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July 20, 2021
Webinar Recording: Supporting ELs in Math & Science

OELA’s webinar on Supporting ELs in Math and Science, featuring Drs. Martha Castellón Palacios and Haiwen Chu of WestEd, is now available for viewing. The webinar shares practitioner-friendly resources based on the latest NCELA Teaching Briefs in math and science and research-based practices for teaching science and math to ELs with a variety of English language proficiency levels.

Virtual Parent Town Hall with the U.S. Department of Education

Join the National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement and the United Parent Leaders Action Network for a Virtual Parent Town Hall with ED on Thursday, July 29, from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. ET. After a year and a half of grappling with the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, students across the country are slated to return to school in-person this fall. However, for many, especially parents, the return to in-person instruction has brought with it a variety of worries, hesitations, and questions:
  • Will my child(ren) be safe at school?
  • What COVID-19 precautions should I look for in my child’s school?
  • How will schools take my child’s social and emotional well-being into account?
  • Is the vaccine safe?
  • Should I get the vaccine?
  • Should my child(ren) get the vaccine?
While one of the Biden Administration’s top priorities is to have all students back in-person this fall, they recognize that this goal will not be met if parents’ voices are not heard and their concerns considered. This Parent Town Hall is a unique opportunity for parents to share their ideas and concerns and to get their questions answered.
Parents are invited to submit questions about the return to in-person instruction on the registration form. Pre-submitted questions will help plan the content of the session. Please share this session with your parent networks!

Upcoming Events
In this 1-hour session from the Saddleback Webinar Series, Dr. Mandy Stewart will share how all teachers can create a multilingual English as a second language (ESL) classroom to support students’ academic and social-emotional success. Learn how to engage students with diverse texts in English as well as their home language/s to serve as mentor texts for their multilingual writing. Discover how real teachers are doing this in ESL classrooms and the impact it has on student learning, class participation, and literacy engagement.
July 26–29
Virtual Conference
This summit is a virtual statewide Washington Association of Educational Service Districts opportunity and is for ALL school staff regardless of job role. The event will discuss preparing for the 2021–22 school year with a focus on equitable practices and meeting the needs of diverse populations by creating, connecting, collaborating, and orchestrating change together. 
On August 10 from 4:00 – 4:30 p.m. ET, join the Center for Applied Linguistics for this 30-minute Research to Policy webinar in which panelists will discuss how IEPs and 504 plans can be updated to reflect digital learning and new accommodations needed in digital learning environments. Speakers will discuss how schools, families, and communities are engaging students with disabilities in effective digital learning experiences. They will also discuss policy recommendations to address these issues.
The My Name, My Identity Initiative has been featured as an illustrative example for Principle One: Assets-Oriented and Needs-Responsive Schools of the California English Learner Roadmap. Join this webinar to get ideas to leverage the toolkit resources to support all school community members and stakeholders in building a culture of respect by honoring students’ names and identities with a social, emotional, and cultural lens.
October 14
Hybrid Conference
Registration is now open for this 1-day virtual event that is open to members of the WIDA Consortium, international educators, and higher education faculty and staff. Registration includes access to live sessions, presentation handouts and materials, interactive breakout group opportunities, and all recorded content through the end of 2021. The keynote speaker will be Viet Thanh Nguyen, a professor at the University of Southern California.
November 10–13
Hybrid Conference
La Cosecha 2021 will be a hybrid event, comprising both a virtual and an in-person conference. La Cosecha Conference offers you the unique opportunity to share best practices, resources, and current theory; build networks; and fuel community efforts to build a better future for our children as we “harvest” the best of our multilingual and multicultural communities.
In the News
Santa Fe New Mexican
This article discusses the positive impact that community schools may have on multilingual and multicultural learners. Among the benefits of community schools are improved academic achievement and behavioral and social-emotional outcomes for students. Community schools practice holistic approaches to education and facilitate the attainment of the bilingualism/biculturalism seal on high school diplomas.  
The Indian University of North America located at Crazy Horse Memorial is a summer program that helps indigenous students successfully transition into postsecondary educational environments. During this 8-week program, indigenous students live and work on the University of South Dakota campus and are able to earn 12 college credits. The program prepares students to live and learn in colleges and universities and has improved graduation rates among indigenous students.
VOA News
Some high school students at Edison Academy in Fairfax County, Virginia, are getting the most out of their Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. The program provides students with training in a variety of occupations such as home construction, heating and cooling systems, computer security, and automotive. Academy students, including ELs, thrive in this program and have plans to pursue careers in the CTE fields that they explored in high school.
Colorín Colorado
This article discusses how Salina Elementary School in Dearborn, Michigan, engages their students, who are mostly ELs, in hands-on learning to learn STEM. The school staff share their experiences and reflections of implementing hands-on learning to support newcomer EL students and how they sustained this approach through the COVID-19 pandemic. 
This new resource supports educators and educational agencies in learning more about policy and practice for monitoring the progress of current ELs and those who exited EL services. The eBook provides concrete recommendations to educators and outlines legal requirements and equity considerations for supporting and monitoring current and former ELs.  
Professional Learning
CABE 2022 will be held in San Francisco, California, March 20–April 2. CABE is seeking presentations that engage participants in topics related to quality education for dual language learners. All workshop sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. 
NABE invites all education experts, researchers, authors, and successful practitioners with information of interest to submit a proposal, including multilingual proposals, for its 2022 conference. NABE is seeking proposals that engage participants in topics related to quality education for ELs and DLLs such as: achieving educational equity; ensuring social justice through strong linguistic and academic attainment; and providing equal educational opportunities.
NCFL is seeking school- or community-based teachers who are passionate about engaging families and who demonstrate exemplary practices as candidates for the 2021 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year. Strong candidates will be family teachers who engage parents and children using a multigenerational approach to help them learn together in innovative ways. Candidates should have a demonstrated record of success and serve communities and families with high literacy and socioeconomic needs.
Job Opportunities
Internationals Network
Passaic, NJ
Amerigo Education
Napa, CA
Interactive College of Technology
Morrow, GA
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