August 28, 2019
Nixa News | September 2019 Edition
In this month's edition you can read about...

  • Who was appointed to fill a vacancy on city council
  • Nixa drinking water lead and copper test results
  • New businesses now open for business in Nixa
  • An alert about a pest which can kill trees
  • How Nixa Police can help you design a space to prevent crime
  • Upcoming events
  • A letter from the Mayor
  • And more!

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As summer raps up and we look forward to another school year, I want to start by congratulating Nixa Public Schools on being awarded best school district in the Springfield area. Once again showing that Nixa is the premier community in the region!
With the start of the school year we also get the start of Nixa High School Football. As a proud Nixa parent, graduate and Nixa Football alum, I look forward each year to those “Friday Night Lights”. I especially look forward to that classic battle with Ozark - the Backyard Brawl - on September 20 th . That night is not only about game but is also about our two communities coming together to help our neighbors through the Least of These (LOT) Can the Tigers/Can the Eagles food drive.
Least of These is an amazing organization serving over 840 Christian County families a month. In 2018 LOT served over 1300 people from Nixa alone. September is Hunger Action Month - a month where people all over America stand together to fight hunger. Along with the Backyard Brawl and the Can the Tigers/Can the Eagles food drive, LOT has several other events in September to mark Hunger Action Month, including a joint Nixa/Ozark Chamber ribbon cutting at the new LOT location in Ozark on September 9 th  and Least of These Sunday on September 29 th  at churches throughout Christian County.
I will be proclaiming September as Hunger Action Month for the City of Nixa, and I hope everyone in Nixa will do what they can to help our neighbors in need during that month. For every $1 donated to LOT, they can purchase $10 worth of food for families and children in our county, so every donation can have maximum affect.

Also, I have challenged Rick Gardner, Mayor of Ozark, to see which of us can raise the most money for Least of These by kickoff of the Backyard Brawl on September 20th. The mayor who raises the most money will be deemed Champion Mayor of the Backyard Brawl, and let me tell you, I do not want to see the championship belt on the other side of the county!

Please make donations to Least of These through the "Donate" button on my Facebook page .
Matthew 24:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Mayor Steele
The Baffler
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Q: If you drop me, I'm sure to crack. Give me a smile, and I'll always smile back. What am I?

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Kendal Dingus appointed to serve on city council
Kendal Dingus
Kendal Dingus will be serving as council representative for District 1 through the April 2020 election.

At the August 12th meeting of the Nixa City Council, Mayor Brian Steele nominated Mr. Dingus to serve the remainder of the term left vacant by Jimmy Ledbetter, who recently moved out-of-state. During the meeting, council heard from five District 1 residents who had written letters asking to be considered for the position. Upon the nomination by Mayor Steele, the council voted unanimously on the appointment of Mr. Dingus.

Mayor Steele cited Mr. Dingus’ prior experience on city council as the primary reason he wanted to make the nomination, pointing out that voters in District 1 had previously elected Mr. Dingus.

Mr. Scott Perryman was selected by the council to serve as mayor pro tempore.

The seat now occupied by Mr. Dingus will be up for election in April of 2020.
Working For You
Now Open for Business in Nixa
Now Open sign
The City of Nixa Planning & Development Department have assisted the following businesses through the permitting and inspection processes and have issued them either a Certificate of Occupation (for new construction) or Final Inspection (for infills into existing buildings), meaning these places of business are now open and ready to serve Nixa customers!

  • Art Zone - 107 W Aldersgate Dr. #7
  • Mid West Dance Revolution - 103 Ridgecrest #3
  • Wildcat Glass LLC - 1002 Red Hawk #A

Thinking about opening a business in Nixa?
Call City Hall at 417-725-3785 to talk to us about your idea.
We would be thrilled to assist you through the process.
Roadwork Ahead! Sign up for traffic alerts.
Swift911 app traffic alerts
MoDOT projects will be getting underway soon to make improvements to Highway 160 and Highway 14 through Nixa. Once MoDOT sets construction schedules, we will share that information with you. Be sure to sign up for traffic alerts so you won't get caught by surprise by any road closures or other traffic impacts.

