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Chapter Newsletter - May 15, 2024

Hello Members,

Here are a few Reminders:

  • Always read the monthly newsletter. You will find most everything you need to know about what’s going on.

  • Sign up early for events so you’re included. Waiting might not allow you to participate. Early sign up allows early planning for the events coordinator. If we do not meet minimum participants quickly, we risk cancelation.

  • Always feel free to ask a question, voice a concern, offer recommendations, and ideas. I welcome your emails and calls.

  • All members have a standing invitation to a TOWN HALL meeting I am proposing. I only have one member that reached out with interest so far.

  • Mentor Program is underway. If you are interested in having a mentor, please reach out to me at maryfaggiano11@gmail.com

Best regards,


Mary Faggiano

Chapter President


Also, As we all begin play, keep in mind these Tips to Improve Pace of Play

 “It is the duty of every golfer to keep up with the game in front and not just ahead of the game behind!”

These are not rules but simply suggestions for you to use when possible.

  • Play Ready Golf. Unless in a competition, it is usually acceptable for players to “hit when ready."
  • If you feel there is any chance your original ball might be lost or out of bounds, play a provisional ball. If you do not find your lost ball in 3 minutes, play your provisional ball and take the penalty.
  • Keep your pre-shot routine short. Try to take no more than one practice swing, then set up to the ball and play your shot. Most importantly, be ready to hit when it is your turn. Start moving toward your next shot promptly. From club selection to pre-shot routine to execution, strive to hit your shot in 20 seconds when it is your turn to play.
  • Be helpful to others in your group. Follow the flight of all tee shots, not just your own. Once in the fairway, help others look for their ball if you already know the location of yours (3 minutes is allowed). Volunteer to fill in a divot or rake a bunker for another player if needed.
  • When sharing a cart, use a buddy system. Don’t wait in the cart with your partner. Drop her off, go to your ball and get ready for your shot. Or get out, and tell the passenger to go to their ball and you will meet them at the cart. Avoid walking back to the cart. Keep an extra ball in your pocket if you are in search of one. Bring more than one club, particularly if you’re chipping and have a variety of choices. Nothing wastes more time than sitting in the cart watching someone else play.
  • Be efficient on the putting green. Park your cart or leave your clubs between the green and the next tee, leave them in front of the green you’re playing. Mark your ball and lift and clean it when you arrive at the putting green so you will be ready to replace it when it is your turn to play. You can usually line up your putt while others are putting without disturbing them. Don’t mark every putt. If you have a two-footer, or something just outside the leather, go ahead and knock it in. Don’t rush but there is no reason to slave over every putt as if the Masters is riding on it.
  • Keep up with the group in front of you. Your correct position on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you. Arrive at your next shot just before the group in front leaves the area in front of you. If you are consistently not able to keep up and a gap opens in front of you, invite the group behind you to play through, irrespective of the number of players in the group.

Our Newest Chapter Members

Karen Korthals

Mary Lou Radford

What's Happening in May....

All Chapter Leagues

& Travel Play Days are Starting!

in May

Short Game Clinic

with Bucket of Balls

May 21st

Click HERE to register for any of the clinics and events

Clinic May 4th at Ravenwood

Twenty-five members attended PGA Pro Lauren Tallman's clinic at Ravenwood. This clinic was structured as a group informational clinic. The participants observed how their body should function throughout their golf swing, and how it should not. Then, they went through a series of movement drills to feel how their body should move. Lastly, they hit their golf clubs and to try to feel the correct movement. We 're sure they all left knowing some great fundamentals.

Interested in one-on-one lessons with Lauren? Here is a link https://RavenwoodGolfLessons.as.me

Please note: At our Chapter clinics, the PGA Pros provide their time free of charge.

What's Happening in June...

