Note to Self

How many to-do lists have you made lately?

How many emails have you answered?


The notes and calls that you answer and most of the lists you make have everything to do with everyone else, and if you think about it have very little to do with YOU.

Time for a Note to Self!

Make October the month that you write a letter to yourself and for yourself. Make this the moment that you REMEMBER what is important and include yourself in that memory. Incorporate these 5 things when designing your love note:

·       Thank You: Gratitude is not just for everyone else, it is for praising yourself as well. What are you most grateful for in your personal and professional life? Have you thanked YOU for the progress you have made or the effort you have put into your life? From your heart, express your own genuine thank you as a cheers to your proudest most defining moments. Soak in the feelings of gratitude you have for the traction you have made in all areas of your life.
·       Congratulations: Not to be confused with thank you notes, congratulations are a key part of your note to self because you may not be celebrating the wins. It is all too common to speak of the things you did not yet accomplish or the fails that are real or anticipated. The successes often go untapped and unnoticed. Or, you may feel as though you need to achieve a monumental success in order to be happy or celebratory. Celebrate the small stuff, the ½ steps, the little pieces. Write them into your note to self.
·       Testimonials: Where have you listened in to what others are REALLY saying about you? No…not the judgements that you think are there! I am talking about the real stuff of life that you have heard and seen in print: your review at work, your friends who are thanking you, your spouse who is pointing out a strong point, a client who is happy with the results they have gotten and expressed this to you. Include these accolades as you shape your note to self. Make sure that you really hear the message that they evoke.
·       Expert Solutions: Schedule a meeting with YOU! Think about all the meetings you attend with and for everyone else…this meeting is about personal inventory. Set the agenda for a meeting with yourself and include the outcomes in your note. When you look in the mirror who or what do you see? Beyond the pimple, or wrinkle, or haircut that you like or do not like, what is your inner reflection revealing? In your meeting fine-tune what is working and what you are missing in your life. Does your daily agenda match who you are today? What would you tell a friend to do? Incorporate your sound advice and wisdom into your note to self. You may not be an expert on everything, yet you are THE EXPERT on YOU.
·       Mind full or Mindful: There is a difference. If you write your note to self from a mind full perspective you will have no capacity to take next steps. When your mind is full there is little room to allow in opportunity and new perspectives. If you write your note from a mindful vantage point you will incorporate next steps and choices that will support you in making commitments that align with your values and goals and that foster forward action. Be mindful of being mind full!

Use the website to send your note. Or grab a fresh notebook and make this an ongoing practice or new way to journal. Once you write your note read it out loud in front of the mirror. Take in the significance of it and then send it to yourself on a date that has meaning to you. You can choose a birthday or anniversary, or perhaps New Year’s Day. Let your note to self be of note to you! What’s now and what is next?

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