June Ranger Programs

Explore upcoming programs featuring a variety of activities led by LARPD Ranger staff at Sycamore Grove Park!

Snakes Alive!

Sunday, June 23, 12-1:30 pm

Stop by and see Ranger Vickie as we talk about our local snakes. There will be things to touch and see, PLUS an opportunity to meet one of our snake animal ambassadors. Open to all ages and free to attend. REGISTER

Night Hike with a Ranger

Saturday, June 1st, 8 - 10 pm

Discover who comes out after dark at Sycamore Grove Park! Join a Ranger on an after-hours walk to learn about nocturnal animals and their adaptations. We will be walking 1 mile at a very relaxed pace. REGISTER

Campfire Cooking Class

Saturday, June 8th, 6 - 8 pm

Join Ranger Seth around a campfire and learn how to cook up something good to eat, including tasty campfire cheesy bread, as well as Ranger Seth's famous campfire chili recipe and peach cobbler for dessert! JOIN WAITLIST

The Steward of the Oak Woodland

by Interpreter Eric

Discover the hidden role of the California scrub jay in "The Steward of the Oak Woodland" by Eric Whiteside. Imagine a serene picnic interrupted by this assertive bird. Despite their pesky behavior, scrub jays play a crucial part in maintaining California's oak woodlands through their forgotten acorn caches.

Dive into the article to explore how these intelligent birds unintentionally nurture entire ecosystems.


Upcoming Open Space Programs & Events 

Meet the Rangers @ Farmers Market

June 20th, 4-8 pm

Stop by the LARPD table at the Livermore Farmers Market downtown at Carnegie Park to say "Hi" to the Rangers!

4th of July - Eagles of America

July 4th, 12 - 1 pm

Celebrate Independence Day with Ranger Seth, learn about American Eagles, and then enjoy making crafts with the kids. Meet at the Native Garden Amphitheater. All ages welcome. REGISTER

Sycamore Grove Summer Games

July 13th, 12 - 2 pm

Join the Rangers for our third annual summer games program in this fun, family-friendly competition. Activities may include Native American atlatl tossing, scavenger hunting, fire-starting, and underwater basket weaving. REGISTER

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Ranger Riddles: Sycamore Simon

Sycamore Simon is the honorary Ground Squirrel Park Ranger at Sycamore Grove! Each month, Simon hides the Golden Acorn in a new location around the park, leaving clues for visitors who enjoy a challenge.

Check for a new riddle each month from Sycamore Simon and see if you can complete the challenge!

A few of the May 2024 Golden Acorn Finders!

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos of their Golden Acorn discovery. View more photos when you click the button below!


Camp Shelly at Lake Tahoe

Camp Shelly Opens for the season on Friday, June 14th!

Tucked away in a pine forest near the south shore of Lake Tahoe, this intimate 25-site family-friendly campground offers spacious campsites in a beautiful setting. Bicycling, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, and hiking opportunities are just minutes away. 

To make a reservation, please call 925-373-5700 or in person at 4444 East Ave., Livermore.  


LARPD Independence Day Dash

The inaugural LARPD Independence Day Dash 5K and Free Kids' Fun Run will be held at Sycamore Grove Park. It is a chance to break a sweat before kicking back all day with family and friends.

A portion of the proceeds will support the LARPD Foundation.


Volunteer Opportunities

Open Space Volunteer Day

June 15, 9 am to 12 pm

Participate in a volunteer work day at the park with LARPD Rangers! Help preserve the beauty and health of Sycamore Grove Park by removing invasive plants, picking up litter, and maintaining trails. Your efforts will benefit both visitors and wildlife.


Picture This at Sycamore Grove Park

We're now accepting photo submissions for our next "Picture This" contest!

The upcoming theme is "WILDLIFE." Late spring and summer are bustling times for wildlife at Sycamore Grove Park.

Send your pictures to natureprograms@larpd.org for a chance to be featured at the Wetmore Entrance of SGP. Please include your name so we can give you proper credit.

Grab your cameras and send us your best shots of Sycamore Grove's incredible inhabitants by July 31st for a chance to be featured!

Stop by the Wetmore Entrance during June to see recent winners on display!

*Featured photo submitted by Bill Conaway.

(Please note: The submitter agrees to allow LARPD to use their submitted photos in media and publications. )


Projects at Sycamore Grove Park

Upper Sycamore Closure June 17, 18, 20 & 24

A prescribed burn will take place on June 17th, 18th, 20th, and 24th in Upper Sycamore Grove Park, which will be closed to the public during this time.

This event, conducted in collaboration with the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department and LARPD staff, is part of ongoing fire prevention and ecosystem management efforts.

Friendly Reminder As we move into the hot and dry summer season, there might be times when Sycamore Grove and/or Holdener Parks need to close due to extreme fire risk. We appreciate your understanding and hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Scheduled Work

Work will begin at Sycamore Grove Park on June 3rd and is expected to last through July.

Some trails and portions of the park will be closed during this time. We thank the public in advance for following all posted signage regarding trail closures. 


Sights In & Around Sycamore Grove Park

Earth Day 2024

LARPD celebrated Earth Day at Sycamore Grove Park last month while taking action to help protect our planet.

Park visitors participated in crafts and activities, guided hikes, and volunteer projects around the park!

Plus, a special visit by the Livermore Ambassadog "Boomer" and LARPD snake "Linguini." View all upcoming Ranger programs by clicking the button below.


I spy with my little eye.... a baby western pond turtle soaking up the sun while swimming in Cattail Pond. You never know what you will see when exploring Sycamore Grove Park.

LARPD & Livermore Public Library Events

Bird & Bat Box Building for Adults

Sunday June 9th 2-3 PM @ Civic Center Library 

If you build it, they will come! Many local species of native bats and cavity-nesting birds are impacted by habitat loss.

Join an LARPD Ranger at the Livermore Civic Center Library to learn about these amazing animals and how you can support them by building and installing bird and bat boxes at your home. MORE INFO


Book Club for Tweens

Wednesday, June 12th, 9-11 am @ Sycamore Grove Park

Join a ranger-led hike to the Hobbit Tree and take part in a discussion with a librarian about the graphic novel "Little Monarchs" by Jonathan Case.

This post-apocalyptic adventure follows Elvie and her mentor as they search for a cure for the sun sickness that forces most of humanity underground. After the book discussion, you'll also have the opportunity to learn some wilderness survival skills that Elvie writes about in her journal.

Get a FREE copy of the book when you sign up!

Call 925-373-5505 to sign up!

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