May News for Students
It’s that time again: Time for graduations, summer holidays and then…COLLEGE! At Texas College Bridge, we’re here to help you get ready for that important next step.

This past school year, a lot of students have already earned their certificates of completion, and we want to help more of you join them this spring. With your certificate in hand, once you graduate high school, you’ll be able to get a TSI exemption from more than 90 colleges and universities across the state.
Complete your Essay to Earn your Certificate
The Essay Assignment is an important part of our English course, and REQUIRED for course completion. 

You can find information on the Essay Assignment, including a short “How To” video as well as a Quick Start guide for students on our website and in our online help center.

If you’ve submitted your Essay, make sure your teacher is aware it’s been submitted and needs to be graded.
How do I complete my essay assignment?
You can now access the essay assignment in EdReady, where you can write and submit it. You can find more information in the student help center.
How will I know my Essay Assignment grade?
Your teacher or district administrator will grade your essay
and provide feedback in EdReady.  

Why haven't I earned my certificate for English when I've successfully completed Stage 1 & Stage 2?
You are most likely missing the passing essay grade in EdReady.
Check with your teacher.

Completed your course?
Here's how to get your certificate of completion:
Certificates of Completion are stored in a GreenLight locker account, which is separate from your EdReady/Texas College Bridge account.

  • If you don't receive an activation email, complete this form to request a manual activation.

  • If your certificate of completion has incorrect data, is missing, etc. find help here.

Quick Tips: Your Texas College Bridge Account & Profile
1. You should only have one account in EdReady.  

  • If you forget your sign-in credentials, please use the “Forgot Password” feature to get into your account.  

  • If you need to add a subject to your account, contact your teacher or district administrator. Please DO NOT use the additional subject URL to register for a second account.

2. Make sure your profile information is correct

  • Make sure your First and Last name match your official school record. DO NOT use a nickname
Did you know?
More than 90 colleges and universities across Texas now provide a TSI exemption for students completing Texas College Bridge courses. 

Check out the list of schools on our interactive map!

College & Career Support
There’s more to Texas College Bridge than our courses! Our College & Career Support provides information and resources for everything from financial aid to resume support. Start planning ahead now!

Texas College Bridge is part of TEA’s Texas Home Learning program. Texas College Bridge is a part of Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS). For more information or questions, contact us.

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