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December 20, 2016
Jeff Altman
The Big Game Hunter 

Jeff has been a coach professional recruiter for more than 40 years. He has filled 1200 positions plus consulting assignments.

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I received my PCC level grade from last week's coaching practicum and can now complete the work to getting my certification.


My wife and I saw a terrific movie this weekend call. " Manchester By the Sea." What a terrific movie dealing with pain and suffering . . . this is an adult movie that is not a cartoon. It is a smart painful movie that has already been nominated for a number of acting awards. 

And it is from Amazon. Amazing.


Are You Interested in Participating in a 21 Day Challenge to Start Your 2017 Goals Off Right?

As you know, I am now doing coaching, rather than recruiting--not just simply job search coaching but performance coaching (helping project manage someone to particular goals) and leadership coaching.

If you are, send me a message at and put the phrase, "21 Day Challenge" in the Subject Line.

If enough people are interested, I'll set up a private Facebook group for us to connect in.
Articles I Have Read/Podcasts I Have Listened To

Master Class: Leadership Capital (Chicago Booth Review) A fabulous series of videos by Prof Linda E. Ginzel

Why Leadership is Key (The Hindu) A case study about a university

How to Grow Leadership from Within Your Company (Forbes) Jack Welch is still king!

Leadership Lesson: How to Strangle Your Inner Critic ( The idea is good but my inner critic knows how to crush its opponents!
Leadership Lessons from Fidel Castro (Foundation for Economic Education) A dissection of Castro's success in Cuba.

Ten Questions for Work That Matters (Seth Godin) As Seth says, any question that is difficult deserves more thought.

5 Ways to Make Your Leadership Ranks More Diverse ( A challenge for most organizations, there are some base line suggestions offered.

Everything You Know About Leadership is Wrong (SAP) They must have thought it was an easier sell to make the focus digital leadership. In fact, the issue is much broader.

Taking The Emergency Brake Off

We Know About Goal Setting. What About
We Know About Goal Setting. What About "Fear Setting."

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In 2017, the show will focus on how to answer tough interview questions.

If you only want coaching about a tricky professional situation, or are interested in entering into a coaching relationship around leadership, performance or job search coaching, email me at

If you have questions about a situation related to your job search, you are best served by joining You can ask me situational questions through the sitesite and receive discounts on 1-on-1 coaching.

We can start in January.