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No Super Bowl budget? No problem!


As we gear up for one of the most anticipated events of the year, brands are strategizing ways to capitalize on the Super Bowl fever without breaking the bank. Here are (15) actionable insights for marketers looking to make a big impact on a modest budget:

  1. Utilize social media platforms to engage with the Super Bowl conversation, leveraging trending hashtags and creating shareable content.
  2. Utilize out-of-home marketing near the host city, such as kiosks and screens at airports, to target individuals attending the event.
  3. Emulate Marc Benioff's successful strategy by staging a cost-effective 'protest' at a competitor's event, as he did for Salesforce.
  4. Consider hosting a branded "community watch night" to create a memorable and uplifting viewing experience.
  5. Maximize brand visibility by utilizing livestreaming platforms and collaborating with influencers who align with the brand.
  6. Opt for a live social media event during the Super Bowl, connecting with fans in real-time and reacting to the game, halftime show, and commercials.
  7. Capture the attention of the audience disinterested in the Super Bowl by providing alternative activities for the night.
  8. Optimize reach during the Super Bowl by purchasing YouTube, connected TV, or streaming ads.
  9. Differentiate your brand by openly parodying a competitor advertising during the Super Bowl broadcast.
  10. Implement a cost-effective and engaging user-generated content (UGC) campaign by encouraging followers to share their most creative Super Bowl experiences.
  11. Forge partnerships with local small businesses to host a community-oriented Super Bowl event.
  12. Develop a personalized "Super Bowl" ad campaign by creating a series of short video ads (15 to 30 seconds each) tailored for social media.
  13. Introduce a limited-edition Super Bowl-themed product or service and employ guerrilla marketing tactics.
  14. Initiate a live X (formerly Twitter) thread featuring interactive promotions and posts throughout the game.
  15. Develop a content and email marketing strategy centered around the Super Bowl.

Is this the latest health threat?

In a world dominated by digital connectivity, the escalating concern over social media addiction has sparked increasing calls for action. With platforms designed to captivate users' attention, concerns about addiction have gained prominence in recent discussions.

New York City has made history by being the first major city to classify social media as an environmental toxin or "public health hazard." Mayor Eric Adams expressed concern during his State of the City address, accusing platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook of contributing to a mental health crisis, particularly among young individuals. He emphasized the role of addictive and risky features designed by these companies.

Dr. David Sweet, co-founder of The Clarity Foundation, joined the chorus, asserting that social media algorithms turn children into addicts and contribute to the spread of misinformation. Both Adams and Sweet are calling for increased awareness and action to address the impact of these addictive algorithms on mental health and to prevent Big Tech from compromising children's privacy.

In the face of rising concerns about the impact of social media on mental health, individuals, including high school junior Kyle Anderson, and experts, such as Professor Uri Hasson from Princeton, are pointing out the addictive nature of platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Anderson notes that these platforms are designed for short-term gratification, aiming to keep users' attention by providing dopamine-inducing experiences, ultimately maximizing profits. Hasson likens the amplification on social media to a drug dealer, pushing users to extremes for the desired effect. The addictive design makes it difficult for users to disengage, and change is only expected when financial interests are jeopardized.

Notice any changes with Prime Video?

Amazon recently introduced advertisements on Prime Video, a move that had been previously announced in September. Amazon emphasizes that the ads on Prime Video will be limited, promising significantly fewer interruptions compared to traditional television and other streaming services.

For viewers in the United States seeking an uninterrupted, ad-free experience, there is an option to pay an additional $3 per month. To enjoy an ad-free experience, users can easily click on the "Go Ad Free" tab within the app or web browser. On certain mobile devices, a distinct blue "Ad" icon with a line through it will indicate the absence of ads. Additionally, Prime Video users may encounter a pop-up window offering them the choice to sign up for the ad-free version.

Prime Video boasts a diverse library, including original content produced by Amazon Studios and hundreds of other titles available for streaming within the subscription. Subscribers can enhance their Prime Video experience by adding extra subscriptions to channels like Max, Paramount Plus, and Starz for an additional monthly fee. The platform also provides the option to rent or purchase movies and shows.

It's worth noting that advertisements will not be shown in content under kids' profiles on Prime Video. Additionally, ads are absent in content that users rent or buy. However, for Prime's sports and live channels, ads will run unless the plan is upgraded. Subscribers to add-on channels like Paramount Plus will only encounter commercials if their third-party subscriptions are ad-supported.

How will Gen Z consume the Big Game?

While many brands have invested $7 million for a Super Bowl ad slot on CBS, those opting for Paramount+ may have a better chance of connecting with Gen Z. The Nickelodeon simulcast is another great way for marketers to reach Gen Z.

Regarding celebrity appearances in Super Bowl ads, Gen Z is more interested in how they are utilized, favoring unexpected pairings. Gen Z also likes humor and nostalgic elements in ads, emphasizing the need for escapism from harsh realities.

A Gen Z panel proposed ideas for the NFL's future strategies to help engage younger and casual football fans. One panelist envisioned a rise in popularity of VR Super Bowl watch parties, providing a field-side experience through virtual reality. They predicted a widespread use of VR and goggle contact glasses for virtual viewing within the next 20 years, considering it a revolutionary shift.

How a Taylor Swift SB appearance will be good for your brand

This year, there will be marketing opportunities unrelated to the Big Game. These opportunities could stem from a player's statements the week before, their attire at the game, or the presence of certain individuals at the event.

It appears that Taylor Swift will be attending the Super Bowl in Vegas, so advertisers may explore ways to engage with her audience, which differs from the typical NFL fanbase. Marketers could have influencers who are Swift fans attend on their behalf, creating buzz for their brand. They might organize Taylor Swift-themed pop-ups around the stadium and activations to capture the attention of Swift's fans. Super Bowl ads could also feature Swift's music, friendship bracelets, or anything related to Taylor to attract fans.

However, marketers need to exercise caution when leveraging Swift's fame, adopting a subtle approach. Strict rules govern the association of a brand with Swift's image without a formal agreement, prohibiting overt promotions or the posting of pictures or videos without permission. CBS, as the broadcaster, has rights to share TV footage.

Agencies are devising contingency plans to capitalize on the Swift hype. The agency incorporates Swift's name into strategy briefs and remains prepared to seize suitable opportunities aligned with brand values. The representative emphasizes a cautious approach, monitoring trends through data collection and social listening to provide brands with timely recommendations on how to respond or stay ahead of emerging trends.


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Whether you've been at your marketing position for 1 year or for 20 years, the pressure to produce and come up with the right strategies to reach your target audience is always there.

Did you hear that the average consumer today is exposed to 10,000 plus promotional messages a day?

Recently, Google put out a study that determined to even exist in a consumer’s mind, a brand needs to make

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It is also critical to reach your customer on multiple platforms. This is how they are spending their media day. Therefore, it is critical that your messaging gets targeted and delivered in multiple online and offline ways.


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