Short Game Clinic

Wild Wood CC

June 7th

Full Swing on Simulators

Webster GC

June 8th

Chipping/Short Game Magic

Southern Meadows

June 9th

Two-in-One Golf Event

Links at Greystone

June 15th

Short Game with Bucket of Balls

Big Oak

June 18th

Get more details & Register HERE for any events

18-Holes Two-In-One Golf Event

WHEN: Saturday, June 15th

WHERE: The Links at Greystone

Tee Times Start at 12:00 Noon


  • 9 holes of a 2-person scramble
  • 9 holes of 2-person alternate shot

When you register please list your playing partner

Upload the Golf Genius App to your smartphone (See Below). One team member will enter your team's score for each hole.

Maximum registrants is 44...so register NOW!

Click HERE for more details and to register

Upload the Golf Genius App to use at our events!

  • Our Chapter will be using the Golf Genius App at our events.

  • One person on each team will record a team score on her phone after the team completes that hole.
  • This will engage golfers with live scoring and leaderboards through the free mobile app

Travel Play Days

The Travel Play Days for each upcoming week will open on Sunday and close on Tuesday of that week

Click HERE to view & register for upcoming Travel Play Days!.



  • May 16th @ Centerpointe
  • May 23rd @ Deerfield
  • May 30th @ Webster
  • Aug. 15th @ Ravenwood

Joyce Spears & Nancy Booth will share the responsibility of Thursday Travel Play Days Coordinator. They will arrange locations for play.

You can play 9 or 18 holes.

Starting tee times generally begin between 9:00 and 9:30 AM.

Payment is made directly to the course at time of play.

Other dates will be listed as they are scheduled.


  • Sat., May 18th @ Farview
  • Sat., May 25th @ Reservoir Creek (DATE CHANGE)
  • Sat., June 1st @ Ivy Ridge
  • Sun., June 9th @ Green Lakes State Park GC
  • Sun., June 23rd @ Batavia
  • Sun., July 7th @ Sodus Bay

Colleen O'Mara, 18-Hole Weekend Travel Play Days Coordinator, will set up locations for play.

Starting tee times begin at approximately 12 noon.

Payment is made directly to the course at time of play.

Other dates will be listed as they are scheduled.

No Weekend Travel Play Days on weekends when a Chapter Event is scheduled.


  • Sun., May 19th @ Lima/Charleston Pines
  • Sun., May 26th @ Parkview Fairways
  • June 2nd @ Morgan's Crossing
  • June 23rd @ Shadow Lake
  • July 7th @ Timber Ridge

Esta Richter, 9-Hole Weekend Travel Days Coordinator, will set up locations for play.

Starting tee times begin at approximately 12 noon.

Payment is made directly to the course at time of play.

Other dates will be listed as they are scheduled.

No Weekend Travel Play Days on weekends when a Chapter Event is scheduled.

"Rain, Rain Go Away"...

....was what we heard from the 54 ladies who played in the Season Opener on May 11th at Ridgemont CC! The weather started out ok as we began playing the scramble format. But by the fifth or sixth hole the rain came down. Half of the 14 teams said "too wet for me" and the other 7 teams said "let's finish these holes." What we all did agree to do was go inside, enjoy the delicious buffet, have a hot or cold beverage and share good times with our golf friends.

The charity that benefitted from our 50/25/25 drawing was GiGi's Playhouse, an organization that offers direct educational, therapeutic and career building programs to individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the community. We were able to donate $305 to this worthy charity.

No event would be successful without its volunteers!

Event Coordinator: Colleen O'Mara

Golf Genius Leader: Anne Levitt

Snacks & Water: Lori Jachimczak

Registration Table: Theresa Seil. Esta Richter, Luanna Andrews, Cathy Murray

Selling 50/50 Tickets: Annette Doell, Marie Bianchi

Above are those who weathered the storm and played all 9 holes!....

....And above is Deb Celestino trying to get them all together...it was like trying to herd cats!

24 Reasons to Love Golf in 2024

USGA has compiled their 24 reasons to love golf in 2024.

What are your reasons?

Check out the USGA article HERE

LPGA Amateurs Golf Association


LPGA Amateurs -Rochester Website

LPGA Amateurs -Rochester Events

2024 Chapter Calendar

(updated often!)

