 claims of possible fraud!

"This solution was designed to enable the VEC to quickly identify and investigate fraudulent and potentially fraudulent claims for unemployment compensation. Work on developing the solution began in early March, and it was deployed on July 31, 2021. This enabled the agency to target investigation resources on those claims that had a potential dollar value of $11.1 million. On August 19, the VEC was able to use this tool to identify and shut down 249 claims that were the direct result of a "bot" attack by a criminal element. Our partnership with the ODGA was extremely important to the speed with which we were able to deploy this solution since we were able to leverage the ODGA's existing infrastructure and development tools."

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