Ngo Okafor, Successful Personal Trainer &
Creator of FitMatch

SFIC is honored to share the success story of Ngo Okafor! We have insured Ngo for nearly 10 years. Ngo has built and continues to run a successful, independent personal training business in New York City where he has worked with many celebrities. He is frequently quoted in numerous publications and has appeared on television shows. Ngo recently created and launched an app in the App Store, called FitMatch. FitMatch is a social app that connects fitness enthusiasts, such as workout buddies, training partners, running partners and much more. FitMatch is now the social platform for The New York Road Runners Association. FitMatch has been featured on The Fox 5 Morning News, Yahoo!, SHAPE Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Maris Claire, and many more. Ngo says “I believe that my story and that of the creation of FitMatch could help motivate other fitness professionals to strive for more and become even more successful.”
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