Check Out Upcoming Chapter Events

LPGA Amateur Golf Association-Rochester

(unless otherwise noted)


  • 05/21/24 - Clinic: Tuesday Short Game w/bucket of balls @ Big Oak Driving Range


  • 06/07/24 - Clinic: Short Game @ Wild Wood CC
  • 06/08/24 - Clinic: Full Swing on Simulators @ Webster GC
  • 06/09/24 - Clinic: Short Game Magic @ Southern Meadows GC
  • 06/15/24 - Two-in-One 18-Hole Golf Event @ Links at Greystone
  • 06/18/24 - Clinic: Tuesday Short Game w/bucket of balls @ Big Oak Driving Range
  • 06/28-30/24 - Weekend Trip to Byrncliff Resort & Golf Course


  • 07/12-13/24 - Niagara Frontier Ladies Invitational @ Niagara Frontier GC
  • 07/14/24 - Clinic, Scramble & Lunch @ Southern Meadows GC
  • 07/27/24 - Thruway Challenge Golf Event @ Lima CC-Island Oaks Course
  • 07/29/24 - Holy Childhood Ladies Golf Tournament @ Cobblestone Creek CC
  • 07/29/24 - TEE'D Off at Breast Cancer Golf Tournament @ Midvale CC

It's All About Our Members

Are you ready?

Our golf season in Rochester begins April 15th.

Send us some info and photos.

Send your big news to NEWSLETTER INFO

The 2024 LPGA Amateurs Scramble Open is May 17-18 at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, VA. Our Chapter has four teams scheduled to play in this national tournament.


Nancy Booth

Kris Canessa

Heather Evans

Colleen Roche


Lilian Chang

Terri Drawe

Mary Kay Masters

Sheree Usiatynski


Tara Henry

Sue Traniello

Brenda Pitts

Kelly Kaye


Theresa Daum

Kim Ekiss

Patty Pitts

Carla Vossler

Want to know the origin of the terms "birdie" and "eagle"?...

Click HERE

Nancy Booth had a chip-in birdie from 43 feet on Hole 6 Par 3 at Parkview Fairways during Thursday Travel Play Days.

While playing Hole 9 Par 4 at Farview, Sue Craig had a chip-in birdie from off the green in crazy windy conditions.

RDGA 2024

Tournament Schedule

Check out their tournament schedule and plan which events you want to play.

The Two Person Tournaments are very popular among our Rochester Chapter members.

Click HERE for RDGA schedule

Second Wave opens July 1st


RDGA Two Person Scramble

@ Stafford CC on May 6th

Results are:

Women's Gross

  • 4th Place:  Nancy Booth & Heather Evans
  • Tie 5th Place:  Theresa Daum & Kim Poston

Women's Net

  • 2nd Place: Wendy Bolton & Kris Canessa
  • 4th Place:  Maureen Kohler & Cherie Wage
  • 6th Place:  Jane Silverstein & Stella Slaight
  • 7th Place:  Karen Blake & Joan Maira


NYSGA 2024 Tournament Schedule

Any of our Chapter members are eligible to participate in NYSGA Amateur Series as long as you maintain a GHIN Handicap Index. The tournaments are scheduled across the state at some very nice courses.

Check out the NYSGA schedule HERE.

Second Wave opens June 1st


NYSGA Amateur Series

@ Niagara Falls CC on May 6th

Results are:

Women's Gross

  • 2nd Place: Denise Olson
  • 3rd Place:  Marcia Osuch
  • 4th Place:  Cheryl Godfrey
  • 6th Place: Colleen O'Mara

Women's Net

  • 2nd Place: Cindy Halm
  • 3rd Place:  Yelena Odeychuk
  • 4th Place:  Luanna Andrews
  • 5th Place: Janet Timmerman
  • 7th Place: Karen Korthals
  • 8th Place: Anne Levitt


NYSGA Amateur Series

@ Transit Valley on May 13th

Results are:

