Nightmare vs. Dreams
Genesis 40:1
Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins

God, we are grateful that You powerfully interpret our dreams to help us see Your hand in every situation we face. We know that some might turn our greatest dreams into nightmares because of where they are positioned in it.

Like Joseph, many of us end up in the pits and valleys of life struggling to hold onto our dreams. But we are grateful that Your word shows countless examples of how pits can be used as places of divine providence.

When You make promises to us, we know that You will stop at nothing to ensure that they manifest. Give us the maturity and insight to understand that what we view as nightmares, You powerfully transform into dreams that work out for our good and Your glory.

We choose to view our current circumstances from a place of victory, knowing that You send us out to persevere through every season.
In the name of Jesus we pray, amen. 

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