Be sure to follow the City of Nixa's official social media accounts too, as we'll keep those updated with information about any projects anticipated to impact traffic around Nixa.
Tests of Nixa drinking water continue to show very low levels of lead and copper
Nixa Utilities - water
The Nixa Utilities water department works every day to ensure our drinking water is safe. We monitor our drinking water periodically to ensure there are no elevated levels of anything that could cause health hazards, such as lead and copper.

We test for these levels because lead may pose serious health risks and copper, although a common part of everyone’s diet, may pose health risks for those with a rare genetic disorder known as Wilsons Disease.

Nixa Utilities water department has recently received results from its most recent tests for lead and copper levels in our drinking water. Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, Nixa undergoes this testing once every three years.

Defining “Safe” Water:
Ideally, water would have no detectable lead in it. If a water utility were to find lead at a level of 15 parts per billion (15 ug/l) at 90% of the homes tested (the lead “Action Level” set by the EPA), that utility would have to take action to remedy the situation, such as adding a chemical to adjust the pH of the water to reduce corrosiveness. Likewise, a utility would be required to take action if they were to find a copper level of 1300 parts per billion (1300 ug/l) at 90% of the homes tested (the copper “Action Level” set by the EPA).

Nixa’s 2019 Test Results:
This year, (as in all previous tests) Nixa’s lead and copper levels tested well below the action levels. Our 90 th percentile for lead was 1.77 ug/l. Our 90 th  percentile for copper was 76.1 ug/l. No action is necessary because the action levels were not exceeded.

Which homes do we test?
We tested 30 homes in the Nixa city limits which are most vulnerable to lead and copper levels because of the materials used in their plumbing. Lead pipes are no longer installed as service lines or used in household plumbing. Lead solder has been banned in Missouri since 1989. We do not test homes with lead-free plumbing systems.

2019 sidewalk improvements
Sidewalk and Street Improvements
Improving sidewalk connectivity is a big priority for the City of Nixa.
Above, you can see a map showing the sidewalk projects underway or already completed in 2019.

Red lines = new sidewalks installed this year or in progress to be installed in 2019-2020 as part of ongoing projects.

Green lines/dots = sidewalk improvements made so far this year for better wheelchair accessibility (ADA compliance). This includes new ramps and repairs to level uneven sections.

We are proud of our hard-working street department for making these improvements to our sidewalks this year. Just one small piece of everything they do to keep our city infrastructure in tip-top shape!


Our street department has also overseen several street resurfacing projects so far this year. This map shows asphalt street projects completed in 2019. A total of 4,500 tons of asphalt was used along 15,650 feet of streets to create better street surfaces.
2019 Asphalt Street Projects
Is your project designed to maximize safety and prevent crime
Is your project designed to maximize safety and prevent crime?
Designing a structure or landscape? Doing a remodel? Hosting an event?

Nixa Police now offer FREE consulting and site plan reviews according to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) best practices.

To learn more, send an email to Officer Brent Forgey:
Or call 417-725-2510.
Top 3 Things Every Driver Should Remember at Back-To-School Time
Nixa schools are back in session as of August 13, 2019.

Nixa Police and Nixa Public Schools want to remind drivers of the top 3 things every driver needs to be careful of at back-to-school time.

1. Look out for children walking to and from school, especially at crosswalks.
2. Nixa Police will be enforcing the school zone speed limits when lights are flashing.
3. Don't drive around busses which are stopped with their stop arm deployed to pick up or drop off students.

Have a safe and fun school year!
Pest Notice gloomy scale
PEST NOTICE: Gloomy Scale
The Nixa area is being invaded by a pest insect known as Gloomy Scale. Here's what you need to know to protect your trees:

- It feeds primarily on red maples, but also other maple species, elm, hackberry, and sycamore.
- In severe cases it can cause defoliation, branch dieback, or tree death.
- Trees without sufficient soil moisture are at higher risk.

Be aware of Gloomy Scale and the damage it can do to your trees.
- Look for gray bumps or white dots on trunks or limbs.
- Water your trees 2-3 times per month during dry conditions.
- Contact a certified arborist for consultation and/or treatment.