Women's Gross

  • 4th Place: Carolyn Beard
  • 5th Place: Joan Maira
  • 6th Place: Marcia Osuch

Women's Net

  • 2nd Place: Wendy Bolton
  • 3rd Place:  Janet Timmerman
  • 4th Place:  Anne Levitt
  • 6th Place: Cheryl Godfrey
  • 7th Place: Cindy Halm
  • 8th Place: Karen Blake

LPGA Amateurs-Rochester Region 2024 Board of Directors

President: Mary Faggiano Membership Services: Kathryn Douglas

Membership Recruitment: Karenne Roberts Finance & Records: Cherrie Main

Golf Events & Activities: Colleen O'Mara Marketing/Sponsorship: Luanna Andrews


Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Please send them to the email listed below and they will be directed to the appropriate board member:


....From our Sponsors!

Hey members,

Check out these special offers from our Chapter Sponsors!

Have Your Medicare Questions Answered!

Maust and Leone is a new Double Eagle Sponsor for our LPGA Amateurs-Rochester Chapter. They are experienced and licensed Medicare brokers who focus on education and total client satisfaction. Medicare can be confusing! Our LPGA Amateurs member Theresa Seil is a Licensed Insurance Agent affiliated with Maust & Leone. Theresa provides education to clients as a foundation to their Medicare journey. Each client’s needs are different, and Theresa uses a fully consultative, needs-based approach to help her clients select a proper Medicare Advantage or Supplement Plan to best fit their needs. As the needs of the client change, she can help find a plan that changes with them. To schedule your FREE consultation or for more details, contact Theresa at: theresas@maustandleone.com or call/text 585-507-6316, TTY 711.


Join Theresa Seil to learn the basics of Medicare! Learn about the eligibility requirements of Medicare, Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, and Medicare costs and benefits. We discuss Part D prescription drug coverage, Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans. This is a FREE educational session for people turning age 65 or anyone already participating in Medicare!

WHEN: Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 6:30pm

WHERE: Sweden Clarkson Community Center, 4927 Lake Rd., Brockport.

For more details and to register:

contact Theresa at: theresas@maustandleone.com or call/text 585-507-6316, TTY 711.

Attendees are under no obligation to enroll in a plan. Not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency. 


Every Wednesday between 9:00am and 10:00am enjoy a FREE instructional session, taught by our Pro John Rose, with the purchase of a medium bucket.


Every Thursday between 9:00am and 10:00am enjoy a FREE instructional session, taught by our Pro John Rose, with the purchase of a medium bucket.

Big Oak is also offering 2 clinics just for LPGA Amateurs-Rochester Members.

WHEN: May 21st from noon - 1pm

June 18th from 3pm-4pm

Register HERE

LPGA Amateurs Member Benefits Galore!


Have you seen all the many amazing benefits that await LPGA Amateurs Golf Association Members in the Member Clubhouse? Check out the discounts in the Member Marketplace, the LPGA Amateurs Perks, and the exclusive discounts from the LPGA Amateurs partners on the Member Offer's page!  Member Clubhouse > My Benefits 

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At Nancy Lopez Golf, Inc. you'll find apparel, equipment & accessories. Click on the LOGO & check out the 20% discount and Free Shipping for LPGA Amateurs members!!

Cindy Miller, Eagle Sponsor, offers One Person Play Lessons or Two-Hour Group Playing Experience. Check out Cindy's website for more details about her lessons.  Click HERE for details

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Our Chapter Sponsors

We Love Our Chapter Sponsors:

Their support helps us give more value to you, our members. 

  • Sponsors donate prizes for our events and we all love prizes!
  • Sponsors help us keep our event costs lower . . .
  • And when our event costs are lower, more people participate & that makes it more fun for everyone! 

Click on the logo to check out the website!


The Rochester District Golf Association (RDGA) is an Allied Golf Association of the USGA. Its primary responsibility lies in the delivery of USGA Core Products and Services to each of its member clubs. Founded in 1929, the RDGA remains committed to enhancing the golfer experience in the greater Rochester area and to growing and improving the long term health of the game we love.


