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Celebrating 35 Years of Ministry: 1989 - 20248

Friends, it’s been a difficult week. For the first time in my ministry career a church I serve not only lost two members but two members on the same day. Tracey Sandow was a founding member of Northminster Church and Janet Dawson was newer to our fellowship, but a source of light and energy to all who knew her. It’s difficult to know what to say during such a week, even for a “Professional Christian” such as myself. In such times I turn to people who inspire and comfort me, sometimes other “Professional Christians, sometimes poets, sometimes people with no connection to the church. 

This week the voice I most want to hear is Welton’s. How I wish he were here so I could ask for his advice and have him offer a prayer. How I wish he were here to offer comfort in that quiet, loving manner he had. But thanks be to God we have the next best thing as so many of Welton’s words have been recorded. With that in mind, I went looking and found the following prayer in Welton’s Prayers: From Adoration to Zeal. I keep a copy close to my desk for just such occasions, so I’d like to share the following prayer with you.


God of life and death,

Thoughts of death frighten us. It is not a matter of unbelief. Honest, it’s not. We believe in your all-embracing love. We have faith in the reality of uninterrupted fellowship with you. We believe. 

When family members and friends die, we grieve. Without arguing the point about them being better off, we miss them and we realize that we will continue to miss them. Maybe our pain stems from selfishness. Honestly, though, it seems to be the child of love and devotion. 

Faith and hope make a big difference as we face death, especially as we peer into the future. What would we do without them? We know the reality behind Paul’s irony: “O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?” At the time of our loved ones’ death though, we can pinpoint death’s victory and sting precisely. All will be well. We believe that. But all is not well right away.

If deaths among other people cause us difficulties - and they do - even more problematic are thoughts about our own death. Thinking about dying scares most of us. As believers buoyed by the assurance conveyed in the death and resurrection of Jesus, we can say theoretically “to die is to gain.” But not practically.

Few, if any, of us are really ready to die. Life-breathing God, grant us comfort as we grieve the deaths of people whom we love.

And regarding ourselves, God, please don’t let death scare the life out of us. If fears related to death persist, use them to scare the vibrancy of life into us. 

We speak frankly to you and reach out for your help in the name of the Resurrection and the Life - not the events, but the person. Amen. 

-Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy 

Join Us for Worship

Sunday, February 4 at 10:45 am

Rev. Jillian Hankamer preaching

Being Volun-told

John 2:1-12

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Our Worship in Song

February is Black History Month. This month the organ music will feature music by African American composers. This week the final prelude is a beautiful setting of My Shepherd Will Supply My Need by Kenton Coe.

Opening Hymn: Sing Praise to the Living God

Curtis Beach, born into a family of several generations of ministers, was educated at Harvard, the Boston University School of Theology, and the University of Southern CA. A minister in the United Church of Christ, Beach authored The Gospel of Mark: Its Making and Meaning.

Middle Hymn: Jesus, Come, for We Invite You

Anthem: A Jubilant Song  by Allen Pote, based on Psalm 90, 96.

The Communion Anthem: Jesus, My Lord, My life, My All by Bob Burroughs.

Closing Hymn: Take My Life, God, Let it Be Frances Havergal wrote her hymn following a visit to Areley House in Worcestershire, England. Among the ten persons at the house were "some unconverted...some converted but not rejoicing." Before she left, "everyone had got a blessing."

Our Concerns and Celebrations

Family of Janet Dawson

Family of Tracy Sandow

Tracy & Mary Sandow

Pat Cohn Cluck

Elvis Stelly

Iglesia Bautista Enmanuel, in Ciego de Avila, Cuba.

Pattie Bewick, sister of Carol Ann Tubbs

Maddyn Thomas, infant granddaughter of Rodney and Paula Thomas

Lillie Windham, mother of Mark Windham

Nora Kay Meredith great granddaughter of Kay Southern

Doug O'Neal brother of Debbie O'Neal

Passing of Northminster Member

Janet Dawson

Janet joined Northminster in 2014 and was very active in many areas of the church and was a member of the Missions Commission at the time of her death. Janet was also involved in United Methodist Women and enjoyed being a Circle Study Leader. Janet will be sorely missed by everyone at Northminster Church.

