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May 2, 2024

Notes from the Chair...

Gloria Campos

Greetings fellow Democrats,

I hope you all are enjoying the beauty of our Hill Country home with a sea of wildflowers surrounding us at every turn.

As our thoughts turn to graduations and summer fun, we still have important business ahead: a key judicial runoff election. Only registered voters who did not vote in the Republican primary are eligible to cast a ballot. We know some Democrats crossed over to vote against a particular candidate in the Republican primary. Those Democrats are not eligible to vote in this runoff.

Democrats made up less than 5% of the primary turnout in March; that is about 500 voters. More than 3,000 of our Republican neighbors voted in the March primary. I know we can do better. Please take the time to vote and remind a like-minded friend that there is another election just around the corner. No need to fear any voter intimidation at the polls because it is our election and ours alone.

I would love to see a larger turnout this time around. Please don’t stay home. Get out and VOTE!

In other news, BCD Vice Chair/Precinct Chair 401 Maggie Goodman has taken on another role: host of our monthly Liberal Ladies Lunch potluck. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining us, please contact Maggie so she can put you on the email list, Liberal Ladies of Blanco County meet on the last Friday of the month (May 31st) at the New Hope Lutheran Church, 819 Elm Street, in Blanco. We gather at 11:30 and we usually wrap things up about 1:00. We usually have a speaker (typically a candidate), and we always enjoy a delicious lunch with plenty of good conversation. An added bonus is sampling a fantastic dessert made by our own celebrity baker, Mary Sward, who is also our BCD treasurer. It’s great fun. I can guarantee you that it provides food for the soul to be with a group of women who share similar views and opinions.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, high school graduations are just around the corner. We are planning two voter registration drives aimed at high school students who will be 18 by November 5th, and all others interested in registering to vote. The date is Tuesday May 14 from 3:30-5:30pm at the libraries in Blanco and Johnson City. Pizza and drinks will be served!

Help us spread the word so students can learn an important lesson in DEMOCRACY. 

Upcoming Events...

Business Meeting

Open to all BCDs

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 at 4:30 PM

Johnnson City CRC

and via Zoom

  • Call to order
  • Chairman's Report
  • Review of Prior Meeting Minutes
  • Treasury Report
  • Liberal Ladies Update
  • Consideration and Vote regarding adding an additional member to the CEC
  • Consideration and Vote on sponsorship of an event at the Texas Democratic Convention in ElPaso.

General Meeting

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 at 6:00 PM

Johnson City CRC

and via Zoom

  • Call to order
  • Introduction of Guest Speaker
  • Adjourn

Guest Speaker

Maggie Ellis for Justice 3rd Court of Appeals Place 2

Maggie for Justice

Important Dates...

  • May 8 / CEC & Regular Meeting - Johnson City
  • May 14 / Voter Registration @ Blanco & Johnson City Libraries
  • May 17 / Last day to apply for vote by mail
  • May 20-24 / Early voting for Primary Runoffs
  • May 28 / Runoff Election Day
  • June 6-8 / Texas Democratic Convention - REGISTER
  • June 7-09 / Blanco Lavender Festival
  • June 12 / CEC & Regular Meeting - Blanco
  • July 4 / Independence Day Parade - Johnson City
  • July 10 / Regular Meeting - Johnson City
  • August 14 /CEC & Regular Meeting - Blanco
  • September 11 / CEC & Regular Meeting - Johnson City
  • October 7 / Last day to register for vote by mail
  • October 9 / CEC & Regular Meeting - Blanco
  • October 21-November 1 / Early Voting
  • October 25 / Last day to apply for vote by mail
  • November 5 / Election Day!
  • November 13 / CEC & Regular Meeting - Johnson City
  • December 11 / CEC & Regular Meeting - Blanco

Become a Sustaining Member of Blanco County Democrats and make a difference 365 days a year!

May's Primary Runoff Election...

Maggie Smith

Edward Smith

Early Voting Locations

May 20 - May 24, 2024 (Mon-Fri)

Blanco County -Hoppe Room 

101 East Cypress Street

Johnson City TX 78636

Hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Blanco County South Annex

402 Blanco Avenue

Blanco, TX 78606

Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Vote Center Locations for ELECTION DAY May 28, 2024

Democratic Primary Runoff Election (7 AM-7 PM)

VC 102 First Baptist Church - Fellowship Hall 1200

4th Street

Blanco, Texas 78606

VC 201 Good Shepherd Catholic Church 

285 281 Loop

Johnson City, Texas 78636

VC 302 Blanco County Courthouse Annex - Hoppe Room

101 E. Cypress Street

Johnson City, Texas 78636

VC 401 Blanco County South Annex

402 Blanco Ave

Blanco, Texas 78606

(VC 303 Round Mountain will NOT be used)


For this election you may vote at any Vote Center listed above. If you have any questions please contact Blanco County Elections Department for assistance 830.868.7168

Volunteers Needed....

Lavender Festival

Blanco County Democrats is a proud sponsor of the Blanco Lavender Festival! The festival is asking for volunteers to help in a large variety of jobs. Contact BCD Treasurer Mary Sward @ to volunteer!

Events Committee

This election season we need volunteers to help us Party Like a Democrat whenever and wherever we meet! If you like to bake, print name tags, make table centerpieces or host events, WE NEED YOU! Contact Email Paul for more information !

Voter Registration Volunteers

Public and high school students voter registration volunteers needed for Tuesday, May 14th!

This drive is important because students are out for the summer May 23rd.

Everyone who is a DVR is invited to volunteer.

We can help people fill in the registration, then they can mail it in or, if they ask us to, one person must be responsible to get the form to the Voter Registrar in 5 days.

  • Teens are given a voter registration card at school when they become voting age.  
  • Many students don’t take advantage or need help with getting their voter registration done. 
  • It’s important to get new voters registered. 
  • The library is a trusted neutral location and close to the schools. 
  • Publicity will be done to get more attendance.  
  • Voter registration is totally nonpartisan, no party affiliation is required.

We will serve pizza and drinks

Please reply to by Friday May 10th to volunteer.

Looking Back....

Merrie Fox for Texas Senate District 25

Thank You Blanco County Democrats!

Congratulations on pulling together and raising more than $5k for Merrie Fox, candidate for Texas Senate District 25 at the Little Chihuahuas Ranch!

Merrie Fox shared her story of how she was called into public service and the passion points that will lead her in the Texas Senate. With just under 50 attendees from a diverse background, our paella master Travis Burrer set the bar for Blanco Democrats meals in the future! Special thanks to hosts Paul & Mike, Memphis, Maisel, Periwinkle, Cora, Poncho and Jenner!

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