Sky Posse Palo Alto

Dear Friends, 

The following reports about noise pollution and aviation were published recently. 

The first story that we list below is a milestone NY Times report about the health threat of chronic noise. Next is a report on work in the Netherlands to meet airport noise reduction targets. We also want to point out a consumer’s legal appeal of an airline’s potentially deceptive environmentally friendly representations. Our last link below is on the status of the FAA Reauthorization that includes a quote from the General Aviation (GA) Community, the lobby that protects Palo Alto Airport. We are very concerned about the FAA Reauthorization Bill, lauded in force by the aviation community because, in fact, it mostly provides for aviation; the bill does not yet have a Noise Pollution Subtitle.

We are considering all of these reports as we draft our input about noise metrics for the FAA’s Noise Policy Review Federal Register solicitation. Our plan is to share our draft in early July, to meet the FAA deadline for comment of July 31. 


June 9, 2023: Noise Could Take Years Off Your Life. Here’s How.

A growing body of research shows that this kind of chronic noise — which rattles the neighborhood over 280 times a day, more than 105,000 each year — is not just annoying. It is a largely unrecognized health threat that is increasing the risk of hypertension, stroke and heart attacks worldwide, including for more than 100 million Americans.

June 17, 2023: Schiphol: Plans won't meet noise reduction targets; KLM Group to update fleet, reschedule flights

Banning overnight flights, private planes and "the noisiest aircraft" provides enough noise reduction at night, but not during the day. 

June 15, 2023: Carbon Neutrality Suit Against Delta Airlines Signals the Arrival Time of “Greenwashing” Litigation

..the plaintiffs deem the carbon offset markets unreliable as self-regulated and devoid of standardization. The plaintiffs further claim these alleged misrepresentations caused them to purchase and overpay for Delta Airlines’ flight tickets when some of them otherwise would not have, but for Delta Airlines’ “carbon neutral” representations.

June 12, 2023: What They Are Saying: Aviation Industry Leaders Laud Bipartisan FAA Reauthorization Bill

“As representatives of various sectors of the GA community, we’re thrilled that your bipartisan Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act (H.R. 3935) recognizes that the U.S. aviation sector is dependent upon a strong GA community and includes the first-ever GA title to secure the long-term success of American aviation…. These provisions, among others in the GA title, combined with provisions found in other titles of the bill, will not only unlock the full potential of GA operations but will also guarantee that American aviation will thrive for decades to come. We strongly urge support for H.R. 3935 and look forward to working with the Committee in advancing this landmark FAA reauthorization bill.”