Passing of Northminster Charter Member

Tracy Sandow

Tracy was a Charter Member of Northminster and was actively involved in the founding and building of our church. Tracy and his wife, Mary loved singing in the choir. racy took an active leadership role in Northminster and served on the Coordinating Council numerous times as well as serving on multiple commissions. Tracy's contributions to Northminster will be greatly missed. Arrangements for Tracy service will be forthcoming.

We Celebrate with...

Mike Cappel (2nd)

Pat Cohn (8th)

as they celebrate their birthdays

Children & Youth

Youth Group Meals
Our youth meet every Sunday at 5:00. We would like to offer them a light meal. If you would like to help provide a meal click the link to sign up. They love easy meals. Some suggestions are tacos, spaghetti, chili, sandwiches and pizza! 
Please review the available slots by clicking on the button to sign up. Dates will be added as planning continues. Thank you! We typically have between 10-15 youth and adults. Please call or text Laura (318-387-4446) with any questions!

Church Life


Thursday, February 15 at 7pm at The Fat Pelican!


If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Lola Wheeler (318-816-1341) or the church office for details.

Mission Opportunities


EXIT 318

EXIT-318, signifying the 318 area code geography, and the abbreviation for Ex-Offenders In Transition, is a program funded by the Department of Corrections, and presents a re-entry accountability plan in the form of a contract with ex-offenders. This is a program supported by many companies and local businesses, with a home base in Goodwill Industries. This has been a very successful program in our region for 5+ years, and Northminster is in our 3rd year of collecting for this 2nd Chance program. 

There are 3 phases to the Exit-318 Program. The first begins well in advance of release from the incarcerating institution, involving education, getting ready, and understanding what is required to qualify and stay in the program. The second is going home, and ideally the third phase is staying home within the community. Both these phases have many support services involved, but part of any second chance involves re-homing, and the stuff needed to keep up with yourself.

So what can help get someone started off in a new spot?  Basic necessities: deodorant, razors/shaving cream, shampoo, soap, toothpaste-toothbrush. Towels, washcloths. New undergarments, socks. Basic cleaning supplies: broom/dustpan, mop, dishwashing liquid, laundry soap, 409, windex, etc. Bedding: pillows, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforters. Coats and other clothing. Grocery gift cards and non-perishable food.

Coming Up

This Sunday

9:00 am - Choir Rehearsal

10:00 am - Sunday School

10:45 am - Preludes

11:00 am - Worship Service

Noon: Northminster Fellowship

5:00 pm - Youth Group


6:30 pm - Choir Rehearsal

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, February 14: Ash Wednesday. Lent begins.

Thursday, February 16: Pub Theology at The Fat Pelican, 7pm.

The Floral Offering Last Sunday

Arrangement by Susan Curry

If you would like to give flowers one Sunday in honor or in memory of someone special, please contact the church office. Approximate cost is $125-$150

Of Interest in the Community

Poetry Out Loud: Region 8 Competition

Join us Thursday, February 8th at 6:30pm as high school students from across Region 8 compete in the regional leg of the Poetry Out Loud journey. Poetry Out Loud is a national arts education program that encourages the study of great poetry by offering free educational materials and a dynamic recitation competition for high school students across the country. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history and contemporary life.  

This year, students from Neville, Wossman, Choudrant & Ruston High will compete to see which two will respresent Region 8 at the state finals competition held at the Delta Grand Theatre in Opelousas, Louisiana on March 7th.

Giving to Northminster

If you have found a space of community, or healing, or hope at Northminster and believe in the work we are doing, please consider supporting us financially so that we will be able to continue creating spaces like this in all the days to come. Just click here, or scan the QR code with the camera on your phone.

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