The City of Nixa is working to protect trees on city property.
Nixa Utilities begins using automated notification system
Did you get an automated call from Nixa Utilities? Yes, it was us.

In August, Nixa Utilities began using an automated notification system which generates phone calls and/or text messages to alert customers when their account is past due. This notification system is intended as another way for us to help remind customers to make a payment when their account is past due and a penalty has been applied so that we don’t have to get to the point where utility services are disconnected.

Our automated calls regarding past-due accounts use the following script:
“This is the City of Nixa with an important message for {First Name}{Last Name}. Your account at {ServiceAddress} is currently past due. In order to avoid disconnection and additional fees we must receive payment by 8:30 AM on {Disconnect Date}. Your current past due balance is {Account Balance}. You may make a payment via our website at or with a debit or credit card by phone at 417-725-3229, or at our office at 707 West Center Circle.”

Customers may opt to change their notifications from phone calls to text messages. Just call us at 725-3229 or send an email to

We know that occasionally scammers may call Nixa residents pretending to be the City of Nixa, Nixa Police, Nixa Utilities, or other government agencies, so click here to read some tips on how to know the difference between our authentic calls and any scammers who may pretend to be us.

If in doubt, don’t pay by phone – visit our office instead:
707 W. Center Circle, Nixa MO 65714
Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm and payments may be made at our drive-thru window.
Parks Program Guide
Exceptional City Staff
Employee Spotlight
Ari Juhala
Ari Juhala joined the Parks department in 2012, and has been a dependable part of the maintenance team.

Ari along with Harold and Levi within our parks maintenance team work to ensure our parks are ready for the community each day. As you can imagine there is always something to work on, clean, repair, or prepare for when it comes to our parks system.

Ari is always there working to ensure our parks are ready for whatever is next. Thank you for the work you do within our parks system Ari!
Stream Team
The July 2019 City of Nixa stream team
On Friday July 19, 2019 the City of Nixa conducted its annual Spring (in this case Summer, due to high water) Stream Team River Cleanup event with city staff. Our team cleaned a 4.75-mile section of the Finley River.

We picked up 13 tires of varying sizes, one big blue plastic barrel, a dozen or so big green trash bags full of miscellaneous trash, one huge chunk of styrofoam and 6 canoes full of other debris.

Though there were a lot of stream obstacles to overcome (due to recent flooding) the gang persevered and completed their task.

If you want to learn how to start your own Stream Team, visit
Canoes filled with trash
Street Dept. Staff Member Performs After-Hours Kitten Rescue
Damian Smith
Street Department personnel do much more than just filling pots holes, fixing sidewalks and mowing.

On a Friday evening this August around 8pm, the Police Department called the Street Department because one of our officers needed assistance with a kitten stuck in a storm drain.

Damian Smith (well after normal working hours) was asked if he would be available to assist with this and he was happy to do so. Damian arrived at Tracker and Rockingham shortly after getting the call, opened the manhole, crawled through an 18-inch pipe with a little water standing in it, found the kitten and then crawled backwards the 15 or 20 feet, holding the kitten and returned it to the person that called it in.

This is just one example of the various out-of-the-ordinary tasks that all Street Department personnel are called upon on to do on an almost daily or weekly basis. Thanks to Damian and all the street crew for the dedication they show every day in serving the citizens of Nixa.
City Events
watch party for lip sync to the rescue
Sept. 9: Nixa Police "Lip Sync to the Rescue" Watch Party
Nixa Police have partnered with Bair’s Sports Grill in Nixa to host a watch party to see their “Footloose” lip sync video featured on national television. Nixa Police wish to invite the public and those who participated in the production of the Nixa Police “Footloose” video to join our officers and their families for the watch party.

Lip Sync To The Rescue will air on CBS stations around the nation at 7pm central time on Monday, September 9th.

The program will feature lip sync videos produced by first responder agencies from last year’s viral video challenge. A satirical lip sync video set to the song “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins was produced by the Nixa Police Department in 2018 , and may be featured during the CBS special.

