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Issue 2017-09
September 2017

Welcome to this month's 'CAS Connections' newsletter!
This September 2017 newsletter highlights a number of current topics that we think are worth reporting on.
Please take a minute to read the  below articles that may relate to the scan tools you presently own.
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The CAS Sales and Tech Support Teams 
CAS offers new scan tool line
2017 PTEN Innovation Award
Who's New at CAS?
Tech Tip - A vicious circle
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CAS adds Marine, Motorcycle, OHW & Supercar !
CAS has recently added a new scan tool line that will expand our coverage for the  types of applications we have scan tooling offerings .
AMSTERDAM - APRIL 16 2015  Ferrari F12 Berlinetta sports car at the AutoRAI 2015. The F12 debuted in 2012 and replaces the 599 series grand tourers.
No longer is the aftermarket specialty shop locked out of these cars!
TEXA and CAS have come to a distribution agreement for the TEXA line of scan tools. The TEXA scan tool application coverage  adds 5 key areas of capabilities in the CAS product lineup including; Motorcycle, Marine, Off Highway & Agricultural, Super Cars and Heavy Duty Truck. During recent training sessions for all CAS employees, TEXA's Director for North American sales Dario Peruch commented; "Having CAS as a major distributor fits perfectly with our desired model. CAS has a good reputation in the industry plus a technical sale force that TEXA looks for as we expand  and grow our North America distribution channel. We are excited to be working with them"...

CAS company owner John Jenkins stated that the attraction to the TEXA product line is based on a number of factors. A great scan tool that is PC based  offering scan tool diagnostic solutions for Marine, Motorcycles, High end Supercars, Heavy Duty Trucks
plus multiple types of Construction Equipment,  Off-Highway and Agricultural coverage makes this a very exciting tool to offer! The TEXA scan tool systems annual update costs are very reasonable and this tool does not 'shut down' when the subscription expires. The fact that the tooling includes not only scan data but bi-directional controls, service information, component locator info and wiring diagrams for each of the major applications just makes sense and ends up being a great value for our customers. CAS is now positioned to offer a scan tool solution from something as small as snowmobile or Jet ski up to an 18 Wheeler!

Using Bluetooth based wireless technology, the TEXA TXT interface device can be used with all five of the software applications. Shops can purchase this one adapter and then choose the areas of diagnostic scanning they want to address. Everything that moves seems to require a scan tool application today. Adding a TEXA branded tool application for many automotive shops, motorcycle shops and marinas will be a welcome addition to their service operations.
Service for multiple bike lines is possible with the TEXA tool
For further information on any of these new scan tool applications click here: TEXA Link  If you prefer to speak with one of our inside sales reps, schedule an in-shop demonstration or speak with your local CAS Rep call our main offices at 1-877-263-4897 We are open  Monday-Friday from 8:30AM - 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time!
GScan-2 is awarded PTEN 2017 'Innovation Award'
August 2017: 'Professional Tool and Equipment News' magazine has announced their '2017 Innovation Awards'. In the category of 'Scan Tools' the GScan-2 has been announced as this year's winner!
Each year, the editors at PTEN take on the task of sorting though all the data in a number of tool categories to come up with what they deem as " the most innovative tool". In the scan tool category, the editors had 29 possible candidates for consideration this year. They consider a scan tool's operation, overall design, special functions and unique features. This year after reviewing the multiple candidates, the G-Scan2 was chosen as the most innovative scan tool among the group!
   GScan2 the 2017 PTEN winner! 
When CAS was contacted by the Editor of PTEN magazine, the call could not have been more perfectly timed as both the President and the National Sales Manager from E-ZDS were due into the CAS offices the next day! E-ZDS is the company that develops software for the GScan-1 and 2.
PTEN will be presenting this award officially at AAPEX in Las Vegas this coming November. However, shops don't have to wait till then to see the GScan-2, they simply need to contact their local CAS Rep. All CAS reps carry a brand new GScan-2 with them for demo purposes.
For additional details you can call your local CAS rep or one of our inside sales reps at 1-86-OEMTOOLS. (866-368-6657)
After hours? Go On-Line to www.OEMTools.com and send us a message!

Who's New at CAS?

CAS continues to grow even after 20+years of operation. We recently hired Mister Jack Harvey into the position of Technical Support Specialist. Jack will be working full time, based out of our offices in Easton, MA.


As our installed customer base increases and the number of scan tools as well as laptops we support keeps growing, we needed some additional resources in the area of Technical Support.  With CAS having well over 1,000 laptops sold and under support, Jack's background with PC 's will be well used and we are fortunate to have him come on board!


CAS has also hired a new Outside Sales Rep for the upstate New York territory. Mister Jeff Ballard will be replacing Paul Piston. Paul was with CAS for years, but unfortunately had to retire due to health complications. Paul will be missed by both the CAS folks and his long time customers.


Jeff started on September 1st and has 'job one' of contacting all the CAS customers in the Buffalo to Albany stretch of New York. With a strong automotive background and experience owning his own repair shop, Jeff should fit in well dealing with all the shop owners that are current CAS customers. If you are in upstate NY and would like to have Jeff contact you immediately, his e-mail is JeffB@oemtools.com .


Also relatively new with CAS is Mister Jeremy Welcome. Jeremy started with CAS this summer as an outside sales rep in the Wisconsin area. Jeremy is replacing Mike Benz who was with CAS for years and finally decided it was time to retire from automotive equipment sales. Mike was with Vetronix, then Robert Bosch and finally with CAS prior to his retiring. Jeremy will have some big boots to fill, but his background in automotive makes him well suited for this new position!  If you are in Wisconsin and need to contact Jeremy, his e-mail address is JeremyW@oemtools.com .


Finally, CAS has hired a full time Channel Manager to coordinate our sales through various national distribution partners. Mister David Masse is based out of the Atlanta area where he will be developing some new channel partners for CAS. It seems there are more and more companies that are interested in not only the products we offer, but also the after sales technical support we can provide!

Tech Tip of the Month - IDS creates a vicious circle!


Tech Support

This months 'Tech Tip' from the CAS Tech Support group revolves around the Ford IDS factory tool.
  There has been a number of calls from CAS IDS customers where the shop can't get their IDS to open and run. The problem starts when the technician attempts to launch their IDS only to be presented with a message that says their IDS software is out of date and there is an update available. The tech then attempts to perform a software update only to be messaged that there are "No updates available"! The tech finds himself in a vicious circle and an IDS that won't run! Their next step?....Call CAS Tech Support!

As it turns out, this situation is created when an IDS application is two or more updates behind. Even though the IDS app. may have been announcing new updates for awhile, the IDS user has skipped by this message. We all are guilty of this, a software update is released for one of our PC programs but there's no time to update right now, "I'll do that later" is the decision. Unfortunately making this same decision too many times has the tech ending up with an IDS that can't do an 'automatic update' and they are stuck!

The solution in this type of situation is to perform a manual software update to the IDS. The process of doing a manual update may not be obvious to the IDS owner, so a call to CAS Tech Support can get the process started. The tech support guys report that once they have logged into the customers laptop, the procedure can  typically be completed in less than 60 minutes and the IDS is put back into full operation!...And it's left with the latest software update loaded!
CAS Tech Support is available by calling 1-877-263-4897 M-F 8:30am - 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. We're here to help!
If it's after hours and you need to reach us, click here and leave us a message.
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