North Texas GIVING DAY!
Client Story: Meet Ashton. “My husband and I both work full time, making decent money,  so one would think .But life’s expenses keep us stagnant, preventing us from getting ahead. With childcare, rent, electricity and water, our bills are piling up, forcing us to choose between some of life’s most non-negotiable expenses. It’s a tug-o-war between the uncertainty of having a place to call home and making sure there’s a meal on our table. Minnie's Food Pantry fills the gap so that we don't have to make the impossible decision of whether our children will have something to eat each night.”

Each year, Minnie's Food Pantry serves over 60,000 individuals in similar situations and it is only because of YOU that we are able to continue serving those in need, providing a hand up to our communities and ensuring that every person in need receives a meal! Help us continue the fight and provide more than just food to families across North Texas. Your donation gives hope, dignity and love to every person that we serve through our one-of-a-kind red carpet services.