A huge shout out to our ACE Sponsor,

Alecia Fisher Dougherty, CFP®.   Alecia won the Women of Excellence award for 2023! The 2023 Women of Excellence are leaders of impressive achievement and this year there were 50 honorees. They are making a difference at work, at home and in their communities. Congratulations to Alecia. She has given back to the community by mentoring young females who are entering a male-dominated industry. Since 2016, she has mentored women who are interested in financial planning and pursuing their Certified Financial Planner certification. Alecia, along with supporting LPGA Amateurs – Rochester Chapter, also is a member of the Small Business Council of Rochester and the Beta Gamma business fraternity and volunteers with the Rochester chapter of Dress for Success. While doing all this, Alecia and her husband have transitioned from Echelon Wealth Advisors, LLC to Naviter Wealth. It is an honor to have her in our Chapter! 

Club Champion is the #1 club fitter in the country, but they know they aren’t the only choice. The club fitting industry is growing and Club Champion continues to offer the absolute best custom club fitting on the market. At Club Champion, the kind of data that transforms a golfer’s game is gleaned using the best technology in the industry. From TrackMan Pro full-swing analysis to putter stroke measurement using SAM PuttLab, the technology focused philosophy is laser-focused on one thing – making the golfer better. The in-depth process starts in the fitting bay and ends with the golfer shooting lower scores. Every step along the way is designed to match custom golf clubs to the golfer’s individual swing. Club Champion has been ranked as a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter for over a decade and that’s no mistake. On average, they find 20+ yards off the tee, and 10+ yards better dispersion for customers.

webster golf logo.png

Debby Murphy from Webster Golf Club is our Ace sponsor for the 3rd year in a row. Since she returned to the Rochester area, it has been a great partnership. In 2023, we will have an 18- hole day league there and we have taken advantage of the six new simulators available in the off-season. Lessons are available on simulators where you can sign up on the website, or once the weather is better, of course outside. Please think of Webster Golf Club the next time you think of golfing. 

Srixon is a new ACE Sponsor for our Rochester Chapter. Tim Vangellow representing RDGA, along with Todd Vangellow from Srixon, have donated Q-STAR Srixon golf balls with our Chapter logo to be given to all of our Chapter members. Todd is a sales representative with Srixon.


In 1971, Big Oak started as a small family business, offering our area the first public driving range. In 1979, they expanded, by adding the golf shop. This brought equipment, clothing and accessories to their customers.

To this day, Big Oak's mission remains the same... to offer their valued customers the latest and best in golf equipment, clothing and services. Their success is achieved only because of their experienced and knowledgeable staff. Thanks to their qualified staff and loyal customers, Big Oak is celebrating over 50 years of helping the customer perfect the wonderful game of golf.

A 36 Hole Golf Experience located just south of Rochester, NY where you can choose to play Charleston Pines or Island Oaks; either one will guarantee a fun round of golf. When finished playing, stay and eat at our spacious dining area in the clubhouse. Our courses have been voted "Best Greens", "Friendliest Staff", and "Best Kept Secret" by Golf Rochester 2 years in a row. Our Semi-Private (open to the public) golf facility is within minutes from Rochester, NY, and is surrounded by the beautiful Bristol Mountains. We have an onsite Practice Green, Chipping Green and Driving Range. Lima Golf & Country Club are the preferred courses for golf tournaments and Leagues around the Finger Lakes and Rochester area.

Have your special occasion, wedding, corporate meeting, club gathering, or reunion at the Lima Country Club & Party House and we will ensure it is a success. We can comfortably seat up to 200 guests!

