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Read "ME" Agriculture
March 2019

Maine Nutrition Council Annual Conference
"Gut Nutrition?
 Exploring the Microbiome"
The Point Community Center
South Portland, ME
April 3, 2019

Hutchinson Center
Belfast, ME
April 6, 2019

Maine School Garden Day
Trenton Elementary School
Trenton, ME
April 27, 2019

NELE Kids Day
Windsor Fairgrounds
Windsor, ME
May 16, 2019

Southern Maine Water Festival
University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME
May 17, 2019 

MAITC Grant Reports DUE
June 1, 2019

Summer Teacher's Institute
"Agriculture for ME 
o n  Land & Sea"
University of New England
Biddeford, ME
July 29 - August 2, 2019

MAITC 2019 Grants Program Submission DEADLINE
August 9, 2019

Teach ME about Food & Farms
*Contact us to plan a workshop date for your school for Spring 2019
Grant Ideas

Whole Kids Foundation


Special Programs
Looking for  field trips ? Check out Get Real Get Maine's Food, Farms, and Forest Search .

ReTreeUS plants orchards in schools and provides educational programs that empower people to be healthy environmental stewards.

See the Maine Farm to School Census here. Are you participating?

Maine School Garden Network - resource for all school gardens across Maine!

Search The National Ag. In the Classroom Curriculum Matrix for resources.

Fuel Up to Play 60 offers educators a wide array of resources they can use to help students make sustainable changes in their school environment.
Agroworld- agricultural science e-zine developed for the secondary educator.

Kids Gardening has ideas about plants and gardens, teacher resources, and grant opportunities.
The Chop Chop magazine and website has easy and healthy recipes. 

Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Ag Mags are 4-page, colorful agricultural magazines for kids. 



Agriculture License Plate

Funding from this plate has impacted over 200,000 students in 2017 with lessons, materials, volunteers and teacher training. Annually up to $60K is distributed in grants to schools, FFA, 4-H and other Non-profit programs for Ag education initiatives by the Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Council.

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February Newsletter

The Request for Applications for our 2019 Education Grants Program will be available on our website in February!
We offer grants in different categories, with awards of $1,000+.
The deadline for submission is August 9, 2019

*A reminder for 2018 grants that your final reports are due June 1st, unless you have requested a one-year, no-cost extension by email.*
2019 Summer Teach er's Institute!
"Agriculture for ME on Land & Sea"
University of New England - Biddeford, ME
Mark your calendars for 
July 29 - August 2, 2019!
This year's Summer Teachers Institute "Agriculture for ME on Land and Sea" will include 2 days of field trips, by bus and by boat! Classroom sessions on food preservation, vermiculture, and much more! Registrations are already coming in, space is limited so do not delay!
The Registration flyer and Agenda at a glance are now available on our  website ! Join us!

Maine School Garden Day

Maine School Garden Day will be
Saturday, April 27, 2019
at Trenton Elementary School
Trenton, ME
Visit the Maine School Garden Network Website for more information. 
Registration coming soon!
Purple Plow Pollinator Challenge
T he Challenge : What can we do to sustain or improve pollinator well-being?
Who: Students grades 5-12
When: Now - May 1st 
How: Facilitator guide, student guide, lesson packet and judging rubric all available to download free at the bottom of the website.
Why: An awesome, hands-on way to explore STEM! Also, there are prizes. Cool prizes. 3-D printer prizes. 
What now:   Visit the website  to read more! or  Show kids the video  to get them inspired!
Read "ME" Agriculture 2019
First come, first serve!
March 2019
Our 2019 Read "ME" Agriculture book is "Maple Syrup from the Sugarhouse" by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton, illustrated by 
Kathryn Mitter.
Please submit your applications for readers in your classroom,
or to be a reader. 
If you  are looking for a pre or post teaching option there are hundreds of reproducible worksheets and many lessons for all ages K-12 linked on our website posting!
NorthEast Livestock Expo Kids Day
Thursday, May 16, 2019
In 2018, Northeast Livestock Expo (NELE) held its sixth "Kids Day" for over 3000 school children in grades K-6. Students, chaperones and teachers participated in self-guided tours among multiple agricultural stations on the grounds. This annual event is held on Thursday from 9:30am-1:30pm, giving children the opportunity to see and learn about a variety of livestock and agricultural commodities, often with hands-on interaction.  The 2019 Kids Day will feature a similar variety of opportunities.  Find more information and the registration form HERE
Questions? Contact Cindy Kilgore.
Apply soon for one of three Russell Libby Agricultural Scholar Awards from MOFGA
Three $1,500 scholarships will be awarded each year in the following categories:

* MOFGA Journeyperson Program participant
* Maine High School Senior planning to study sustainable or organic farming (preference for colleges in Maine)
* Teacher, school or education center looking to support an agricultural related project in Maine, such as a campus garden, classroom project or a guest lecturer.
Applications open February 10, 2019. Deadline is MARCH 20, 2019.
For further information about  Russell Libby Agricultural Scholarships, visit the MOFGA website or  contact Anna Libby.

2019 Gro More Grassroots Grant from KidsGardening
The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation and KidsGardening will award 175 grants worth a collective total of $100,000!  
The grant is designed to bring the life-enhancing benefits of gardens to communities across the United States.  Awards provide funding for the development of new and expansion of existing youth garden programs and greenspaces. Winners will be selected based on their commitment to the maintenance and sustainability of their garden program including plans for growth and future fiscal stability. 
Applications are now available and are due  February 15, 2019.

The Maine Nutrition Council's annual conference
"Gut Nutrition? Exploring the Microbiome" 
will be held Wednesday, 
April 3, 2019 at 
The Point Community Center in South Portland, ME. 
Stay tuned for registration information, visit their website to learn more.
TeacherResources  Lessons:
Tapping Into Maple Tradition Curriculum 
from New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom

- Be A Sugar Maker Grade Level: K-2,  Subject: Science Cycles
Description: Role-play the sugar making process with the option to expand into the water cycle. Tapping for sap is a wonderful accompaniment to this activity.
- Nature's Factory At Work Grade Level: 3-6,  Subject: Science
Description: Students will learn about the layers of a tree trunk, discover the process of photosynthesis and learn about the water cycle. Also explore solutions and evaporation.
- Tapping Into Maple Tradition Grade Level: 2-6,  Subject: Language Arts, Science, Math
Description: Oral and written communication, mathematical representation plus physical and conceptual models to describe and explain scientific concepts and ideas. Use inquiry strategies to investigate and understand the natural world. Younger students will learn to use the process approach to writing coherently and using appropriate conventions.
- Looking Back, Thinking ForwardGrade Level: 3-6,  Subject: Social Studies
Description: Learn about the maple sugaring process - the equipment and its changes over time, climate, and technology. How has it changed through history and what might it look like in the future?
- Sap Value Calculation Grade Level: Middle,  Subject: Math
Description: Analyze graphs of the different versions Jones Rule of 86 to see that the higher the Brix score, the less amount of sap needed to produce a gallon of syrup.
- Maple Sugar Molecules and CrystalsGrade Level: Middle & High School,  Subject: Chemistry
Description: Students will learn about what sugar crystals look like on a larger scale and how removing water allows for crystallization by making rock candy.
- Sugar Concentration and HydrometersGrade Level: Middle,  Subject: 
Science, Engineering
Description: Students will make and test a hydrometer and then use it to test the sugar concentration of different grades of maple syrup.
- Tubing Layout DesignGrade Level: High School,  Subject: Engineering
Description: Effectively design an efficient tubing system that not only works great, but also is easy to maintain. Using natural slope and valleys of a hill can help aid a design. Vacuum pressure is also very important to a maple sugar maker which is touched on in the lesson.

Maple Syrup From the Sugarhouse
At Grandpa's Sugar Bush
Sugar Snow
Sugarbush Spring

Maple Education Video
Maple Education Video
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