Astera Labs
With the advent of the AI era comes a plethora of electronics manufacturers who serve that industry. Astera Labs is one of those companies, developing purpose-built connectivity solutions that remove performance bottlenecks in computer-intensive workloads, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So it’s not surprising when they turned to static stop for one of their electronics labs at their Santa Clara, California facility.

Astera Labs self-installed 2,000 square feet of our gray SelecTile ESD tiles throughout two areas of their lab. The installation took place without any down time.

Thanks to Restronics’ Brian Moylan for brokering this deal. We look to continue this relationship with Astera Labs and other companies serving the growing AI industry.

Got an electronics lab flooring project that you think might need ESD flooring? Please give us a call at 508-583-3200 or drop a line.
ESD and non-ESD flooring
Many of our customers reach out to us for our ESD products, only to realize we have another line of non-ESD products that are also a great fit for their facility. A previous installation for Sonendo of Laguna Hills, California fit that description.

Sonendo manufactures something called the GentleWave System, which is a multisonic technology used to clean and disinfect root canal systems. Sonendo purchased 2100 square feet of our FreeStyle ESD flooring for its manufacturing facility. Pleased with our product and service, they then purchased an additional 1500 square feet for other parts of their facility (see the photo collage above).

Whether you have a need for ESD or non-ESD flooring, we can find the right product for you. Give us a call at 508-583-3200 for more information.
How to Remove a FreeStyle ESD Tile from the Middle of a Floor
SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli shows how easy it is to remove one of our interlocking tiles from the middle of the floor.
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