Maust and Leone is a new Double Eagle Sponsor for our LPGA Amateurs-Rochester Chapter. They are experienced and licensed Medicare brokers who focus on education and total client satisfaction. Medicare can be confusing! Our LPGA Amateurs member Theresa Seil is a Licensed Insurance Agent affiliated with Maust & Leone. Theresa provides education to clients as a foundation to their Medicare journey. Each client’s needs are different, and Theresa uses a fully consultative, needs-based approach to help her clients select a proper Medicare Advantage or Supplement Plan to best fit their needs. As the needs of the client change, she can help find a plan that changes with them. To schedule your FREE consultation or for more details, contact Theresa at: theresas@maustandleone.com or call/text 585-507-6316, TTY 711.

Linda Opalisky brings over 30 years of professional teaching experience to Webster Golf Club. Through the years, Linda played on the Futures mini tour, taught in golf schools in Florida and New York and has attended numerous PGA and LPGA seminars thus keeping abreast of innovations on the instructional side of the game. She has created programs to promote her personal philosophy that golf is a game for a lifetime and should be fun to both learn and play. As a result of her success and dedication, she has been selected to the PGA President’s Council for Growing the Game through Player Development Programs every year beginning in 2004 to the present.

Linda emphasizes alignment, routines, and the short game because those parts of the game don’t know or care if you are young or old, strong or weak, male or female. All are crucial to lowering your score. Understanding the four basic positions of the follow thru is important too, because when standing still anyone can be as good as a tour player. Linda often uses ‘on course’ instruction because just hitting balls is not at all like playing the game.

Cobblestone Capital Advisors has become a Double Eagle Sponsor for our LPGA Amateurs-Rochester Chapter again. Their offerings include traditional investment management and wealth management services, as well as private investments and family office services. Cobblestone employs a customized goals-based approach to wealth management, which is guided by the unique needs and objectives of each client. Our LPGA Amateurs member, Tara Henry, is a Principal and the Director of Operations at Cobblestone and can provide further information or answer any questions you may have. Thank you to Cobblestone Capital Advisors for your support of LPGA Amateurs- Rochester Chapter.

Seneca Hickory Stick is a new Double Eagle sponsor this year. The Northeast Regional Cup Qualifier will be held at this course September 8th & 9th. Named to reflect the presence of rare and protected Shellbark Hickory trees on site, Seneca Hickory Stick features a picturesque layout highlighted by tranquil lakes and ponds, native plants and grasses that are surrounded by large mature trees.

The Robert Trent Jones II design weaves its way through some of the finest topography for golf in the entire region. Combining the absolute best course conditions and customer service levels in the area, Hickory Stick redefines Premium Daily Fee Golf in Western New York.

Architect Craig Schreiner's masterpiece opened in 1996 with a beautiful 18 Hole Scottish links-style golf course featuring rolling hills and large undulating greens. The Links at Greystone was sculpted amidst the natural features of the land with Scottish-style mounding, tall native grasses, and pot bunkers. Playing to a Par of 72 and just over 7,200 yards from the championship tees, Greystone offers 4 sets of tees on every hole to ensure the course is playable, challenging, and rewarding for golfers of all skill levels. Simply put, this golf course layout is a must play for anyone in Western/Central New York.

Lying in the heart of the Genesee Valley, just 20 minutes from downtown Rochester, FarView offers one of the most beautiful and interesting layouts in Livingston County. The greens at FarView are some of the largest and best manicured in the area. They now offer discounts listed on their website, such as Play All Day or Purchase a 5 rounds at a discount! They are located at 2419 Avon-Geneseo Road, Route 39, Avon, NY 14414. Contact the course at 585-226-8210 for tee times to support our Double Eagle Sponsor.

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to play golf, enjoy a drink at the bar or on the patio overlooking the golf course or even a relaxing dinner with the special someone, Wild Wood Country Club has it all. Our Executive Chef has helped bring the country club back to Wild Wood,

"Wild Wood Country Club was founded as a private country club in 1968 known as Thunder Ridge Country Club. In 1980 the club changed names to Wild Wood Country Club and became semi-private allowing non members to play. The club was recently take over by Henrietta natives Mike & Liz Sweazy. We have spent the last 5 years improving the level of service, appearance and golf course drainage. The club has transformed into a full service year round banquet facility, golf course and indoor simulators allowing for year round golf leagues and tournaments. In 2019, Wild Wood was selected as #18 Public/Semi-Private golf course in New York State. What an accomplishment in only 6 full years of ownership."

