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Partial scholarships are available to join the nonprofit members program. Contact: Elaine@capecoralcf.org
Helping you get additional funding is just the beginning.
Quality Life Center of Southwest Florida
Member, Cape Foundation Nonprofit Members Network
Our passionate and experienced foundation social impact team creates new opportunities for your highest-priority, highest-impact programs to be supported by an innovative foundation.

Join the Cape Coral Community Foundation network of nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies who support them - and let us help you do more of your important work.
We increase charitable donations for nonprofits with 3 powerful benefits.
Number 1 - Visibility
Get visibility in the community and introductions to donors, funders and sponsors.
Cape Coral Caring Center
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Expand your network with other nonprofit leaders, prospective board members, donors and business relationships.

We provide new ways to collaborate with donors and businesses - and highlight your organization's value to funders, sponsors and prospective board members.
Number 2 - Funding
An innovative new stream of funding.
I Will Mentorship Foundation
Member, Cape Foundation Nonprofit Members Network
Through the Nonprofit Members Network, we make introductions to donors, businesses and prospective board members based on your organization's funding priorities and strategic initiatives.

We also help you raise funds through non-cash assets, such as stock gifts, real estate, business interest and appreciated personal property. Consider it a new model of funding and increased awareness, embedded in your organization's day-to-day operations.
Number 3 - Capacity Building
Training and resources to secure support from businesses, foundations and individual donors.
Cape Christian Fellowship Church
Member, Cape Foundation Nonprofit Members Network
We work closely with nonprofit organizations when positioning and presenting their causes and work to potential business supporters, foundations and donors.

 Organizations have access to custom, high-quality content assets, powerful research tools and monthly training and networking seminars.
Valerie's House
Member, Cape Foundation Nonprofit Members Network

Angela Melvin, President & CEO, Valerie’s House, joined the Nonprofit Members Network to create a strategy, establish credibility and develop a revenue stream.


Southwest Florida nonprofits rely heavily on seasonal residents for donations; especially fundraising event sales. Like most nonprofits, Valerie’s House notices an increase in donations during season, but a decrease in donations after they leave. 


Angela Melvin, President, and Joanne Hayden, Operations Manager, reached out to the Cape Foundation because they admired the foundation’s innovative and entrepreneurial approach to generating revenue to support charitable projects. 

The Cape Foundation began by creating a non-traditional fundraising strategy based on an abundance mindset model. By engaging in prospect research, Cape Foundation identified a donor who was a perfect match for their mission and vision.


Valerie’s House has a great staff and board of directors with increasing credibility in the Southwest Florida community. The staff leadership shares the same core values as the Cape Foundation, deeply rooted in creating a healthy, positive and kind workplace culture. 

Today, Valerie’s House is doing a magnificent job of attracting more non-seasonal revenue. The partnership between Cape Foundation and Valerie’s House resulted in a $3,000 donation.

Congratulations to the staff, board members and volunteers of Valerie’s House!

Thank you for being a member of the
Cape Foundation Nonprofit Members Network.

Valerie's House Team
Angela Melvin, Founder & CEO
Monika Urbanska
Group Leader
Allyson O'Brien
Program Coordinator
Kayla Schusterman
Group Leader
Aman Singh Nemitz
Group Leader
Joanne Hayden
Operations Director
Melody Madigan
Program Assistant
Michael Chatman
President, CEO &
Master Juggler
Beth Rivera
Grants, Scholarships & Operations
Bentonne Snay
National Foundation Relations & Grants Trainer
Elaine Chobrda
Administration &
45 years of experience
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