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March 22, 2024

News from Kindergarten

In kindergarten we were treated by three guest readers to help us celebrate Read Across America at Northwood School. Thank you for helping to make it a special week!

From the Assistant Principal's Desk

This month at Northwood School, the Wellness Committee focused on the importance of sleep. In the hectic world in which we live, most adults feel they do not get enough sleep. In New Hampshire, 33% of adults reported sleeping, on average, less than the 7 hours of recommended sleep. ( Sleep Statistics and Facts). Lack of sleep in children is a more serious problem that we have to take steps to address. Recent studies suggest that children who are sleep deprived had more mental health and behavioral challenges than those who got sufficient sleep. These included impulsivity, stress, depression, anxiety, aggressive behavior, and thinking problems. The children with insufficient sleep also had impaired cognitive functions such as decision making, conflict solving, working memory, and learning. (Children’s sleep linked to brain development). Here is an article that outlines suggestions for making sure kids are getting the sleep they need.  Sleep: An essential element of success for children - Mr. Drolet

Safety Drills

Northwood School has a safety committee that meets regularly to review protocols and procedures and to keep emergency plans updated. Each year, New Hampshire schools are required to conduct a number of different types of drills to ensure preparedness for a variety of possible situations.

In the fall, we conducted several evacuation/fire drills to ensure that students know how to leave the building during an emergency in an orderly fashion. During colder months, students and staff practice indoor safety drills such as Lockdown, Duck, Cover, and Hold, and Shelter in Place. We conducted a drill this morning called "Clear Hallways" that helps us prepare for situations in which part of the building is closed for some reason (e.g., a medical event, behavior issue, etc.). Everyone did a great job! We will conduct a few more drills in the next few weeks.

Often parents ask how they can support their children's success during drills. The most important thing to emphasize to kids is to stay calm, remain quiet, and listen to adult directions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ Jocelyn

2024 Literary Magazine

Students are invited to submit original writing to the literary magazine, which will be published at the end of the year. Students may email their poems, stories, plays, or essays to their classroom teacher or to Ms. Carloni.

School & Community Information

Guest Teachers Needed

If you are interested in being a guest teacher (also known as a substitute teacher), please apply at this link. The pay is $100 a day and you get to work with wonderful kids and great staff! Please contact Ms. Roy or Ms. Young with any questions.

Important Dates

March 27 - Music in Our Schools concert, 6:30

April 3 - School Board meeting, 6:30

April 8 - Early release day, 12:30

April 12 - 6-8 Dance, 6:30 - 8:30

April 16 - 3rd grade concert, 6:30

April 17 - School Board meeting, 6:30

April 17 - 6th grade trip begins

April 22 - 26 - April vacation

Please check the Athletics Calendar for information on games and meets.