Nixa Police were invited to participate in the program produced by Juma Entertainment and featuring Cedric the Entertainer as host. For several months, the public was asked to vote for their favorite first responder lip sync video from a list of 30 videos posted to the Lip Sync To The Rescue page on the CBS website. The Nixa Police Department is the only agency from the state of Missouri in the competition and had asked folks around the Ozarks to vote for their video.

A press release from Juma Entertainment says, “The top 10 videos selected will be revealed during the show, which will film in front of an audience of first responders, family and friends. Two videos will advance to the LIVE vote during the broadcast to crown a winner.”
Movies in the Park
Sept. 21: Movies in the Park
The Movies in the Park series is presented by the Massengale Group. All movies are held at McCauley Park, begin at dusk, and all movies are FREE! Please bring lawn chairs or blankets. Concessions will be available for purchase. All movies are dependent on weather. No smoking and no alcohol.

September 21st:  Mary Poppins Returns
October 5th:  Incredibles 2
The Update is a great way to learn more about what's happening in Nixa and have your questions answered while enjoying lunch. Each month, we bring a different guest speaker from Nixa local government. These events give senior citizens an opportunity to meet and interact with the city's leadership, voice their concerns, and stay informed!

2019 DATES: August 28, September 25, October 30, November 27, December 31.

Anyone can enjoy lunch at the Nixa Senior Center. The cost of lunch is $3.50 for those 60+ and $6.00 for those under 60. Learn more about the Nixa Senior Center at the   Nixa Senior Center   website.
Parks Programs
Art Classes
Art Classes
Art Classes are open to ages 3 years old to 8th grade. The fee per session is as follows: Members $30, Nixa Residents $35, Non-Residents $40. All supplies will be provided; make sure to wear clothes that can get dirty! A project list is available for each session on the registration form.

Registration ends: October 4th

Tuesdays (Intro to Art): October 8th - November 12th. PK - 2nd at 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm. 3rd-6th at 7:15 pm to 8:00 pm.

Thursdays (Studio Art 1st - 8th Grade): October 10th - November 14th. Studio 2D at 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm. Studio 3D at 7:15 pm to 8:00 pm.
Recreational basketball
Recreational Basketball is geared towards introducing and fostering interest in basketball. Emphasis is on learning the game and having fun.

Season Dates:  Saturday, November 2nd - December 14th.
Open To:  Boys and girls ages 3 years old (must be 3 by November 2nd) to 6th grade.
Location:  Games are played at The X Center and Nixa Public Schools.
Fees:  Members $40, Nixa Residents $45, Non-Residents $53.
Registration:  Begins August 5th and ends October 2nd. *Late registration from October 3rd - October 6th with a $10 additional late fee.
More Nixa Parks Events, Programs, & Sports Leagues
For the latest info on all the events happening at Nixa Parks and The X Center, follow the link to
At the Nixa Branch Library this Month
The Nixa Branch Library is located at 208 N. McCroskey.
Retirement planning resources at Christian County Library
Planning for Retirement?
Make sure you're on the right track with Morningstar Investment Research Center's Portfolio tools and independent analysis, a $199 value, free with your library card.

  • Build, analyze, and edit your investment portfolio with the portfolio X-ray tool
  • Utilize the Retirement Savings Calculator to check on your savings rate and define retirement goals.
  • Look through articles and videos for frequently updated tips and ideas on retirement.

Visis, choose Morningstar, and log in with your Christian County Library card number. Library cards are free to all Christian County residents. Call (417)-724-6100 for details.
Business resources available through Christian County Library
Starting or operating a business?
Christian County Library cardholders have access to powerful online resources for entrepreneurs. Create a business or non-profit plan, get reliable research on business and marketing topics, create targeted business or consumer mailing lists, and gather detailed and accurate data on community demographics.

Visit  and click on BUSINESS to access all the resources available to you free with your library card.
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Now Hiring!
The City of Nixa has job openings for various city departments!

Visit the  jobs section of our website   or you can call our Human Resources department at 417-725-3785.

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