-Mike Sweazy, PGA General Manager / Director of Golf


AVID Indoor Golf is home to the best simulator technology available where you can play, practice and compete with your clubs and real golf balls. Indoor golf has come a long way since hitting into nets, practice areas and old technology. Here you and your friends will have an experience like no other, playing on your choice of over 90 world-famous golf courses. Each golf course has been carefully reconstructed with realistic 3D graphics, surround sound, customizable wind and weather conditions.

CMG LPGA Ams Cindy Miller logo.png

Cindy Miller, our latest Double Eagle sponsor, is a graduate of the University of Miami where she began as a walk-on and gained All American status her senior year on the Division I Women’s Golf Team. She served as Team Captain and helped her team win the NCAA National Championships in 1977 and 1978.

A veteran of five U.S. Women’s Opens, she is a former LPGA Tour Player and presently a Class A LPGA Professional. Currently she plays on the Legends Tour, the Official Senior Tour of the LPGA and sits within the top 50 of their career money list. She competes with such LPGA Tour stars as Nancy Lopez, Pat Bradley, and Annika Sorenstam.

As a Certified Behavior, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence Professional, she is sought after as a speaker, coach, and corporate trainer. She uses decades of competitive golf experience and a lifelong pursuit of personal potential to inspire, educate and challenge individuals, teams, and corporations to unlock potential and improve performance.

Voted the 2010 National LPGA Teacher of the Year, she has also been named Player of the Year for the Northeastern United States. Cindy is among The Top 50 Women Teachers in the United States ranked by Golf Digest Magazine and The Top 50 Women Teachers in the World by The Women’s Golf Journal. She was recently named the 2021 Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award winner for her leadership, passion, giving, and approachability.

Although her list of credentials is impressive, perhaps Miller is best known for her appearance on The Golf Channel’s hit reality series The Big Break III: Ladies Only in early 2005. Miller’s patience, skill and steady play propelled her to success on the show, where she outplayed seven other contestants.

She can be seen frequently on Golf ChannelLPGA Women’s Network, and Womensgolf.Com giving her simple yet profound golf tips. She is the co-host of the podcast The Women of Golf”, a columnist for The Buffalo News, and a Senior Editor for Golf Tips Magazine.

Look for future clinics that will be coming using our new sponsor!

Rod Christian started the New York Golf Trail in 2010 because it used to be such a hassle to set up a golf trip in New York state. Rod is now President. Today, a New York golf trip has never been easier thanks to New York Golf Trail. The organization will make sure everything goes smoothly for you. The organization has earned outstanding Google reviews and are proud of their exceptional customer service.  They make sure your trip is memorable and fun! The organization is based in Rochester, a golf mecca and the organization is always checking out new courses and hotels throughout the state to add to the Trail. 

Southern Meadows Golf Club is located at 1025 Rush Scottsville Road in Rush. It is a 9-Hole links-style course with one of the area's best driving ranges with newly added target greens. This course now holds a USGA Course Rating which allows players to enter their scores in the GHIN Handicap System. Southern Meadows provides a variety of food at the Hospitality Grille & Pub to eat-in or take out. Mike Clawson, PGA Professional, offers private golf lessons. Call 585.533.2440 to inquire about lessons, leagues and events being offered at Southern Meadows.



Pro Andrew Blatnik

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COVID-19 General Recommendations for Members of LPGA Amateurs - Rochester

  • Participation in any LPGA Amateurs Chapter events is strictly voluntary and is a personal decision. Members are encouraged to review and follow national, state, and local recommendations.
  • Be aware of general precautions to avoid COVID-19, including social distancing, hand washing and other hygiene practices such as wearing a facial covering.
  • We appreciate your understanding that changes in conditions and restrictions may require modifications, and possibly cancellations of Chapter events.

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