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March 4th,, 2024

Hello Alan,

This week will be very exciting as we have a full week of practice, the mock meet and picture day! Please be sure to read the weekly newsletter completely for updated items. You can add more emails by going to our website and clicking on the "Join Our Newsletter" link

I hope the rain misses us this week, it was a bummer we had to reschedule pictures, but I am thankful we could reschedule on Sunday.

This Saturday we start our volunteer program. The Mock meet is a way to get times and marks for athletes, and to show you how to help at the events! This is not an official meet and we will not do all of the events, nor allow all of the attempts in the filed events. See schedule below. We hope the athletes can try as many of the events that they want for this meet. All athletes need to wear their uniforms. We need to check them and make sure everyone has them. You will be receiving a sign up genius for all the positions we need help with. All of the jobs are easy and fun, and we will only be asking for 1 hour from each family this week!

We are now closed for new athletes, Please make sure you have uploaded your birth document, ordered a uniform and paid your fee, to stay on the roster, if this is not done by Saturday we may have to drop the athlete.

If you are no longer wanting to stay on the team please let us know.

STORM SPIRIT STORE - Has Closed! If you ordered Storm Merchandise, Items will be delivered after the week of March 9th! These items are made to order and non- refundable!

Specialty events - Will continue! Not all age groups will have practice for every event, everyday. The athletes will check with their age group coaches for days for their group. This will rotate according to Coaches schedule and all age groups will have at least on day per week to try them.

We will need parent volunteers daily to help open and close the long jump pit, rake the pits, and help athletes while in line at shot put and Long jump! As you know we are an ALL Volunteer team and each coach gives freely of their time!!

Fleet Feet Shoe Store - Will be at the Track on Sunday!!

UNIFORM- Please pick them up this week on Tuesday or Thursday before picture day! Pick up before 7:30 as they will not be there after that time

Practice Schedule

Monday March 4th - 6:00 pm -7:15 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:00 - 7:45 pm - All other age group -Castaic High

Approved Distance only- 6:00- 7:30 - Central Park - meet near Basketball Court

Tuesday March 5th - 6:00 pm -7:15 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:00 - 7:45 pm - All other age groups

Thursday March 7th - 6:00 pm -7:15 - Sub Gremlin and Gremlin

6:00 - 7:45 pm - All other age groups

Saturday March 9nd- -11:00 - 3:00 Mock Meet - See Schedule below for event order

Sunday March 10th - 2:00-4:00- Picture Day- See Schedule below for each age group

Picture Schedule March 10th

Picture Schedule, Sunday March 10, 2024 Please arrive at your age time, if you are unable to be there at your time, you can come anytime for individual pictures but Group picture will be at exact time. We provide a team pictures and 4 wallets. Make up picture day is Thursday March 14, Only

All athletes need to wear their uniform Shirt and Shorts for the pictures!! It is easier to bring a blanket than wear warm ups for the pictures, as they can take it off quicker and stay warm while waiting their time!

  Saturday March

Picture Schedule Saturday March 10, 2024

Sub Gremlins - arrive @ 2:00 -Group picture 2:20- No Practice!

Gremlins - arrive @ 2:15 - Group picture 2:35

No Practice!

Bantams - arrive @ 2:30 - Group picture 2:50-No Practice


9: All Coaches and Board Picture @3:00

15 - 10:00

Juniors - arrive @ 3:00 - Group picture 3:30

Youth & Inter. Arrive @ 3:15 Group pictures 3:45

Mock Meet Schedule

All Athletes Arrive at 11:00 am for warm up

Parents meet in the Stands

Field Event Schedule start at 11:30

Field Events – Modified Event – 1 measured mark only

Order of Field Events

Long Jump:  Sub-Gremlins, Gremlins, Juniors, Youth and Inter., Bantams

High Jump: Bantam, Juniors, Youth and Inter.

Shot Put: Youth and Inter., Bantam, Juniors

Order of Running Events, we will start with Sub Gremlins and work our way up to youth and Inter.

Running events start at 11:30 am

1500 Meter Run - all age groups (some age groups will be combined). no sub-gremlin

Hurdles - Midget, Youth and Inter, With Coaches approval only

4 X 100 (400 Meter Relay) Sub Gremlins, Gremlin, Bantams, Juniors, Youth & Inter.

400 Meter Dash -Sub Gremlins, Gremlin, Bantams, Juniors, Youth & Inter.

100 Meter Dash - Sub Gremlins Gremlin Bantams Juniors Youth & Inter.

800 Meter Run – all age groups.

Remind App for age groups

Please be sure to download the Remind app and join the following classes, the coaches will send messages during the track meets about kids are who are warming up. This not a communication method for the whole team. For all other questions please send an email!!

Sub Gremlins





or you may download the app and then use the following codes to join those classes.






Spike Shoes

  Saturday March

Most groups will start training some days with their spike shoes if they have them, and want to use them. Our track allows 3/16 pyramid only spike sizes.

Loaner Spikes - I have a lot of donated used spike shoes if you would like to check the bin at practice to see if I have any that fir.

Fleet Feet will be at picture day with new spike shoes!

All new spikes come with the wrong size spikes and can not be used. We have the correct size spikes at the uniform table. They are $5.00 per set, cash or Venmo. Please do not allow your athlete to wear their spike shoes to practice, they will bring them on the field and the coaches will tell them when to change them. Please make sure their name is on the spike bag as many athletes will have the same shoes and bags!

Sub-Gremlins can not use spike shoes

Gremlins will need to be cleared with coaches to use spike shoes


Beans and Jolly Ranchers

We have plenty for now, but Please bring them if you already have them! The kids really like the blue Jolly Ranchers, so if you have not brought them yet consider getting them from Amazon! They sell the blue ones separately!!

2024 Track & Field Sign Ups

Sign ups for the 2024 Track & Field Season are Closed


If you would like to stay on the team please make sure you have uploaded your birth document and paid your fee!


Elaine Bingham , Head Coach Track & Field

Alan Bingham , President, Santa Clarita Track Club

Our Track and Field Sign Up Page

Sign up links below

2024 Track and Field Sign Up Form
The payment option is a separate option.

Pay Registration Fees
Uniform purchase is also a separate option. (Every athlete must compete in a uniform, but you are not required to buy a new one every year, if your uniform from last year or cross country is still good you may use that one, if your child has out grown it, you might want to purchase a new one).
Order Uniforms

New athletes we must have a copy of the proof of age (see below).

A proof of age document must be uploaded using the form on the website for each athlete that is New to the club. If you competed in 2023 Track & Field or 2023 Cross Country for Storm we have your proof of age document still on file.

The following items are acceptable:

1. Birth Certificate.

2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate.

3. Military Birth Certificate.

4. Passport.

5. Foreign Birth Document or Green Card.

6. Copy of School Record with documented date of birth.

7. Court decree.

8. Valid California Identification Card

Submit Proof of Age
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Santa Clarita Track Club
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