Volume 126 | April 2020
Next Webinar: Friday 5/8 at 1pm ET
"Transforming Your Taste Buds: How to Make Whole Grains the Food You Crave"
Contrary to popular belief, our food preferences are not set in stone. They can evolve over time, in response to social and cultural cues, as well as exposure to different foods and flavors. In this webinar, Dr. Keith Williams, Director of the Feeding Program at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, will share evidence-based techniques for making picky eaters a thing of the past, with a focus on how to apply these lessons to increase whole grain consumption across all age groups.
P.S. Did you miss our 4/15 webinar on wheat sensitivity? The recording is now available online.
Expert Tips for Baking Despite Pantry Shortages
No yeast, no problem! While millers and retailers work around the clock to help meet the demand for baking ingredients, we caught up with two baking experts to learn their tips for “stress baking” and how to deal with ingredient shortages around the country.
Get Whole Grains Delivered to Your Home
If your favorite whole grains have been sold out at the grocery store, or if you simply want to avoid the chaos and do your shopping online, check out our mail order grains webpage. There, we list sources for all kinds of different whole grains which you can have shipped to your doorstep.
Whole Grains and Immune Health
Immune health is top of mind these days, and no healthy diet is complete without your daily servings of whole grains. Fiber rich foods like whole grains feed the friendly bacteria in our gut, which in turn help reduce inflammation and strengthen our immune systems. 
Easy Whole Grain Pantry Recipes
Grain salads like this one take well to meal prepping, as they can last several days in the fridge and taste great both chilled or reheated. It is also adaptable to what you have on hand. No white beans? Try chickpeas. No quinoa? Try wheat berries. 

An Oldways recipe
This recipe is inspired by the leafy green filled pies of the Cyclades, in Greece. Dark leafy greens are great to have on hand in times like these, as they are a bit hardier and can last for awhile in the fridge if stored properly. We use sprouted whole wheat flour because of it's sweet, mild flavor, as Sprouted Grains are April's Whole Grain of the Month .

An Oldways recipe
Let's be honest -- in trying times like these, sometimes you just want some chocolate chip cookies! This classic cookie recipe came from a love of the Original Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie, but improved with whole grains and peanut butter.

Recipe courtesy of Sargent Choice Nutrition Center at Boston University
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