We realize that some of our readers might be stretched in their Imagination with this article. Some may be aghast that we would claim, as did Rudolf Steiner in his early lectures, a conversation with an ascended master. On the other hand, we know that many readers will understand its message with no problem. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, have fun with this piece for there are deep truths in its message. 

A Conversation with St. Germain  

In my most recent conversation with ascended master St. Germain, I had the opportunity to ask him questions about Nibiru, the Schumann Wave, and other related phenomena that are trending on social media and independent news. 
As always, he was most helpful in his answers and appreciates helping us navigate the higher dimensional landscape that many of us are experiencing. Sometimes we still hold on to 3D/4D language and concepts to understand our new 5D reality, so he is happy to guide us in our conscious understanding of these matters. As an initiate of Sophia Christos, I share this update with my spiritual brothers and sisters.
After pleasantries and catch up were exchanged, we engaged in our conversation. The transcript follows:
Tyla :  I seemed to have lost my train of thought now that you are sitting in front of me, Master St. Germain.
Christian:  That is perfectly normal and, please, call me Christian as I have instructed you. Being in the presence of the wise causes fear to leave and only love to enter. The concerns people have today are based upon the fear of the future and unknown factors that they believe will arise. Fear freezes the heart. Belief in the overall good of life and nature's abundance should help create faith in the divine, but often it is only fear that surrounds us. The problem with science is that it is a "belief" in a continuously changing set of theories parading as comprehensive truth. Science is a myth. It requires your belief, yet it doesn't answer important questions. 
Now, what shall we discuss today? What words are trending this week on social media?
Tyla:  Many. And most of them seem driven by fear, hatred, and loss of faith.
Christian, is it true that the end times as predicted in the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine are here? Or that Nibiru's return will flip the earth's poles, or that climate change will dramatically raise all the oceans, or that the Schumann Wave is increasing, or that aliens will descend to Earth, one claiming to be the new messiah? There is so much to discuss and share with our spiritual brothers and sisters.
Christian: Then, let's begin.
Tyla:  Before you do, as a master being, you must know what is going to happen...Don't you? Aren't you part of a circle of twelve ascended beings who guide humanity towards a positive outcome in spiritual evolution? Are there more people, or beings, like you? Do you meet with the others? Are there other masters like you who are working to stop the dark brotherhoods and cabals from ruling the world? 
Christian:  Now that's the spirit. Guess we should start with the first question of Nibiru and our apocalyptic times that instill so many fears. 
As I indicated, science does not have any theories that are "perfectly true" and can pass the test of time. Nibiru is a great example. Nibiru is a comet that makes a periodic return into our solar system from an adjacent elliptical orbit that also touches the star cluster of the Pleiades. Usually comets incorporate and discorporate on the outer edge of their orbit. Comets actually pass between physical and non-physical in a rhythmic cycle. 
Nibiru defies that general tendency and incorporates at both ends of its orbit in our solar system and the Pleiades cluster, especially the star Alcyone. Generally, comets come into a solar system from outside physical matter. Science calls these realms that enwrap our moving solar system the Oort cloud. 
Other comets, they say, come from realms closer to the earth called the Kuiper Belt and other phantasies. Comets are, in fact, not of this physical realm and are left-overs from the previous form of our solar system. Comets are sent into this physical realm to clean solar systems of their accumulated toxic elements.
Comets also bring galactose, a sugar like substance that is a sister to human DNA. This DNA is kept preserved by ethanol until it finds suitable living atmospheres to seed. Science has found DNA and ethanol on comets and also found great clouds of stable galactose in the swirling arms of our spiral nebulae.
What you really want to know is whether Nibiru will bring destruction. Nibiru's return is timed to the 6,480 year half-cycle of the solar system crossing the galactic equator, which happened on December 21, 2012, what people called 12/21/12.  At that time, as we conjoined with the galactic equator, Nibiru entered our solar system as a comet. These two events happen every 12,960 years as the solar system again crosses the equator going in the opposite direction. The terminal limits of the solar system rising above and below the equator also coincides with the passing of the Platonic Year, theperiod of 25,920 years that it takes the Spring Equinox point of sunrise to move backwards (precession of the equinox) through the twelve signs of the Zodiac.   
Nibiru is a large comet that produces tremendous magnetic effects on the earth . It helps the earth keep in sync with the magnetic happenings on the sun. Nibiru only takes on its huge cometary auroral glow when it gets near the earth and reacts to the current magnetic dynamic between the earth and the sun which are part of its cometary family. This is why Nibiru in the past has had such dramatic effects upon the earth. Nibiru seeded DNA into the earth in the distant past and its return is the harbinger of dramatic shifts in consciousness throughout evolution. 
The beings who live on Nibiru are more advanced than humans and can move between the physical and spiritual world as their cycle demands. The inhabitants of Nibiru, called by some the Annunaki or Nephilim, live in an etheric world that defies what most people "believe" through natural science. The last time the Annunaki were near the Earth, great changes took place in geology, and gold was finally solidified in veins through the Earth.

Gold is the substance of sunlight having become material. The Annunaki basically find nourishment in Earth gold and Sun light. One could even say that they are aliens who periodically come near the earth to cleanse the atmosphere, align Earth magnetism with Sun magnetism and imbibe in the refined elements of the earth and sun.

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